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How to PRAY for your woman. | 5 ways to be her PEACE.

Here’s 5 peaceful ways to pray for your woman:

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat On Loyal Women”

#1. The next time your girl irritates you, don’t yell at her bro. Grab her, hug her tight & pray with her. Say, “Baby, I pray for your strength & patience. I pray to grow as a leader, so I can lead you to peace & not frustration.” #EbrahimAseem

#2. “I pray you quit over-thinking, replaying failed scenarios, feeding self-doubt & seeing the good in everyone but your self. You deserve so much more baby. I pray to grow more patient with you.” #EbrahimAseem

#3. “Baby, I know you hate asking people for things. That’s why you deserve to be given the world. But, I know all you want is consistency, time & effort without having to always ask me for it. I pray for discernment, to meet your needs without you having to always tell me to.” #EbrahimAseem

#4. When she’s emotional, don’t yell at her, threaten her, or walk away. Stay. Be her calm. Love her through her madness. Say, “Baby, I reassure you your flaws won’t scare me off. I pray to be more understanding of your feelings so you can relax, open up & trust me.” #EbrahimAseem

#5. Instead of always leading the conversation towards sex, lead her in prayer to calm her over thinking. Like lifting weights, prayer lifts negative energy, making your connection with your woman stronger. Say, “I pray your over thinking thoughts stop trying to convince you that you aren’t as amazing as you make me feel everyday.” #EbrahimAseem

I spoke this at a Bridal Shower cooking class to the 13 men who who picked up their wives. Booking:

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat On Loyal Women”
Instagram: @Fuel4TheBODY
SnapChat: EbrahimAseem
Twitter: @EbrahimAseem

I am a chef, motivational speaker & 13-year-mentor for men. I write new articles every thursday & travel, speaking life into groups of 100s of men at universities & corporations worldwide. I am West African-Hebrew.

Want to hear me sing?

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Why men prefer BAD Bitches over SWEET women.

Bad bitches are winning. Cardi B is #1 on the billboard charts. Rihanna’s Fenty is the #1 make-up brand. And men prefer Self-Proclaimed Bad Bitches over sweet women.

A reader asked me, “Ebrahim, why do guys prefer the former-stripper, Cardi B Bad bitch type with fake boobs & ass over us sweet girls with natural bodies?”

Mentally immature males fear being emotionally vulnerable to a woman. The world makes men think we have to hold in our emotions. He opens up to a S.P.B.B., because she won’t make him grow, take accountability or break down like he NEEDS to. His opening up will only lead to her stroking his ego, subsequently burying his emotions. #EbrahimAseem

See, a S.P.B.B. knows she can steal a sweet girl’s man, simply by playing into the playboy fantasy adolescent-minded males possess.

The 5-step Bad Bitch Guide to attracting a guy.

1. Emojis.
Half her conversation is in emojis, appealing to the visual nature of a male. She knows, the right combination of hearts, kissy faces & winks is the cheat code to unlocking the attention of a male.

2. Goofy banter.
This is where the SPBB has the sweet girl beat. Her conversation & behavior is always light, fun, silly and goofy. She knows how to appease a male by pretending to like whatever he likes, be it sports, video games, gangster movies, trap music or criticizing other women. She’s fully aware that more than looks, men are attracted to a woman with a fun, goofy vibe.

3. Ms. Independent
A SPBB is quick to tell you how much she doesn’t need a man. How much of her own she makes. Don’t worry about the fact she doesn’t pay all the rent where she lives. We’re in a down economy and she’s got her own *Neo voice*

And she doesn’t need a man for anything. If one acts up, she’s quick to cut a guy off, so don’t get comfortable. *Cardi B voice. In fact, she has more side hoes than any guy in her phone. The majority of which she met online. This is how she stays independent and so emotionally low-maintenance. She subscribes to the mantra “if a guy pays your way, he will think you OWE him something sexually.” Males in her life eat this up, happy they don’t have to treat her to a date.

