Single mothers…You are NOT your child’s FATHER too.


A woman who puts her child over me makes me want to make her & her child my first priority. But a woman who doesn’t value the role of a father figure in a child’s life repels the very man she wants her son to grow to become. #EbrahimAseem

If you do it all by yourself, no help, you deserve full credit. And your child deserves a father figure. Only a man can teach a man how to be one. You don’t play “both roles”. You play your role as a mother excellently. Your son still needs love & leadership from a male role model, so he won’t grow up constantly seeking approval from his “homies”. #EbrahimAseem He needs a man to be a living example of self-sufficiency, so he won’t grow up living off a woman, rent free.

He needs a man to teach him how to calm his inner rage. How to control his dick head & think with the head connected to his mind. #EbrahimAseem A mother can do an outstanding job speaking her expectations of manhood to her son, but she can’t show him manhood by example. Only a man can.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody

Single mothers, your son is not your “little man”, your “king” or your “papa”. He’s your son. He’s not “all you need.” & stop calling a little boy “sexy”. You are not in a relationship with your son. #EbrahimAseem The reason boys grow up to live off women, lack ambition, flake on school & live rent free off girlfriends is, because y’all “I don’t need a man” mothers make your sons overly dependent of you. You do need a man, not for yourself, but for your son to teach him how to be one. #EbrahimAseem

Stop keeping your son from his father. Stop bad talking his father to your son’s face. Stop telling your little boy “oooh you’re gonna have all the girls on you.” Y’all wonder why men reject monogamy. His mother raised him to think his worth lies in entertaining multiple women simultaneously. #EbrahimAseem

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A woman does not need a man to complete her. But a little girl needs a father figure. Your daughter needs love & affection from a man, so she won’t grow up looking for love from every man she meets. #EbrahimAseem She needs to see a man court, commit to, provide for & respect his woman, so she won’t grow up thinking she has to settle for a “side chick” role just to keep a man.

You deserve acknowledgment for all sacrifices you make for your child as their mother. The nurturer. Life giver. Provider. Bread winner. An amazing mother. But you can never be a father.

Dear bitter girls: hating all men will never attract you one. It will teach your son to lack confidence & be overly dependent on a woman. #EbrahimAseem

It will teach your daughter to sympathetically see only the good in men, to prove her mother’s views wrong. This causes the daughter to stay too long in relationships with men who don’t promote her growth, simply to prove ‘if you loved a man hard enough, you can change him & help him reach his potential.’ #EbrahimAseem Wrong.

Loving an inconsistent man harder won’t help him reach potential. It will make you procrastinate reaching your own. Giving up your goals for him is not loyalty. It’s disloyal to your worth. #EbrahimAseem

Everything I know about manhood, I learned in my culture, we have brotherhood. Husbands, fathers & elders teach us boys from birth how to be men of accountability, responsibility & self love. To respect how every man ever born came from a woman. #EbrahimAseem

I know you sacrifice so much of yourself to give to your family & your struggles nearly drive you insane. Your children deserve a genuine man who will listen, provide, lead, understand them, and give them his all, just the same. That can be their uncle, grandfather, big cousin or older brother. But an amazing mommy can never take the place of an amazing father, just like the greatest dad in the world can’t take the place of a child’s mother. #EbrahimAseem

The most selfish thing a man can do is make his child wonder why their promise breaking daddy doesn’t want them. #EbrahimAseem The most poisonous thing a woman can do is keep her child away from a father who wants to be in his child’s life.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
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If you're not her husband, you don't come before her child. #EbrahimAseem Link to full article in my bio.

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I am a chef, writer & motivational speaker. I've been a youth mentor for young Black men for 10 years & I'm currently shopping my first book, "Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women"
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2 Responses to Single mothers…You are NOT your child’s FATHER too.

  1. Omay Farlane says:

    This is a very uplipting and honest article. It takes two to tango for the rest of their lives, not ONE. Children have to be with their mom and dad. This dysfunctional family structure of single mothers and single fathers have to stop period. Get your shit together, and be responsible.

  2. Kyesha says:

    I respect this book but I think woman do these things or say these things sometimes because of the effort she has made to make a boy be a father to his son. When she have no resources or support at her expense this becomes her reality and survival instinct to have her child to be a good respectful person in spite of the dad not being there. This article is powerful enough that you dnt have to charge the woman up for her survival instincts verses telling these men to step up in which is part of the problem the fellow man is not showing or inspiring his fellow men to step up and take care there children despite the lack of male role model they never had. Somebody have to break the chains and stop playing the blame game

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