Black LIFE has NO VALUE. You’re more valuable dead Nigger


I don’t like when beautiful women approach me & tell me, they only date Black men like me, they love my culture & how strong of a black man I am.

Then they turn around & talk degrading about Black women, saying ALL of them are ghetto, ratchet, loud, mean, ugly, weave-wearing, rude, classless women with an attitude. So wait… you love me, a Black man, yet you hate black women? Guess what,

I’m only alive, because a Black woman gave birth to me. Not all Black Women lack class. A Black woman raised me to be the man I am, so if you hate Black Women, don’t try to act like you love Black men. No. You just love black penis. Be honest with yourself. I could never date a woman who hates black women. Racism is NOT sexy.

If we had a baby would you hate our daughter? She would be a Black woman. So, you value a Black man enough to date, sleep with & have a pretty mixed baby by one. Yet, you don’t value a Black man enough to stand up, speak out and fight for one?

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
IG: @Fuel4TheBODY

Am I still your nigger? Nigger means object with a dead mind. Why is my only value to you my penis? A physical object with a throbbing head, yet void of a mind. Why am I only valuable to you dead, laying in the street for hours with your bullets in my brain, or hanging from a tree, as strange fruit.

I would prefer you call me nigger to my face, than systematically treat me like I am your nigger. Pointing to a Black President you hand-picked as your justification why racism is a non issue, means nothing when KKK members are migrating to Ferguson like crows to protect White businesses from the peaceful protests of Black residents.

In reality, it is not merely about racism. It is deeper than racism. This is classism and fascism, disguised as racism. supremest love to love money more than they love to hate another race. When you see these White supremest sheep summoning martial law, know it is really a fascist wolf in racist clothing.

White supremacists can see the value in Blacks. Their house is filled with African art. They just don’t want YOU to know your worth. Active your pineal gland and remember who you are then remind them of this:

You hate Black blood, yet nano-portions of it runs through your veins, as life originated in Africa, earth’s nucleus. You hate Black blood, yet it is the universal blood donor “O”. You hate Black blood, yet just like your slave owners predecessors, you use the organs of Blacks to receive organ transplants.

Every week, 2 black people are killed by a White police officer. It’s not about racism. They are repo men. They want to steal our organs.

That is why we are being murdered by rogue police. Our organs are Black gold. The wait list for an organ donor is too long for these VIPers to wait. So they research you, find a match, blood type, kidney type, arrange a murder and steal your organs in a way John Q never knew possible.

On June 3, 2013, the US Supreme Court upheld “Katie’s Law” which makes it legal for police to collect your DNA upon arrest, stating the law is not a violation of fourth Amendment rights.

Katie’s law allowed the creation of a national DNA database, where persons with money, power and influence can browse for an organ match and arrange for an organ snatch either before or after an officer involved shooting, like the murder of Michael Brown.

Black & Hispanics together are 60% of all prisoners, yet, only a quarter of the population. The prison system has become a factory for free labor and organs.

This black market for Black organs raises the question: how many murders of Black people in this country at the hands of White cops or other Blacks are sparked by a bounty put on their organs?

When you are told Black on Black crime is the number one killer of African-Americans, you must understand this is inverse inception. That myth is perpetuated to make you FEAR, LIMIT your success, STRESS your worries & DOUBT your self. So you won’t realize the power of the Law of attraction Thoughts are things. State your intent to the universe, & it will yield unto you all that you want.

The number one killer of Blacks, Latinos, Filipinos, Asians & so called “minorities” in America is….. ABORTION. In the United States, More minority babies are aborted than birthed. Let that sink in.

The Plan for population control by the World Health Organization & eugenics is not some “new order”. This is the same genocide that was the aim for Slavery, the Holocaust, man-made earthquakes in Haiti and ionosphere induced tsunamis in Indonesia. HAARP created unnatural disasters through quake baking and now, population control through Planned Parenthood. The harvest is now.

The same twisted minds who conceived eugenics & Inspired Hitler’s
genetic cleansing in Germany, are the same supremacists who created planned parenthood, to be a biological weapon to control population, sterilize, & genetically cleanse U.S. citizens.

Slavery did not end with the emancipation proclamation. This Maafa genocide lives subtly through birth control as population control. The American Eugenics society changed the name of their organization to “Planned Parenthood” in efforts to hide their true goal of population control fueled by White supremacy.

The most powerful way to wipe out a group of people, is not with a gun, or a missile. It is to have them, walk into a building on their own volition, one by one, & allow a doctor to kill their baby in the womb. The baby is pulled out, & laid on a table to choke & suffocate to death by torture. The aim of abortion is to retrieve valuable stem cells from the unborn fetus before the third trimester, proving to eugenicists, a Black person has more value dead than alive. This is the epitome of a nigger. A dead object, fit to serve its master.

Black life has value to the scientists playing God who value our organs & stem cells enough to kill us for it, so Black life must have value to us. When we degrade our women, only valuing her booty, we are treating the carriers of life as a nigger, object with a dead mind.

When we wittingly rib each other for the 50 shades of Brown we come in, placing more value on light skin and less value on dark skin, we are paying homage to apartheid.

It is not about Black vs. White, it is about the 1% vs. Free Thinkers. Do not be fooled into think the color of a body’s skin is a reflection of who they really are, the spirit within. The color of the car my spirit drives has nothing to do with my worth as a spirit.

It is a poisonous concept that every race except Caucasians are viewed as possessing one-dimensional valuable. Asians are more than math and connivence stores. Blacks are more than sports & entertainment. Latins are more than hard workers for cheap labor. Jewish people are more than outstanding legal council. Pacific Islanders are mor than mani/pedis & eye brow threading. White Supremacy is about treating us all like niggers, an object with a dead mind.

You are being shown you have no value to BREAK your spirit, because among you is the next MLK, the next Kennedy, the next Moses, the next prophet & savior.

You are being assassinated before you reach greatness. Why wait to assassinate a powerful figure after they change the world, when you can kill the will of your threat before they rise up against you united and fight.

You are only targeted by your enemy, because they clearly see your value as a threat to their existence. If your life was not divinely chosen for a purpose, the enemy would not be so committed to destroying you.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
IG: @Fuel4TheBODY

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5 Responses to Black LIFE has NO VALUE. You’re more valuable dead Nigger

  1. ebrew79 says:

    That stat is mindboggling, everyday for seven years 2 black people were killed by cops.

  2. Cherie says:

    You’ve touched on so many issues most have been clueless about. Thank you!!! I’ll definitely be sharing. Can’t wait to read your book in the future!

  3. Juna says:

    Wow….this just gave me goosebumps

  4. Catelaya says:

    This is so true in essence the people still sleep comfortable eyes wide shut ….

  5. Eva says:

    I love your deeper thoughts.
    Thanks dear writer.

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