Males like self-proclaimed ‘bad bitches’ (SSBB), because they feel she wants a man, but doesn’t NEED a man. A SPBB is all about her money & is simply not as emotionally high-maintenance as a sweet girl. Sweet girls have abandonment issues & trust issues that get aggravated when the man they like doesn’t give her enough deserved attention.

Cardi B only became a stripper to escape domestic violence. Initially she dropped out of school to spend more time with her boyfriend, fearing if she didn’t, he’d get a side piece. After she moved in with him & his mom, he begin financially abusing her. She was trapped. So she stripped, stacked, moved out & used the money to go back to school.

Sweet women must learn to put her goals before her emotions. Being in her feelings, chasing unambitious boys will leave you broke & lonely. It’s a mans job to pursue you. Have your own, and know you deserve to be spoiled. Not just with money. With time, attention & consistency without always having to ask for it.

4. Stroke his throbbing ego to climax.
A SPBB knows how to subtly post the right caption-selfie combination to arouse a male’s throbbing ego, for her to subsequently stroke.

She will post a revealing picture of her body, with an un-thirst–trap-like-caption, like,

“ugh, I’m getting fat, need to get in the gym more like this and tone”. Along with an inspirational quote she’s never lived, by a writer whose work she’s never read.

Meanwhile, in her picture, she’s wearing spandex boy shorts & a lingerie bra (not a sports bra) in her house (not at the gym).

Yet, somehow we’re supposed to believe she’s in a gym. She can’t spell “elliptical” trainer, let alone properly use one. But, it’s ok, and it’s not “thirsty” simply, because her picture caption is a goal, and a woman with goals is to be admired.

Here come all the thirsty males commenting on her picture, vying for her attention, hoping to get noticed. She posts her selfie, chooses the male-option who sucks the least, then stroke his ego.

“Aww thanks guys,” She says to all.
“Gotta stay fit ;)” she replies to a random girl, to make it seem like her post isn’t aimed only at gaining males’ attention.

“You’re so sweet handsome,” she tells our lucky winner.

And what does he win? Vain, pointless, goofy convo with a bad bitch with a stripper body.

Cardi B said she doesn’t recommend girls strip to get out money problems the way she did. Her advice to women on getting a fake ass is “Just don’t do it, because I don’t really know what’s in my ass right now. I could die. Who knows. I regret it. It’s a trend.”

5. Never open up. Never show the real her.

A SPBB’s secret weapon is she never completely open up to a guy about her true feelings. Her grandpa could have died last night, and she will still send a guy a #GoodMorning selfie like nothing tragic happened in her life.

She smiles so bright, yet she’s fighting demons every day, with no one to talk to about it. No one cares. And the ones who claim they want her time so badly, are never there.

Guys be thinking girls are looking for a daddy figure in random men. Nah, she’s really looking to life for the nurturing mother she’s never had.

Self proclaimed bad bitches are really sweet girls deep inside. But she got tired of being trampled over, emotionally stepped on & having her sweet nature taken for weakness. So, she decided to become emotionless. It’s not hard to be emotionless, when you legit don’t feel anything anymore. #EbrahimAseem

“Before I started stripping,” Cardi B said, “I was very satisfied with the way I looked. I thought I had a nice face & body, until I started going to the strip club.” Once she saw the bad bitches men made it rain for, she started feeling insecure. So, she got breast implants & fake ass shots.

Even though she said she’s not a role model & doesn’t want kids to look up to her, women like Cardi B because she is a sweet woman who has learned self acceptance & high confidence to match her unfuckwitable disposition.

What good is it to be sweet without being confident? The beauty of chocolate is that it combines the sweet taste of sugar with the bold confident flavor of cocoa. Just be yourself, the most confident version of self you can be.

A sweet woman who lacks self-confidence turns a guy off, because he knows she will try to make him her whole world and rely on his attention to drown out her overthinking thoughts.

