Why guys SIDE PIECE zone & neglect Hopeless Romantic women. | Are they TOO CRAZY?


By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women”
IG: @Fuel4TheBODY

A romantic woman with trust issues is not crazy or over emotional, She has just been through so much b.s.

You don’t know growing up her own mother treated her like trash & put Men over her own daughter.

Her parents never acknowledging things she did, never showing her love & care, always putting her down & calling her names.

You don’t know family & friends who she trusted, stabbed her in the back, let money come between them & proved to be disloyal.

You don’t know how hard it is for her to met a guy, fall in love, finally trust him, only to get her heart shattered to pieces.

Then, have to pick up all those pieces only to met a guy again & go through the same b.s. over & over like a never ending nightmare.

Just things my sisters taught me, which is why I don’t mind putting in hard work, time & patience to EARN a woman’s trust by proving myself trustworthy with my actions over time.

As a good man, we will watch her give the assholes a million chances at her heart & she’ll be so slow to show us real men affection, but in her mind, she just doesn’t want to hurt us bro.

She’s protecting us from her demons. Stop neglecting your woman & starving her off deserved attention. Be romantic to her. Be affectionate to her. Treat every day like you are trying to win her heart all over again.

Show her you’re willing to dedicate your life to standing by her side, taking away her demons. Show her it’s not her against the world, it’s you & her against the world. Be her peace bro.

“Ebrahim, I am a hopeless romantic,” a Cheyenne woman confessed, during a speak I did for a group of undergrad women in Berkeley. “I daydream about marriage, so much, my girls tease me. I have baby fever something tough. I’m gorgeous, in shape as you can see. And when I have a man, I take care of him, in every way. I even dress up for him in bed, ball gag, handcuffs, blindfolds, the whole nine.

But, no matter how romantic I am, it seems like every time I meet a guy I like, he’s either romantic in the beginning, then gets complacent really quick, or, I find out months after dating him he already as a girlfriend he never once mentioned. I am tired, king. Why are the good women like me always treated like side hoes? Why are you guys so afraid of commitment?”

“Thank you for sharing, queen,” I told her, before addressing the group. “I want you queens to know, this Side Piece movement is trying to replace monogamy. The only way it can is if you as women ALLOW yourself to accept pieces of a man, while you share him with other women.

Here are 10 reasons why guys will place a hopeless romantic woman in the side piece zone, & I want you queens to take notes & really digest these.

#1 You let guys TALK to you instead of requiring them to COURT you.

Once a guy sees a woman will let him “TALK” to her without requiring he take her OUT on a real DATE, he puts her in the side piece zone, forever.

#2 You behave LOYAL to guys before they even COMMIT to you.

Too many girls are so easy. All you have to do is show them a little interest & it will keep them “loyal” through months of neglect, games & lies. You are not loyal. He is not cheating on you, because he is not even committed to you.

#3 You’re too boring

If half your conversation is “lol” fake giggles & emojis, it’s no wonder your crush never texts you back. Have some substance about your conversation.

#4 You KNOW he’s entertaining multiple women, yet you are still foolishly giving him your time.

When you stay with a guy after finding out he already has women on the side, you are willfully being his side piece. Stop bragging about stealing another girl’s man. You both are his side pieces. Y’all teammates.

#5 You allow your man to behave single on Social Networks.

The girls on your a man’s social network have just as much access to him as you. You text him. They “@” him. You sext him. They DM him pictures.

If a guy is high level flirting with girls on his Instaharem & you don’t have the courage to call him out & address it in person, you are letting him know you are side piece material.

If you never ask a guy the questions in the back of your mind that keep you up at night, he will side piece zone you, real quick.

Males test girls. He waits to see if you will ask,

So who is this girl on Instagram who keeps commenting kissy face emojis?
Have you and her ever had sex?
Does she have your phone number.
Do you have a girlfriend?
Does any girl think she is your girlfriend?
Why do you always respond to comments of random girls on IG, but you never respond to mine?

#6 It’s your mouth.

Once you meet a mentally mature man, you can not keep speaking down to him, yelling, cursing or talking to him like he is a boy. He will not call you a crazy, over-emotional bitch like weak minded boys in your past, he will just leave you for a woman more on his mentally frequency level.

#7 You are behaving too dickdizzy for commitment

It is a turn off to a man, when a woman will request to sleep with you before even asking you:

Why do you like me?
What are your plans with me?
Maybe I just want sex with no commitment, is that what you want?
Do you have a girlfriend?
What was your longest relationship?

Women never ask me if I have a girlfriend before they ask me for my number. It’s sad girls will ask you for an abs pic or a dick pic before even asking your relationship status. Stop ruining it for the loyal women with standards.

I don’t like how as soon as I give a girl heavy D, she acts like she is all IN LOVE with me, calling me ‘bae’ saying we should plan a future together.

Yet, a day before I slept with her, she was barely texting me back, yawing while I spoke to her about my dreams, ambitions, deep thoughts & family, pretending to show intrest in me. You don’t love me. You love dick. Be real with yourself.

It makes a man feel really low when the only time a woman wants to show a man care & affection is after he’s inside her.

That’s why I’m abstinent while single now, until I met a Woman who can appreciate me for my mind & not just my body.

