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The Breast Cancer Bra (Real News® TV)

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True Name of the Divine Creator (Real News® TV)

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‘The People Speak’

‘The People Speak’ Movie Review
By: Abayomi-Ebrahim Aseem

[Director & Writer]: Howard Zinn
[Stars]: Morgan Freeman; Matt Damon; Don Cheadle;
Sean Penn; Marisa Tomei; Rosario Dawson; Michael Ealy; Sandra Oh; Danny Glover; Jasmine Guy; Viggo Mortensen; Pink; Bruce Springsteen; John Legend; Lupe Fiasco
[Genre]: Documentary
[Tagline]: “Democracy is not a spectator sport.”

Before the curtains closed on Howard Zinn, the 87-year-old writer, teacher, activist & self-proclaimed anarchist wrote & directed, The People Speak.
Based on his best selling non-fiction book, A People’s History of the United States, The People Speak documents the history left out of text books. It gives an account of the American experience from the citizens who lived it rather than the puppetmasters who orchestrated it.
Throughout the documentary, many A-list Hollywood stars & musicians lend there voices as they read quotes & exerts & perform music from & inspired by Zinn’s influential book.
“Women can’t have the same rights of men, because Christ wasn’t a woman,” actress Kerry Washington recited, reading from Sojouner Truth’s ‘Ain’t I A Woman’ speech. “Well, where did your Christ come from? He came from God & a woman. Man did not have nothin’ to do with it.”

“The people in power would like us to believe we all have the same interest,” Zinn said. “We don’t. There’s the interest of the President of the United States, then there’s the interest of the young person he sends to war.”
*Actress Christina Kirk recited Susan B. Anthony’s last words during her trial for voting, when it was illegal for women to vote. “Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God!”

The People Speak is an outstandingly entertaining piece of work that would be considered amazing without the rich historical, yet timeless truth it possesses. With its truths, it is nothing less than a masterpiece.

Rating: [The Real Deal; Buy It]

A-E Aseem Real News March 2010
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‘Helping Haiti: ProAction vs. ReAction’

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Quake Baking (Real News® TV)

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‘The Breast Cancer Bra’

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The Grind
By Abayomi-Ebrahim Aseem
Wake up. Shower. Eat breakfast. Go to work. Drive through traffic. Get a drink. Go home. Eat dinner. Watch TV. Go to sleep. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.
Why do we work? We work to live. We work to pay the rent & the bills. We work to provide a life for our children, because we love them. Yet, we barely see them. We barely spend time with them. We don’t have time, because we are all on The Grind.
Our children spend more time with their teachers than they do with their parents. A child spends 7 to 8 hours at school every day. On a good day, we spend a whole hour’s worth of quality time with our children.
It’s not our fault. Our hand it forced. It’s all part of The Grind.
We live to work. We spend more time working than we spend doing anything else. Divorce, repossession and overdrafts, are all results of us neglecting our marriage, bills and bank account.
The Grind causes us to misappropriate our time, giving it to work at the expense of our life.
Before The Grind, we worked for ourselves, producing resources naturally.
A basket maker bartered, trading their baskets for food, clothes & services. Basket weaving was more than a trade, it was a cultural & creative expression. Practicing their craft was a release therapy with rewards exceeding the value of a basket.
The Grind forces us to compromise our creative expression for our career. Yet, our job does not allow us all the food, clothes & services we need.
Each time we get paid, we must pay our rent, mortgage, insurance, bills and buy food & gas, after which, our money is accounted for.
Whereas bartering would allow necessity to dictate the value of goods; The Grind allows the value of the dollar to dictate the value of goods.
In ancient times, bartering baskets for a calf would provide one with milk, leather, veal & tools. Today, the value of milk, leather, veal & tolls would exceed the value of a basket.
We are all like coffee beans, roasted & liquidized for The Grind. Yet, The Grind is like coffee, without us there is no Grind. We must wake up & smell The Grind for the coffee that it is.
Wake up to becoming self aware. Wake up to financial competency. Wake up to creative expression. Wake up to living life more abundantly. Wake up, wake up, wake up; wake up. Continue reading

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