This annoys the hell out off men. That is why the guy you like ignores your texts. He would rather have flirtversations with ‘bad bitches’ on Instagram, instead of conversing with a sweet, caring, passive-aggressive, over emotional, over-apologetic woman like you. #EbrahimAseem

When a sweet girl likes a man, she needs to hear from him everyday, every minute, just him and her, on some ‘The Notebook’ type shit.

If she texts him & he doesn’t respond within 2 minutes of her pressing “enter” in her mind, she’s like, “oh, ok, so you ain’t got time to text me back, but you got time to be over there, breathing air, existing and shit, living your life without me? You know what? Fuck you. I gave you my all. I gave you my WHOLE heart & you shitted on it and lit it on fire. I gave you whole my soul, and you…oh shit, he just texted me back! “Hey babe, I missed you 😦 wyd?” smh. Fail.

This is why some girls pretend to be heartless. She feels if she’s heart-less her heart can’t be broken. Bodak Yellow is #1, because sweet girls use it to mentally escape from being in her sweet girl feelings, to a bad bitch unbothered mode. #EbrahimAseem

When will the SPBB awaken to the realization she’s much more than the bad bitch she calls herself?
When will the sweet girl mentally mature into a sweet WOMAN and match confidence with her sweetness?

Males do not choose bad bitches over a sweet woman, they USE bad bitches over a sweet woman, because she does not challenge him to grow up like a sweet girl does. Stay sweet. These males are trying to tell you they are not yet on your level of life maturity, but you refuse to listen.

A bad bitch will not require him to make her a wife, before making her a mother. Sweet girls lowkey have baby fever. They will never admit they secretly hope for a “positive” on that pregnancy test. Grown ass little boys fear fatherhood, so he will choose a bad bitch over a good girl. #EbrahimAseem

A bad bitch will not require a man to answer that ‘what are we’ text. In fact, she will never send it.
Sweet girls can literally know she’s not anywhere near ready for a relationship, yet she wonders what your intentions are with her. She knows she is wife material. She has her ring picked out. She has dress patterns screenshot. Her pinterest is full of home decor and bedding sets. She’s ready for marriage. Grown ass little boys fear faithful commitment, so he will choose a bad bitch over a sweet girl.

A bad bitch always knows the latest slang, latest song, and she’s seen the video. That outfit those vixens were wearing in it, she searched their Instagram names and has already online-pre-ordered the dresses they wear from Fashion Nova. For this reason, a bad bitch is a trophy to a grown ass little boy.

Immature males care more about getting approval from OTHER MEN than they care about what a woman thinks. As suspect as this sounds, it is true. This is the number one reason males choose a bad bitch over a sweet girl, for male approval.

Mentally immature males have this competition with each other, who can have the hottest car, who rock the hottest shoes, and who can have the hottest woman. Hip hop has coined this the century of the bad bitch, so no matter what type of girl an immature guy really wants, he will always choose a bad bitch over a sweet girl. Who the hell wants a sweet girl anyway? A gentleman does. We hate this bad bitch phase with a passion. That’s why I proposed to a single mother, sweet woman named Brie, with the natural curves of a baddie.

Say goodbye to the reign of the bad bitch. Welcome to the era of the Sweet Woman who can do both.

Want a sweet woman.
By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody

Men, stop chasing the bad bitch fantasy girl & give a sweet woman a chance. Tell her, “I want a sweet woman.
I want a woman who cares.
I want an affectionate woman who likes to cuddle, pinch my cheeks, rub my beard, rub her feet on my leg, poke me in my arm repeatedly, only so I will grab her sweet ass and tickle her until her pretty, bright smile shines like the midnight moon.

I want a woman who loves to read. Can you tell me your story as I turn the pages of your mind? I know your story is full of horror & drama, but I want to be your plot twist peace.

