How to Successfully APPROACH a BEAUTIFUL Woman


By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody

How to Successfully APPROACH a BEAUTIFUL Woman

“The most Beautiful, Intelligent & Successful Women hardly ever get approached,

& easy, females get asked for their number everyday. As men we have to step it up! A Man should NEVER be afraid to approach a Beautiful Successful Woman. Be Confident!”

“Most of these girls who are educated, have a career or are very pretty are so stuck-up and cocky, they don’t even want to stop to let you talk to them,” a young, white man, with dirty blonde hair, who looked like Chris Hemsworth, complained at a public speak I did to a group of twenty dozen PreLaw men. “The prettier the girl, the crazier she is, so how do you approach them when they act so conceded, like they’re above you?”

“Beautiful Women are the most humble, intelligent, funny & down to earth Women. She’s not stuck-up, cocky or conceded. She doesn’t mug, because she has an attitude or because she’s being a “b”. No. She just genuinely knows most males who approach her have nothing new to offer her. just because she wears a so-called “chronic-stale-face” like a glove, doesnt mean she’s mean and crazy. She just has the intrinsic intuition to know those weak lines you plan to use on her today, you’ve used those same lame lines on 9 other women that day,” I answered.

“This is how you successfully approach a woman.

When you first see a woman out in public, use non-verbal communication to start. NEVER use pick up lines. Give her THE LOOK & smile at her. It will make her smile & cheese uncontrollably. Women can’t resist a confident man with pretty eyes, nice teeth, a nice SLIGHT smile, humor and confidence.

When you approach a woman, do not yell out:
“Aye shawty!”
“Hey babe!”
“DAMN ma let me talk to you foe a minute?”
“Mess wit ya boy”
“I can change yo life mami”

Nah bruh. For of all, she’s not your “mami”, because if she was, you wouldn’t be subjecting her to such disrespectful salutations. Approach a woman with respect, because if she has a beautiful soul & respect for herself, she’s not going to accept anything less. WALK UP to her. Do not “holla” at her from yards away. Do not speak loud, yell, talk weird, or cause a huge seen, so everyone knows you’re hollar’ing at her.

Respectfully & confidently approach her, look her in her eyes & say, “Excuse me, my name is ____ , may I ask you’re name?”

Mind you, you are interrupting her life, so being respectful, polite & showing
you care about how she is feeling will give her the chance to WARM UP to you. Be mindful of this: Women know within the first dozen seconds of meeting a man, If she will commit to you, have sex with you, even marry you. For this reason, the first impression you make on her is KEY.

Be extremely confident. A Beautiful Woman wants to know she’s in the presence of a MAN who knows how to take control of the situation and maintain control of his libido. Do not walk up to her and say, ‘DAMN baby them cakes are super fat, what them back shots do tho?’

Complimenting a woman solely on her physical features, as you stare at her breasts, butt and everywhere except her eyes, paints the picture in her mind that you only have interest in sex. Poor sex at that. A woman can spot a “one minute man” when she sees one. Women can tell, when a man is so quick to notice her sexual features, he will be even quicker to succumb to the climaxing crescendo of her holy grail.

Compliment HER, not her LOOKS. She’s not her outter beauty. In fact, she knows she’s beautiful, because everyone says it to her 87 times a day, but she doesn’t always FEEL beautiful. So, when you only compliment her looks, it makes her feel like ‘damn he doesn’t even care about me, who I am, what I think, what I like, he only wants a mannequin.’ She’s much more DEEPER than what you can perceive with your vision.

Notice her deep eyes. Her eyes are the mirror to her soul. She has the type of eyes a man could get lost in. Her pupils turn a Camera’s flash into a window’s glass. Look deep in her eyes and see the perfection in her reflection, through her iris. Eye contact is a major turn on for a confident woman.

Keep her on her toes. Be confident. Well groomed. Fresh cut, Fitted & fly. Not nappy, tangled, sagging & sloppy. Hygiene on point. Cologne game on point. Teeth white, smile bright. Fingernails clean & clipped. Girls get offend when a man approaches her, fingernails dirty, breath smelling like hot chips. Your goal is to stimulate all five of her senses before you even approach.

Complement HER, not her body. Look in her EYES the whole time you talk to her. Tell her, “I want to converse with you so I can see if your conversation is as beautiful as your facial features.”

