All Men Are Dogs


By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody

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All Men Are Dogs.

I find that offensive when some Women say that.

all men are NOT dogs.

I’m not a dog, even tho my father was for allowing my mother to move on & raise me by herself,

but I didn’t inherit his Canine Characteristics.
I will never be a dog like he was in that way.

I respect Women.
Women respect me.

I learned the key to keeping a WOMAN Happy
& treating you like her king in a relationship is one word:


That’s it. Listen to her.
Don’t argue about petty stuff.

Don’t yell at her. Don’t call her “over emotional”.
Don’t tell her to “man up” or “shut up.

Dont call her “bruh” “man” “nigga”
or any male characterized noun.

Don’t call her stupid. Understand, it’s not your job as
A man to constantly correct your woman and bring her down. You’re blessed with the ability to build her up.

Don’t curse.
Raise your voice? Yes.

Women love when we as strong men
hit them with the deep voice of authority,

but never disrespect her with
your words or tone of voice.

Don’t interrupt her when she’s speaking.
Why? She’s opening up to you.

We have no idea how HARD it is for
a woman to share her thoughts & feelings.

Don’t cut her off. Let her speak.
Then, make sure you say,

“I understand exactly how you FEEL
& where you’re coming from.”

Then say rather you agree or disagree.
Support her. Give her feedback &

Feed her wisdom to understand if need be.
BUT get it out of your head that you

have to save her, or rescue a woman.
Its not our job to CORRECT her or ARGUE with her.

Sometimes she just needs us to be
caring enough as her man to just LISTEN. In reality

Men who hit women,
Curse at, argue with or yell at caring & sweet women,

calling them stupid or dumb “bitch”
do so, because he feels inferior

to a Strong minded woman.
He feels he lacks the intelligence

& vocabulary to articulate himself
as she does, so he uses what

he feels he has an advantage over her,
which is verbal & physical intimidation.

Funny, a male will call a caring woman a “bitch”
yet, he is the one who is acting like one.

Some males fail to realize,
what will make a woman respect you

& emotionally submit herself to you
is by us being strong enough as a man to

destroy our pride & just listen to her.
A strong woman can make a strong man.

Our mother did it by birthing us.
Our woman can do it by sharing her wisdom with us.

Everything I know about how to approach
& pull the most

breathtakingly beautiful, extremely intelligent
& ambitiously successful women

are things I cannot take credit for.
I only know this because I LISTEN to women and observe them. This is why I leaned,

A woman will tell us men EXACTLY what type
Of woman she is, what she wants & how to capture her heart,

All we have to do is just listen.
BUT not every woman deserves your ear as a man.

If she cannot show you love, patience & loyalty,
She doesn’t DESERVE for you to listen to her.

A woman who lacks the ability to be sweet & caring
Does not DESERVE a strong man who will be caring to her.

She has to learn & work on herself,
& get over herself, lose her pride & listen herself.

We have to stop avoiding the loyal
strong minded women who speak their mind,

Who we consider “smart-mouthed”
& committing to the side hoe caliber women,

Just because she’s strokes our ego,
by never speaking her mind.

She may offer us her body in one night,
But that loyal woman has a lifetime of love & wisdom,

She can provide to us, if we just LISTEN.

I learned the key to being a Strong REAL Man
is for me to be strong enough to humble

myself enough to listen to a woman.
Understand when I say “listen to women”

I don’t mean ALL women.
Listen to a woman who proves she’s genuine & intelligent.

The first woman in a man’s life he should
Learn to listen to is his mother.

My mother and my sisters words have
molded me into a mentally mature man.

My mother raised me to be a future husband,
Not a future baby daddy.

My mother always taught me to respect myself,
By walking in my integrity.

She raised me to know I deserve more than
Just a woman who can stimulate my dick.

She showed with her actions and how she lives her life as a woman just how beneficial it is as men to listen to a woman like her.

My mother taught me that every strong man
is raised by a strong woman.

So if anyone feels all men are dogs,
they must consider, what it is they are calling

that DOG’s mother who created him,
as all men are created by a woman. His mother.

No men are dogs.

Yes some “males” are dogs, so much so,
you can fed them Scooby Snacks. But

Understand, there is a DISTINCT difference between
a “MAN” and a “MALE”.

Being an adult male does NOT make one a MAN.
No more than being over 18 does NOT make someone “grown”.

I’m the man I am, ONLY because I
have so many amazing Men as role models in my life,

my brother, cousins, uncles & friends.
So when I constantly see women male bashing,

it irritates me Some women think how men
treat them is how every man is, & that’s not true.

A Man will only do to you what he

He treats you how you ALLOW him.
Trust, all black men aren’t disloyal.

So many of my cousins are married to
their children’s mother & they are LOYAL to them.

Intelligent. Handsome. Strong. Providers.
But here’s the thing, these strong minded men

are ONLY attracted to deep thinking women
who value their worth as a man.

Calling every man on earth a “dog”,
because your 3 EXs dogged you,
will never attract yourself a mentally mature man.

Don’t label & judge every one
based on the worst of their kind, that’s unfair.

I do everything I do as proof to women
that “most” men indeed DO know how

to respect, stimulate, cater to, lead,
SPEAK LIFE into, be loyal to &

be a rock for a woman. I’m living proof of that.
& so is every good man reading this.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody

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About Ebrahim Aseem

I am a chef, writer & motivational speaker. I've been a youth mentor for young Black men for 10 years & I'm currently shopping my first book, "Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women"
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