Honestly, being abstinent is extremely hard. I miss the taste of warm lower lips on my lips & tongue late at night. That’s why I hardly sleep. Warm juice is the only thing that can help me knock. However, I refuse to have sex outside of a relationship. My sister taught me how loyal a man behaves while single will determine the caliber of woman he attracts.

#8 Your taste in men scares Loyal Men away & attracts Players

Have you ever had a man call you, without mentioning sex, just to ask how you are feeling, pray for your day & send peace and light your way?

If not, you may not be ready to exit this Player Phase you are in and be open to a Loyal Man.

A loyal man is sweet to his woman & a bit of a jerk to girls trying to get at him. A loyal man does not respond to multiple girls thirst comments on Instagram. When I was taken, one girl who I never met messaged me like,

“You’re so handsome, are you single?
No, I’m happily taken. & just so you know, I show my girl my phone.
But I like you 😦
Do you like living?
Lol yes.
Then stop messaging me, else my girlfriend will end your existence & mine, she don’t play.

#9 You put more energy in your appearance on a Social Network than you ever put in courting a man.

A Confident Woman doesn’t need to rely on Compliments or Thirst, likes on pics, nor attention from random guys on social networks to validate her beauty, because, she KNOWS she’s beautiful before anyone else. Looking inside her self, she sees. The smooth inner beauty she exudes, clearer than a mirror.

Girls be like,
“Am I not pretty enough?
“Is my ass not fat enough?”😪
Nah, you don’t love YOU enough. That is the biggest turn off to a guy.

#10 You lack standards.

Females who will break up with a guy for cheating & still let him have sex with her are the main reason it’s hard out here for women with standards.

I always tell men,

The amazing thing about a hopeless romantic woman is she never gives up on love. She will have your back through thick & then.

She will stay with you through the arguments,
she will rock with you through all the side pieces who contact her, claiming you slept with them,
she will ride with you even when you are starving her of attention & respect.
This hopeless romantic woman is foolish. She is a user. She is not loyal. A real woman is more loyal to her mind than her emotions.

A weak woman is hopeless. A hopeless romantic woman will allow you to sleep with her knowing you have side pieces. She doesn’t care. She has no hope, no self love, no optimism. No standards.

Where are all the women with standards?
Women with more than a fat ass?
Women more than a pretty face?
Women who require a man to stimulate her above the waist, before she gives him a taste & rides his face?
I want a woman with standards.
I want a woman who makes me wait for sex.
I want a woman who’s more than small talk.

Tell me about your passions. Your ambitious dreams. Let’s talk about chem trails & aliens, & role play, & our fears. Let me take your demons away.

Can we pray together? Or is all you require a man to do with his hands include placing two fingers inside your pants?

Can I take you to the beach for a deep convo & long walk?
Can I court you? Or do you only “talk”?

If you want to “hang out” or “chill” I’m not interested in spending time w/ you.

I will not ask you to “kick it”. I will call you & say, “I want to take you out on a date this weekend for neo soul & fresh pasta, what time are you free?”

I don’t random text for months w/o a date. I want to court. I want to build. If all you do is “talk” don’t even ask for my number. 😒

See, I don’t talk, I court.
If I date you,
I see myself marrying you.
I see myself building with only you.
I see my spirit growing deeper with you.
I don’t date casually.
I’m courting you, because I see potential in you & I becoming ‘US'”

As men, we have to destroy our side piece zone and start claiming these women. If you know a woman has feelings for you, & she is loyal to you, stop having her out here looking stupid, because you want to talk to every girl to fill your insecurities. Let’s claim these loyal women.

There’s nothing worse to a woman than when we as men don’t want to claim her publicly.

If you’re out with her & family, a friend, or another female says, “hey how are you?” Bro, you better fit introducing your woman AS YOUR WOMAN somewhere in your response, by saying, “& this is my girlfriend __”

When you don’t it crushes her inside. She will be a lil salty & feel some time of way, & she has every right to. If you’re not going to claim a woman in public, don’t expect her to stay loyal to you, period.

You would NOT want a man to date your moms or sister & not claim them in public. You’d tell that coward tf off.

Don’t make a woman feel like she’s not your only one. It’s not about a title, it’s about loyalty. All a loyal woman really wants is consistency & attention. Give her that & she will give you everything, trust.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women”
IG: @Fuel4TheBODY
Blog: RealNewsPaper.wordpress.com
Motivational #SpeakLife vidoes: Youtube.com/RealNewsmagazine

I am a chef, motivational speaker, nutritionist and author, of West African ancestry. I speak isiZulu & Swahili I’ve been a youth mentor for young Black men for 10 years.
Book me to speak at your unversity! Currently doing a college speaking tour on this & many topics.
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About Ebrahim Aseem

I am a chef, writer & motivational speaker. I've been a youth mentor for young Black men for 10 years & I'm currently shopping my first book, "Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women"
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8 Responses to Why guys SIDE PIECE zone & neglect Hopeless Romantic women. | Are they TOO CRAZY?

  1. Alex Kenneh says:

    I respect the advice, but could your next article be on how to find this loyal woman; I made the mistake of giving a chance to someone and I just decided to stay single and not see anyone for a couple months now.

  2. Lori says:

    Ebrahim, I am happy to hear that you are abstinent! That is what a Real King does as he waits for his Queen. I wish you much success in life and love!

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