Make her LAUGH!!! If you can’t make a woman laugh uncontrollably, she will feel you are waisting her time. Log off all these social networks & Go out and approach a woman Right now!

The highlight of my day is approaching a Beautiful Woman. Making constant eye contact, Complimenting her hair, outfit & make-up, then making her smile & cheese hard with my dry wit & hilarious sense of humor. The best part is, right before you approach, she sees your shoe game, fitted style & fresh cut, smells your cologne, feels your confidence & strong presence, &
as soon as she hears your DEEP voice, that moment she fights so hard to hold back a huge smile then breaks down & cheeses so hard is my favorite part. However, not every woman wants you to approach her and for whatever reason, sometimes a woman will reject you.

**How to handle rejection when you approach a woman.**

If you approach a woman & she ignores you, pretends to have a boyfriend, or if you try to get her number & she rejects you, do NOT say, “well I didn’t want your number anyway you ugly girl.” Just because she rejected you doesn’t make her ugly all of a sudden. Do NOT cap on her weave. Do NOT insult her body or physically harass her.

Instead, when a woman turns you down say, “well do me a huge favor & enjoy the rest of your day sweetheart.” Smile, wave & walk away with CONFIDENCE.

This is how you develop “repoire” with a woman. She turned you down, because she doesn’t know you or what you have to offer YET. But, by being so confident & polite to her after she rejects you, it lets her see you’re not one of those thirsty guys desperate for the attention of a woman. It lets her see you are very confident. It lets her know you care. It lets her see the reflection of your inner king & the next time you see her, it gives you a “POINT OF REFERENCE”.

Now, next time you can approach her & say, “good afternoon, I remember I met you before, how have you been?” Now you have something to talk about & make her laugh about. Then ask her “can I treat you to Starbucks for a frap & a convo?” And THIS time it is nearly a lock you will get the number. Trust me bruh. Never let being turned down discourage you. Beautiful Successful Women love to be approached, just do it the right way & with confidence & you will be successful.

**How to approach a beautiful woman who’s walking fast, in a hurry**

Do NOT invade her space. Do NOT touch her body, butt, hand, fingers or pull on her arm.

The first thing you need to do is KEEP UP. Don’t say “slow down ma” or “hold on let me talk to you real quick” First of all, she’s not your mother, so don’t call her “ma”. Second of all, you are interrupting HER. It’s not her who needs to slow down or hold on. Rather, it’s YOU who needs to speed up & keep up.

If she’s walking fast or in a hurry, it can mean three main things.

(1) She’s running late, for work,
her class, her bus, to pick up something or someone.

(2) She’s waking fast, because she
genuinely doesn’t want any man to approach her at this time.

(3) She’s on her lunch break,
she just clocked out & she’s trying to hurry up & get some food, because she’s hungry & her punk ass boss only gives her a short ass lunch break.

Lets explore the later (3) first.

If she’s on her lunch break, don’t slow her down. Walk WITH her at her pace. Say, “are you on your lunch break too?” No matter if she’s irritated, happy or
in a rush, she will answer this question. Let’s stop here for a second.

All you need is a reply. NEVER make bold, bragging, weak minded male statements to a woman, like:

“You should mess with a boss.”
Damn baby you’re bad as hell.”
“Aye sexy in the black pants!”

First off all, you sound like a complete idiot to her. She knows a man who brags from the beginning has virtually nothing to offer her. There is nothing you can do for her that she as a successfully ambitious woman with her own can not do for herself. Know that. She’s not some damsel in distress in need of a man to rescue her.

Second of all, you’re making close ended statements.& you wonder why females never give you any play. If you want anything from her, her name, her number or conversation, ask her a damn question genius. Only questions get replied to. Your lame bragging statements will get you rejected by her.

All you want is a reply. Let her know you’re a cognitive human being, capable of not merely holding, but engaging in an intellectually stimulating conversation.

Ask her,
“are you on your lunch break too?”

No matter if she’s irritated, happy or in a rush, she will answer this question. As soon as she answers, say, “well enjoy your lunch and the rest of
your day gorgeous.” & then walk away. See what you did there? Rather than open with a statement that got you rejected, You hit her with a complement, lead by positive words she will remember for the rest of her day. Who knows, that may just make her WHOLE day. & now she’s thinking about you.