I want a woman who cares so much, about animals, nature life, who will treat my dog like she’s her own child. Who I can surprise at work with 1-800 Flowers & she won’t think it’s corny. Who I can take to the beach at night and gaze at the stars with, while I rub her feet and recite poetry to her.

I want a nerdy women who like random facts, animal planet & anything regarding the universe.
I want a sweet woman, who watches more than reality tv. Let’s cuddle up & watch the travel channel. Each pick two of our favorite locales, put them in a hat & whichever you pull we will vaykay there.

This! #Romance #Affection #EbrahimAseem #FullArticle => =>

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I want a sweet woman who likes home decor and picking out patterns for my living room. Let’s have a mall date, go pick out furniture and you can teach me about color patterns and Feng shui.

Then, I’ll take your pretty ass to Sephora for an hour-long shopping spree and you can get whatever you like on me, and get pretty for our dinner and opera date that night.

I want a sweet girl I can take to the opera, a comedy show, to hear live jazz, or oldies, or 90s R&B or Neo-Soul. Let’s have bbq lunches in the park and dates to the zoo. I’m a big ass kid at heart.

I want a sweet woman to take on a date to PUMP IT UP, so we can push all the snotty-nosed children out the way & play, bounce & JUMP in that shit. Grab some PIZZA for lunch, some ICEEs & cotton candy. Then we can go play laser tag, after I whoop her ass in bowling real quick.

I want to wife the type of Woman who would let me bring my lil niece on a date WITH us to the aquarium, or paintballing, or to the park to have a water balloon and water gun fight. I love to laugh & have fun & I need that in a Woman.

I want an sweet woman who loves adventure, who I can take white water rafting, skydiving, or to the gun range. A woman I can hoop with, lift weights & work out with, jog with, a woman unafraid to get her hands dirty with me.

I want a sweet girl with an old soul who has so much love and affection to give. I have dated the self proclaimed bad bitch before, and I must confess, their pretty, sexy, fine, curvy asses bored the hell out of me.

Silly, goofy, sweet, corny, nerdy, healthy, home designing, wedding shower planning, baby fever having women are everything life has to offer. I just want to give her two rings, two children and two yorkies, two trips overseas per year, two cars, but most of all, I want to give her two words, I do.”

And bro, every mentally mature man I have ever met in my 13 years as a mentor for men want the same damn thing too. Real men love sweet women.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women”
IG: @Fuel4TheBODY
Motivational #SpeakLife vidoes:

I am a chef, motivational speaker, nutritionist and author, of African ancestry. I speak isiZulu & Swahili I’ve been a youth mentor for young Black men for 10 years.
Book me to speak at your unversity! Currently doing a college speaking tour on this & many topics.
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How to stop OverThinking

By: Ebrahim Aseem

What’s meant for you will find you. You won’t have to chase it, force it, settle or fight to keep it alive. It won’t break you, hurt you or question you. It will heal you, understand you & be patient with your trust. To attract it, fully let go all thoughts that do not promote your growth. #EbrahimAseem

Your overthinking thoughts are NOT your “own” thoughts. They have been incepted inside your subconscious mind by unappreciative users you give your all to when they need you, yet they’re never there for you when you need them most.

The goal is to make you second guess your every decision, so you keep giving all your energy to them, having no energy & time to pour into your goals & self care.

That’s why you cannot stop your over thinking thoughts from playing inside your mind. You actually think they’re your own thoughts. Ever seen a red flag you didn’t obey? That red flag was your thought. The overthinking thoughts that told you to over look that warning sign was not your thought. It was the inception of overthinking. #EbrahimAseem

What’s hardest for a giver is not being used. It’s forgiving themselves for giving their all to a manipulative user, knowing damn well they saw red flags & inconsistency. #EbrahimAseem

Your mind has been hijacked by self doubt. It taught you to blame yourself for that dark, painful secret no one knows about. Every time you mentally punish yourself with regrets from your past decisions, you feed the inception of overthinking, making it stronger.

