orgin of “Amen” and Queen Nefertiti’s race

Queen Nefertiti
Circa 1350S to 1340S b.c.)

is historically recognized as the most beautiful image of an African Woman ever.

This is done to perpetuate the stereotype that African features, such as:
big full lips, high cheek bone, wide nose, thick hair; are genetically inferior;

despite the fact the first human skeleton remains were found in what was renamed “African” originally “Alkebuyan” (Ah-coo-bay-yah),

& despite the fact the genetic make up of Africans & their decadents are cellularly the strongest, most archetype genetic blood (type O)

of the three racial anthropological classic actions of humans,
the other two being Caucasoid & Mongoloid.

Nefertiti was not Black.
She was Aryan.

As the last Pharaoh of Egypt,
Queen Nefertiti, the daughter of a foreign king,

forced native Africans to abandon their Hebrew culture,
& stop praising YHWH Eloheem,
the ancient and original divine name of God,

& accept praising a pagan Luciferian-God “AmunRa”

a name Nefertiti’s husband
King Ankh-en-aten
took on, so he could be worshiped like the most high, as Satan.

Isis (Egyptian-goddess “wisdom personified”)
Amun (Luciferian-god meaning “hidden one”)
Ra (Egyptian sun-god “Semis/Solar Man”)
El (God of Saturn “Satan”)
Isis-Ra-El = Israel.

Luciferian King James rewrote the Dead Sea scrolls in a bible in 1604, adding the word “amen” as praises given to Lucifer to be spoken after each prayer.

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