Lunar eclipse July 27, 2018

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The Juneteenth Lie

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How to cook Fresh Pasta | Chef Ebrahim Aseem

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Why men cheat on PREGNANT women.

Why men cheat on their pregnant woman.

After cheating on his last pregnant ex-GF with Khloe, Tristan cheated on a pregnant Khloe with a girl that looks exactly like his 1st baby mama.

Is it the baby weight she gains, even before she starts to show? Why do men cheat on their pregnant woman, despite her sexy pregnant “glow”? It’s not about looks, remember, Jay-Z did cheat on Bey. The stress caused Beyoncé to miscarry, while her Mister was sexually getting carried away. So how could TristanThompson cheat on #KhloeKardashian with IG Model #LaniBlair ?

Why men cheat on a pregnant woman? Seeing her display more strength then him makes him feel she doesn’t NEED him. A narcissist’s male identity is to be needed by women. Insecurity creates jealousy. He cheats to feel superior to her & spite the unborn baby he’s grown jealous of.

As men, we selfishly think about our own needs during our woman’s pregnancy. It should be all about HER needs. She’s strong because she has to be. She works all day & stays up late at night for the baby, because she has to. Your pregnant woman is not “weak” for being tired or fatigued. She carried a whole life. With your watermelon-head having genes. Your pregnant woman is not a flake or selfish for not spending time with you when it’s convenient for you. She’s an artist, shaping & molding the priceless child you put inside her. And an artist is sensitive about their shit. But your pregnant woman is not overly-emotional. She’s unbreakable & skilled at using her strength to curb the frightened emotions of an uncomfortable baby who’s growing by the second. Your pregnant woman is not fat & unsexy. Her body’s buoyant ability to expand for deliver delivery also applies to her body’s ability to tighten her walls & grip hold if your throbbing manhood.

A mother doesn’t chose the baby over her man. She spends every moment of her life keeping the baby alive, so stop acting like a grown ass baby bro. Giving birth is the closest anyone comes to death. So if she has your child, give her all your energy, patience & understanding until you don’t have any left.

Let’s stop mistaking her super mommy strength for “not needing us as men”. Of course she can do it all alone, but we’d be selfish fools to make her. A pregnant woman doesn’t “need” a man, but she deserves a consistent one. Because us men would be nothing without the pregnant woman who gave us life. Respect the respectful life givers bro.

I never met an amazing mother with a decent sleep pattern. Pretending to be sleep so her baby falls asleep, she overthinks on her purpose & replays scenarios in her mind. Planing years away, pondering life’s meaning. Give her time & consistency, not stress. If shes a deep thinker, shes a keeper💍

Did you know a mother doesn’t sleep? She chases the baby around the house ALL. DAY. LONG. No breaks. Cleaning up messes. Broken glass. Stains. Spills. The only time she does sleep is on accident. #EbrahimAseem I know you’re thinking, “well why can’t she just put the baby to sleep & then she can have time for herself?”

Because dummy, she can’t just “put” the baby to sleep in the crib, then run off & paint the town red. The baby will just cry non-stop. She has to hold, rock & comfort the baby to sleep. She turns the lights off & lays still, pretending to be sleep, because that’s the only way the baby will fall asleep. #EbrahimAseem

Problem is, it takes so long, she accidentally falls asleep herself. But she can never get “rest” because the baby wakes up constantly in the middle of the night.

Any woman who would sacrifice all that & more for a little child, she would give anything to love you, value your manhood, promote your mental growth, calm your fears, help fight your demons, accomplish your purpose & bring you closer to the man you were put here to be. #EbrahimAseem

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The Melaninated Origin of Easter

Queen Vashti, was exiled for refusing her king husband’s command to dance naked in front of 100s of his drunk male guests, wearing only her crown. The king clapped back by making it law every husband be master of his house. This was why a wife & her children take her husband’s last name. She was property of the husband. #EbrahimAseem

Queen #Vashti ‘s throne was stripped away. She had no peace, but her smart mouthed refusal to acquiesce to male privilege inspired & gave peace to Easter, a slim-thick, Afro-Hebrew girl. The Persian King Ahasuerus caught feelings & made her queen. He created a holiday feast for her called “Esther”. #Easter #EbrahimAseem

Queen #Esther used her regal power to emancipate her melanin Hebrew people from bondage & genocide. She created an annual feast to honor equality for her people & equality for the life givers, women. This is the origin of EASTER. #EbrahimAseem

Easter eggs symbolize the Mother Soul Cell Fundamental principle every human ever born starts off as an egg inside a woman’s matrix (womb). #EbrahimAseem

Every 28 days, the moon renews herself. Her frequency influences women’s monthly spiritual cleanse cycle. Spirits pass through her pineal gland & if fertilized, life is born through her. That’s how the spirit you are was born into this realm. #EbrahimAseem

The female pineal gland is the portal all souls travel through to enter into this realm from the celestial zone. #EbrahimAseem

Let’s value virtuous women. She was divinely chosen not only to be a vessel of life as mothers, but to be a portal of metaphysical power, as our liaison with the moon & heavens. #EbrahimAseem

It is not your job to keep belittling her, putting her down, calling a respectful woman names unprovoked & making fun of everything about her you don’t understand.

Instead of telling our women, “stop being such a crazy, over-emotional bitch on your period” let’s start telling our women, “When will you awaken to the realization that your smile is meant to be permanent. You flash it like a camera, but it was meant to be a light. Moon you shine so bright, and I’m the spark that was put into your life, for me to make you my wife, into your soul, speaking life. Let go, allow our souls to ignite.” #EbrahimAseem

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Stop calling children “sexy”

Your child is not sexy. Stop calling them that. It opens the door for your child to be sexualized. And just because a child isn’t fully clothed does not give you a right to view them sexually.

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Black Panther’s all women army is based on a real African all women killing squad

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The movie #BlackPanther 's all women army "Dora Milaje", is based on a real West-African all Women killing squad. The Dahomey Amazons (N’Nonmiton) meant “our mothers” in Fon. Originating in modern-day Benin. They could breast feed your baby & slit your husband's throat. 😂😩 #EbrahimAseem These women were more than just soldiers they took prominent roles in the kingdom. They spoke on policy and trade among other things. Only the strongest women were chosen for this 2,500 solider army. They were not allowed to wed or have children while in the army. These women were not only armed with guns and knives but with valor, beauty & grace. The spirit of these #Amazon women has been inherited genetically to all women of African decent, including Blacks, Dominicans 🇩🇴, Puerto Ricans 🇵🇷, Jamaicans 🇯🇲, Afro-Latin, "Mixed" blacks, & even those who deny their melanin heritage. I'm so attracted to a Black woman. All aren't unapproachable. She just sees through lies, b.s. & game before you can run it. All don't have "attitude. She just speaks her mind & wont submit to a weak man, just so he can be alpha by default. #EbrahimAseem Skin of black diamond. Hair of gold. Her body is art. Her heartbeat is music. Her strength is unbreakable. All human life came from her womb. Respect her. I spoke this at USC to a group of future filmmakers. #13YearMentorForMen #MotivationalSpeaker #EbrahimAseem Booking:

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