If you don’t stop this cycle, overthinking will permanently take over your mind, and you will become a complete pessimist with no free thought.

The definition of depression is pessimistically overthinking about your flaws, faults & pain without the balance of optimistically mediating on your strengths & healing. #EbrahimAseem

Think about what you want. Don’t think of all the reasons it can’t or won’t happen. Don’t think of any reason you don’t deserve it to happen Think only of how it can & will happen. This destroys the inception of overthinking. It is the law of attraction.

Curiously entertaining overthinking thoughts plants seeds of more overthinking thoughts, infesting your mind with self doubt.

Holding only healing thoughts will attract healing thoughts & completely repel overthinking thoughts of self doubt, blame & regret.

The HAARP induced Irma & Harvey are not the only hurricanes wreaking havoc. You endure hurricane overthinking. Tornado migraines. Earthquake anxiety. Tsunami depression. But your strength through temporary pain is so impressive to the one who created you. #EbrahimAseem Blessings of self love, strength & healing are the rainbows waiting for you on the other side of this storm on your life.

I pray you quit overthinking, replaying failed scenarios, feeding self doubt & seeing the good in everyone but your self. You deserve so much more. No one knows how much you endure. #EbrahimAseem

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat On Loyal Women”
Instagram: @Fuel4TheBODY
Twitter: @EbrahimAseem

I am a chef, motivational speaker & 13-year-mentor for men. I write new articles every thursday & travel, speaking life into groups of 100s of men at universities & corporations worldwide. I am West African-Hebrew.

Want to hear me sing?

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The public school system HATES Free Thinkers

Educators & teachers LOVE free thinkers. But the U.S Public School system was created as part of a Trilogy of Mind Control, to discourage free thinking, pineal gland activation & limit the intelligent mind of a person, from elementary to undergraduate. This includes: Health Care (via Kaiser), Mass Media (via T.V.) & Public Academia (via schools & university).

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women”

EDUCATE (v.) means = to bring something out of a crop or seed. To reap sown seeds. To harvest. To cultivate. a Mind is a seed.

Sadly, this does not take place in public schools, which is a pipeline to fund the private prison system, which has legal slave labor thanks to the 13th amendment.

The goal of public school & public undergrad university is primarily to remove critical thought from a child, then incept a child’s mind with academia & waste eight hours of their day they could spend being creatively brilliant, perfecting their craft of blueprint drafting, dance, chemistry, singing, coding analytics, sketching to design clothes, learning to cook, nutrition, do hair, play an instrument, mock trails.

Many universities goal isn’t you graduating in four years, you taking unnecessary prerequisites as long you pay tuition. This conflict of interest & student loans destroying your credit would have one question if public universities & the department of treasury are working as a syndicate.

This is why after slavery, private universities like HBCUs were formed, to stimulate the minds using wisdom & mental ascension.

Sensory stimulation directly promotes intellectual growth & pineal gland activation via frontal cortex stimulation. Systematic oppression in public universities is done intentionally to create sheep-like robots, who social security number is their barcode.

The goal of Health Care is to carry out medical warfare, and the weapon is legal pharmaceuticals. The name “Kaiser” is derived from the gens (clan) Julia, to which belonged Gaius Julius Caesar, the godfather of the first Roman imperial army.

One sword can wipe out an army. One vaccine can wipe out an entire nation of people. Are all vaccines bad? Hell NO! just the poisonous ones. There is more mercury & live viruses in an “amazing” immunization vaccine than there is in an actual virus itself.

Yet, what is more harmful: The poisonous drug injected into the body? or the poisonous drug injected into the mind?

TV is an outstandingly entertaining, very addictive drug used to control the mind & spark consumerism. Through fiber-optics, our TV transmits a frequency that affects us on a sub-atomic level.

These frequencies are known as talismans & are used very carefully by corporations & the media in the same way product placement is used in a movie to sell us a product.

