Black Women need to stop acting so White


Black Women need to stop acting so White
By: Ebrahim Aseem

I don’t like any Woman being told, she “talks white” or “needs to stop acting so white” simply because she speaks properly, is educated, is articulate, or loves to seek knowledge. No. She’s a loquacious beauty.

Her well uttered words & articulated verbs are as beautiful as her curves. Her speech is a reflection of her intelligence. Your opinion of the way she speaks is irrelevant. Women of every race are judged every day she steps high-heel out of her house, her every action dissected & criticized, yet

a Deep Thinking Woman is more intrinsically gifted than retinas can perceive.

There is so much more to a Woman than her mere appearance and her pictures online. Just because she’s not smiling or appears to be “mugging” does NOT mean she has an “attitude” or a “bitch” or unapproachable. Just because she has fans & gets much attention online, does NOT mean she lets all of that attention get to her head. Just because she likes taking pictures of her body, does NOT mean she’s vain, or stuck up, or cocky, or coincided. Beautiful Women are some of the most HUMBLE, down to earth, intelligent, spiritual, deep thinking women.

Just because she loves fashion & makeup does NOT mean she is vain. Taking a picture of a millisecond of a day in her life is her self expression of her confidence level. Fashion is art, and her creativity is her beauty. Not every woman wears makeup to hide her insecurities. A Confident Woman doesn’t need to rely on Compliments or Thirst, nor attention from random guys on social networks To validate her beauty, because she KNOWS she’s beautiful before anyone else. Looking inside her self, she sees the smooth inner beauty she exudes, clearer than a mirror.

The reason she doesn’t acquiesce to the approaching attempts of many males who subject her to his thirsty advances, is not because she’s trying to CURVE him or “live off of likes and attention”, she just knows most males genuinely have nothing to offer her. Beautiful Women, that is, Women with Beautiful Souls who’s spirt’s cosmic beauty shines through the glass window that is her physical form, these women do not take social networks seriously. It’s purely entertainment when she’s bored. She has a LIFE outside of Instagram and twitter.

I know this, because I’ve dated Beautiful Women, you would consider “InstaFamous” or “TwitterFamous”. Thousand likes beauties, who are often labeled as “superficial”. Yet, really, in REAL LIFE, they are sweet, caring, humble women. With goals, with drive, with a mind, with feelings. Who do not care at all about how popular they are online. Nor are they cognitive to the number of likes they receive.

You can like her pictures, yet you can never begin to see the depths to which her mind is able to reach, because she’s much more than what you can SEE through a picture, or perceive through the screen shot image your pupils capture of her outer projection. Despite her physical IMAGE, she’s so much deeper than you can even IMAGine.

A bed of flowers may be two feet off the ground, yet the depth of its roots span dozens of yards deeper than what one can perceive on the surface. A Deep Thinking Woman is a flower in this regard. The aroma of her fragrance comes not from the pedals of her physical beauty, rather the potency of her depth. So, to tell a woman to stop acting Black, or stop acting White, or stop acting Burnt Siena for intensive purposes, is not an offensive statement, because of the racial predicate used, rather, it is an offensive attack on how genuine she is, because of the subject verb “acting”.

First of all, she’s not “acting”. She’s not “trying to be cool”. She’s not “seeking attention”. You may think her behavior is an “act” or “attention seeking” and that may seldom be the case, however, Who the hell are YOU to commentate on her life? Fall back. It’s isn’t your job, right or obligation to comment in any way on the behavior of any BODY, other than the body your spirit currently resides in.

A Woman is not “less Black”, because she pronounces the “ing” at the end of her verbs. or does not use the newest slang to connect her predicates. Conversely, a woman isn’t “acting Black” when she uses slang or regional idioms to articulate to conceptual forms of art she sees painted on the canvas that is her mind.

A Woman is not “less Black” because she doesn’t “turn up” every weekend. Conversely, when she is profusely hesitant to turn down for anything, she’s not acting Black or “acting ratchet”, she’s simply enjoying herself and is completely unapologetic about it.

The idea that White People have no rhythm, cannot dance, and anytime they express rhythmic behaviors they are “acting Black” is asinine. Displaying rhythmic behavior is not exclusive to being Black. Conversely, the false idea that whenever someone articulates their verbiage with perfect literacy that they are “acting white” is ignorant.

A Woman of any race is not “acting Black” simply. because she displays behavior associated to the uneducated stereo-types associated with Black people. First of all, can we stop using “acting Black” as an idiom to identify frowned upon behavior that one must “stop” or cease from displaying?

Telling a woman to “stop acting” of any race is pure ignorance. Race is a subjective concept. An in-absolute idea. “Race” is a human characteristic No soul has a race. No one breathing is the human characteristics they posses. No one breathing is human. We are all souls, wearing this human form like clothes.

Spirits have no race. We are all spirits, wrapped in the human
Form, like a treasure wrapped inside a box. Who cares what color the box is? It’s the treasure inside that is to be valued, not it’s container.

By: Ebrahim Aseem

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I am a chef, writer & motivational speaker. I've been a youth mentor for young Black men for 10 years & I'm currently shopping my first book, "Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women"
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