As I said, women know within the first dozen seconds of meeting a man, If she will commit to you, have sex with you, even marry you. So the first impression you make on her is KEY. If she’s in a rush, the best thing for you to do, Is to make her aware of your presence. That’s it. Even tho you’re only saying two sentences to her, she can see through that & tell if you’re, Confident. Friendly. Social. Interesting. Cowardly. Introverted. Creepy. Clingy.

I know what you’re thinking young king ,
“I didn’t even get the number though!” Smh. With impatience like that, it’s no wonder you don’t pull beautiful women….YET! Women admire these things in a man: Patience. Consistency. Humor. Humility. Being a Listener. Confidence. Humor. HUMOR. It’s not about being in a rush to get the number. A Beautiful Woman gets asked for her number at least
twice an hour, every day of her life. That’s annoying. You NOT being in a rush to pull her number will be refreshing to her. & it will throw her off a lil, which is good.

Besides, you don’t need her number yet. In her mind the both of you are on lunch break. Go to the restaurant she’s going to for lunch, watch her order her food, then walk up to the cashier & say, “And I’ll have what she’s having, and you can put it all on my card.” Then hand the cashier your credit card 💳

She may she smile, or she may respond by saying something you perceive as “smart mouthed” or defensive. You must understand, some women don’t know how to be spoiled, they aren’t used to that. She always is used to men who try to use her & depend on her for money. Conversely, she may not want to be spoiled, because she has her own and never depends on a man for money, so let her respond defensively,

Then you say, “I wanted to grab some lunch & a convo with you, because I really want to see if your conversation is as beautiful as your facial features”

As this point, she will make a decision. She will either oblige your request, or reject you. Either way, it doesn’t matter. You won. Let me tell you why you won. Chivalry is dead in the eyes of strong minded women. So when they see it from a Handsome man, it stands out.

Even if she rejects you, say, “I understand. Enjoy your lunch, oh & thank you. Your pretty smile really made my day.”

She will remember you and now you know her lunch break schedule. So when you see her again, You now have a point of reference to say, “Its good to see you again, How have you been gorgeous?” If she rejects you, do NOT say, “Well I didn’t want your number anyway,”

Like some lame males say. Come on buddy, yes you did, you were just kissing up to her a minute ago. Smh Of course you, I and all the women reading this right now know, she will not reject you. Women with Beautiful Souls don’t reject respectful handsome men who can see her worth clearer than a mirror. She’s knows she deserves to Be spoiled. Use the lunch to listen to her. Ask her why she chose her career. Tell her your ambitions and goals. MAKE HER LAUGH. MAKE HER LAUGH. MAKE HER LAUGH. MAKE HER LAUGH!!!! I could type this 17 more times, but I pray you understand how important it is to make her laugh & take her stress away.

If you can’t make a woman laugh uncontrollably, She will feel you are waisting her time. It’s important you get up & to leave before she does. Say, “I really enjoyed your conversation, but I have to run. Let’s continue the convo later, what’s your number?”

You’re welcome young. Understand the importance of approaching a beautiful woman is not to get her number. In fact, it has nothing to do with you. It is our job as kings to reassure our queens of their worth and the fact that REAL MEN DO EXIST. The future of humanity depends on a man humbling himself to reassure a woman of her worth, because if it want for a woman, no man would, be born. If it want for Mary, Jesus wouldn’t have been born. Now you see the importance of a woman. No matter how great the man, he was birth first by a woman.

This is why I approach beautiful women daily, if only just to say, “good morning young queen, I pray your day goes as amazing as you’re looking today.”

Once you do get her number, it’s not over, it’s only the beginning. The sign of a man is not rather or not you can pull the number of a beautiful woman, it is what you do after you get the number. 95% of the contacts in a woman’s phone are from men who got her number, and genuinely did nothing with it. Listen to her, have something to offer, else you will get no where with her.

All that I know about how to approach the most breathtakingly beautiful queens and get their number, ask them out on a date, I learned this from my cousin Karim “Hard Hitta” Mayfield. When I was much younger, we would be out at the mall and he would say “go approach that pretty girl right now” and we would have to do it.

What he was installing in me was confidence. This is why I can walk up to any woman and I am confident I can make her smile, and cheese uncontrollably with my hilarious humor. My cousin Karim is living proof that.