TV is used to sell us an idea. To mnemonically spark certain emotions in the mind. Some people cannot fall asleep, unless the TV is left on all night. Are you watching the idiot box? or does the idiot box watch you?

Even if it’s just the new additions menu from Netflix or the screen saver from the Blu-ray player, the subconscious mind becomes addicted to the Talisman frequencies the TV/device projects. The subconscious mind becomes a slave to it.

Even when the TV is off, it is still plugged in, it can transmit frequency to the mind, Like a FM station a transmits frequency to a radio. This is one of the greatest forms of mind control.

One would rather miss a family member’s birthday party than to miss an episode of Game Of Thrones. A woman refuses to have any drama in her life, yet religiously watches every episode of Love & Hip Hop or Basketball Wives, because she loves to watch the drama in others lives. It does not mean she loves drama & messiness. Her subconscious mind is addicted to the suspense. Mind control at it’s finest.

Great minds are pushed to settle for the norm by the creatively mediocre who FEAR intelligent, SELF thinking people.

Our thoughts have power to shape your life. The 1% fears you. You use your thoughts to doubt yourself. They use their thoughts to power the law of attraction.

Once you awaken to the inner standing that you don’t need a school to teach you knowledge, religion to bring you on a closer walk with the Holy Spirit, nor doctor to heal you, because you have the mental power to move matter, once you awaken, you will be free of all pain, overthinking & self doubt. But you’re more valuable to the 1% as a consumer, who questions nothing. But you’re most feared as a free thinker who questions everything.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women”
IG: @Fuel4TheBODY
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How all WOMEN are influenced by the moon & eclipse

By: Ebrahim Aseem
Instagram: @Fuel4TheBODY

Our MOON is not just earth’s guardian spirit. ‪The MOON aligns each soul with it’s mother before birth with its 28day cycle, by communicating with her pineal gland during her 28 day cycle.‬

An eclipse opens a door in the universe. Like a wormhole, this portal allows all characteristics of your moon sign to eclipse the attributes of your sun sign. After the total eclipse of August 21, 2017, consciousness will eclipse vanity on this realm, ushering in the age of Aquarius.

The moon also purifies every woman’s spirit during this cycle. Our powerful moon, Yerah, intrinsically activates the Pineal Gland in men & women, provoking mental ascension.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Dear Mixed People”
IG: @Fuel4TheBODY

The female pineal gland is the portal all souls travel through to enter into this realm from the celestial zone. #EbrahimAseem

This is why I respect women so much. Every month she cries, laying on the floor, passes out, comes out her clothes, enduring the cramps & all the pain of her period in order to bring us into this world.

So the next time you think about calling her a bitch, or complain about her being too “emotional” consider all she has to go through, that’s what your mother went through.

Right before or after her menstruation cycle, she is very sexually frustrated. During her menstrual cycle, it can feel like HELL. Be understanding of her emotions. It feels like her vagina is being pierced, shot & stabbed, hence her irritability. #EbrahimAseem

Once she comes off, she longs for the feeling of either vaginal stimulation or clitoral stimulation. As men, we have to understanding & cater to our woman, mind & body. #EbrahimAseem

It is unmanly & ignorant to make fun of a woman’s cycle. Her cycle is the history of your soul’s exodus from heaven & your journey into this dream called “life”.

Our souls are perforated, only half when born. We are in this life to find our soul’s twin flame and become whole, leading to mental awakening. True love is the recognition of our soul’s counter part in another. #EbrahimAseem Your twin flame does not have to be a sexual partner, it can be your nana, parent, sibling or child.

When your body sleeps, your spirit travels the universe, searching for its twin flame. The moon guides your spirit there and back to your body, saving your life every night. #EbrahimAseem

We are not in our bodies. Our spirit hovers, orbiting around & through our body, like a moon. Just as the moon draws the ocean’s tide in & out, the moon connects with your pineal gland, to draw out the tides of stress rolling inside your overthinking mind. #EbrahimAseem She renews herself every 28 days & will renew you once you become more intune with her, the Mother Soul Cell Fundemental Principle of YHWH.

