The Melaninated Origin of Easter

Queen Vashti, was exiled for refusing her king husband’s command to dance naked in front of 100s of his drunk male guests, wearing only her crown. The king clapped back by making it law every husband be master of his house. This was why a wife & her children take her husband’s last name. She was property of the husband. #EbrahimAseem

Queen #Vashti ‘s throne was stripped away. She had no peace, but her smart mouthed refusal to acquiesce to male privilege inspired & gave peace to Easter, a slim-thick, Afro-Hebrew girl. The Persian King Ahasuerus caught feelings & made her queen. He created a holiday feast for her called “Esther”. #Easter #EbrahimAseem

Queen #Esther used her regal power to emancipate her melanin Hebrew people from bondage & genocide. She created an annual feast to honor equality for her people & equality for the life givers, women. This is the origin of EASTER. #EbrahimAseem

Easter eggs symbolize the Mother Soul Cell Fundamental principle every human ever born starts off as an egg inside a woman’s matrix (womb). #EbrahimAseem

Every 28 days, the moon renews herself. Her frequency influences women’s monthly spiritual cleanse cycle. Spirits pass through her pineal gland & if fertilized, life is born through her. That’s how the spirit you are was born into this realm. #EbrahimAseem

The female pineal gland is the portal all souls travel through to enter into this realm from the celestial zone. #EbrahimAseem

Let’s value virtuous women. She was divinely chosen not only to be a vessel of life as mothers, but to be a portal of metaphysical power, as our liaison with the moon & heavens. #EbrahimAseem

It is not your job to keep belittling her, putting her down, calling a respectful woman names unprovoked & making fun of everything about her you don’t understand.

Instead of telling our women, “stop being such a crazy, over-emotional bitch on your period” let’s start telling our women, “When will you awaken to the realization that your smile is meant to be permanent. You flash it like a camera, but it was meant to be a light. Moon you shine so bright, and I’m the spark that was put into your life, for me to make you my wife, into your soul, speaking life. Let go, allow our souls to ignite.” #EbrahimAseem

About Ebrahim Aseem

I am a chef, writer & motivational speaker. I've been a youth mentor for young Black men for 10 years & I'm currently shopping my first book, "Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women"
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