Husband caliber men DO exist. Successful mentally mature men are not intimidated by Beautiful, Talented, Women. My cousin Karim “Hard Hitta” is mos def an inspiration to me, his 3 princes and his little princess. He married the mother of his 4 beautiful children, nearly a decade ago, because she was the ONE woman LOYAL to him even before they were committed. All his children are by the same woman. He is a proffesional boxer, title winner and an entrepreneur.

My cousin treats his wife like a princess. He approached her with confidence, romantic chivalry and humor, and he uses that same confidence, romantic chivalry and humor to KEEP her. His mother who is a queen taught him, the makings of a man is not simply who who can attract a good woman, rather one who can keep her, value her and always know she is his treasure. He always tells me, “cuz enjoy the single life & have fun now, to get it out of your system, so when you meet that ONE, you’re going to want out the game. You’re going want to commit your whole life to her. And build a family.”

Whenever we go on trips out of town, or to a club, he stays faithful to his wife. In fact, she’s all he talks about. Like he’s always missing her, so much, that he will open his phone and look at pictures of the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. I’m blessed to have both him & his wife as examples in my life. His wife is like a sister to me. When I have a date with a woman, I tell her about it, how it went and show her pictures of it and the you woman, and I’m very open to hear her critique of any woman I take out, because in my eyes a sister you trust will have better taste in women than you as man, as she knows women at can see their true intentions with you.

The reason their marriage is so successful is because they both are very spiritual. They are always at prayer & bible study with me 3 times a week And my cousin Karim brings the word too. Him and his wife are so close because they pray together. That’s what I want one day. A wife to pray with, & build a family with & have children with. As a man It’s not about how many women we get, it’s about what we do when we find that ONE, that queen. Because all the women in the world can’t compare to one QUEEN.

Young kings, you deserve that type of woman too, a queen who will bring out your best qualities. You deserve a woman who will speak life into and appreciate you for who you are. You don’t deserve to be subjected to a female who wants to change you, and cannot appreciate all that you have to offer. Do NOT feel like you have to approach the type of classless, ignorant dick dizzy females you see on reality tv shows. Those are not a proper presentation of the caliber woman you deserve. She doesn’t have to have the fattest, curviest, butt with zero cellulite and a perfectly flat waist, zero skin blemishes and no stretch marks. You’re not looking for a world star candy video to watch, you’re looking for a queen who will speak life into you and bring out your inner king.

Now, Log off all these social networks & go out and approach a woman Right now! Today young king! Ask her out on a real date, where you plan & pay for everything. In REAL life tho. Don’t rely on social networks to get to know a woman. Beautiful Women do not take these social networks seriously. It’s purely entertainment when she’s bored. She has a LIFE outside this. Get to know her outside of these social networks & IG pics, because there is so much more to a woman than her appearance through a two dimensional picture.

By: Ebrahim Aseem

I am an author, and I do Public Speaking events in the San Francsico Bay Area.

Everything I know about Speaking Life, & all the WISDOM I have about giving advice,
I learned from my Mentor & Teacher Queen Yolanda Banks Reed

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    I came across your blog just in time! Thanks!!

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    i love this!! great read.

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  4. I love this post. I pray the Lord blesses you with the queen you deserve. God Bless. 🙂

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    Two beautiful women fully FULLY (and thankfully and gratefully) endorse and support this Post!

    Brothas please read it twice. We really care for and value you but it is hard to feel so devalued back and still deal with the rest of life and what comes with being intelligent, confident, and beautiful black women. We love you and hope that our interactions with each other only get more positive and progressive (especially in how we verbally communicate).

    -Peace, 2 Queens

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    I am 53 yrs old, you would think I should know this information.. I enjoyed reading this article it was informative.. .. Bless you young man.

  7. Nicely done sir, thanks for the article.

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    I must say this was spot on and I will be sure to share this with my fellow brothas and sistas. Humor is one of the best things to give to a woman when you approach them. I’ve only had very few men ever approach me with a compliment and walk away. I will never forget it. I still think about it sometimes and it makes my day.

  9. BLESSED MY LIFE!!!!!!!! I have thought these things, but have never been confident enough to truly stand and walk in my own truth. It really meant a lot coming from a Young King…Thank you.

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    Well it’s a good thing I’m fat and ugly cause I don’t have to deal with men.

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    I really like it,it truly works

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