It’s attractive to mentally ascended men when a woman talks to herself, even when she’s mad. I’m talking full-blown conversing with herself in the car or bathroom. To the point she starts laughing at her own jokes or answering her own questions. She’s not “bipolar”. #EbrahimAseem

She’s aware there are two of her. The spirit of her soul (our true self) and the spirit of her flesh/emotions (our persona). A wheel within a wheel. She knows she is a powerful spirit that dictates to her emotions & doesn’t allow her emotions to control her. #EbrahimAseem

Before the inception of Julius Cesar’s solar calendar, each year was divided into 13 moon cycles, with 28 days each. #EbrahimAseem The 1% of the population that owns 99% of the wealth acquired such wealth by monopolizing 99% of the knowledge.

That 1% withholds the keys to the great secrets of esoteric knowledge, distracting us with vain forms of technology and entertainment, like cell phones, reality shows, movies & internet, to keep us mentally sleep. #EbrahimAseem We are fooled into giving amazing forms of entertainment and technology, like the device you are reading this on right now, our full, undivided attention while our brain is on auto-pilot. We have become sleep walkers without a bed. The mental walking dead.

Despite this, our moon is moving us into the current cosmic age of Aquarius, which is harnessing all the great turmoil (war, genocide, disease scares) to make room for new age, sparking an evolution of consciousness, virtues of love, unity, self-awareness, pineal gland activation, chakra alignment and mental ascension. This is an astrological age that takes place about every 2,150 years, each year being 13 moon cycles. #EbrahimAseem

There are 2-5 eclipses every year. The total solar eclipse signifies the new of Aquarius, higher consciousness, eclipsing the previous age of vanity & war.

Your brain cells posses the cellular ability to attract like matter. Thoughts are things. Anything or anyone you want in or out of your life, you can attract or repel with your mind. #EbrahimAseem Just as our moon has the power to move the waves in the sea ebb and flow to the sand, we have the power to move mountains with our mind, literally. Mind over matter. #EbrahimAseem

The moon feeds us both frequency, and day light, unassisted by the sun, which is only a combination of infrared red, gamma rays, ultra violet rays & heat. #EbrahimAseem

It’s not just women. It’s men, and even animals, planets, oceans & rivers. Every planet has a moon or moons that orbit it & communicate with the matter on that specific planet. Like matter attracts like matter. It’s fun to research for your self when you have time. #EbrahimAseem

It is important we start valuing our women more on this realm, they were divinely chosen not only to be the vessels of life as mothers, but to be the portals of metaphysical power, as our liaison with the moon & heavens. #EbrahimAseem

It is not your job to keep belittling her, putting her down, calling her names & making fun of everything about her you don’t understand. #EbrahimAseem

Instead of telling our women, “stop being such a crazy, over-emotional bitch on your period” let’s start telling our women,

“When will you awaken to the realization that your smile is meant to be permanent. You flash it like a camera, but it was meant to be a light. Moon you shine so bright, and I’m the spark that was put into your life, for me to make you my wife, into your soul, speaking life. Let go, allow our souls to ignite.” #EbrahimAseem

When will you awaken to a realization your smile is meant to be permanent? You flash it like a camera, but it was meant to be a light. Moon, you shine so bright, & I’m the spark that was put into your life, for me to make you my wife, into your soul, speaking life. Let go, trust. Allow our souls to ignite.

Equally yoked unions with reciprocal mental accession & intellectual conception ensures true love will come to fruition. #EbrahimAseem

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women”
I am a chef, motivational speaker, 12 year male mentor & author, of West African ancestry. I speak isiZulu & Swahili.
Book me to speak at your unversity! Currently doing a college speaking tour on this & many topics.
For booking:

Request your free copy of my book once you follow me on facebook =>
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