Women who TALK BACK will be SINGLE FOREVER unless they SUBMIT to a MAN


Women who TALK BACK will be SINGLE FOREVER unless they learn to SUBMIT to a MAN

If you’re the type of woman who always has something smart mouthed to say, constantly speaking your mind when no one even asked your damn opinion in the first place, so quick to call a man out on something he did, told by males that you’re the type of woman who “loves to nag a man about what he isn’t doing right”, well then you are just everything life has to offer. You’re amazing young queen. You’re damn near perfect. You’re attractive as hell to a Mentality Mature Man. You’re just the type of woman a king wants, because a king wants a queen who can match his strength and speak life into him with her so-called smart mouth.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody

IG: @Fuel4TheBODY

“So you like when your woman nags and talks back to you?” is a question I constantly get asked when I speak to large groups of young men.

“Women don’t nag, or bitch or “talk back”. It’s called communication. If you were the LEADER & KING of a Man you should be, your woman wouldn’t have to tell you what to do. Women don’t want to have to tell us as men what to do. Women want a man to be considerate, caring, romantic & mature without her even having to ask or tell him,” this is always my exact response to men who try to reduce a strong minded woman’s words to “nagging”. So when your woman calls you out on something you didn’t do right, don’t get defensive, don’t complain, just listen to what she is saying, say, “thank you for having my back babe,” then do what she said.”

I was blessed with the opportunity to speak to a group of young Black men being released from prison, and me speaking to them about how to understand a woman, one of the young brothers stood up and said,

“Smart mouthed women will be single forever, unless they learn to submit to a man and let him lead her. No man wants to wife another man. And all these females think just because she has a career and some degrees that somehow she’s better than a man, tryna play the role of a man don’t see they’re single for a reason, ’cause don’t nobody want her bougie ass. Don’t you think the man is meant to check his woman and not the other way around?”

“So you’re too proud to listen to what a woman tells you to do?” I retorted. “So let me get this straight, you don’t take orders from a woman, but you listen to everything your male friends and homies tell you to do, even if it’s illegal or counterproductive? Even if it will land you into a prison? Are you in a relationship with your homies or your woman?

How can you be so quick to argue with your woman, call her all out of her name, yet when your fake, manipulative male friends tell you to jump, you’re all like, “how high?” “For how long do you want me to jump bruh?” “Do you want me to jump to a rhythm or a beat? I mean because I can grab a jump rope and a Beats pill if you want me to.” How effeminate.

Constant arguing with a woman is NOT part of a relationship. That’s a lie. When you earn your Woman’s respect as a Mentally Mature Man, she may disagree with you, but she won’t argue with you. Converse with her, don’t argue with her. Listen to her, don’t ignore her. And can we as men stop acting like a Strong Minded Woman who speaks her mind is a bad thing? what, do you want a weak minded little girl? You want a push over? If you do, it’s because you’re a weak minded little boy yourself, un-aroused by the femininity of a strong woman.

There is nothing more attractive to a Strong Man than a strong minded woman, who will speak her mind, not bite her tongue & tell him when he is wrong. I don’t want a yes woman. I don’t want a female who will agree with me & tell me what she thinks I want to hear, because she is scared to lose me. That’s not love. I need someone to keep it REAL with me. Be blunt. Tell me the truth I NEED to hear. Speak life into me. I respect a woman who loves a man so much, she will tell him he is wrong to his face, because she loves his soul & wants to help mature it.

It’s very unmanly for us to as men complain about a Woman’s mouth, because in reality, she’s articulating advice to help us mature from being merely a MALE into being a MAN. I will tell you the secret to getting your woman to treat you like a king & cater to you. If you BEHAVE like a king, she will TREAT you like a king. However, if you behave like a jester, she will treat you like a joker and laugh at the very thought of you. Women who speak their mind aren’t “trying to be a man” or “trying to wear the pants in a relationship.” No, she just refuses to be lead by a weak coward of a male.

Even the strongest, so-called Craziest Woman, who talks back & has a smart mouth, will shut up & listen with respect, when she finally meets a Strong Man who commands respect with his mature actions.

Never complain about a Woman’s mouth, or tell her to shut up, or say she’s being over emotional. No, she’s just EXPRESSING her deepest feelings. It’s already hard for her to open up to you & let down her wall. She thinks all day about her connection with you, how you will react to her expressing herself to you. It even keeps her up nights thinking about us. She lies in bed and replays scenarios in her mind, like “why does he always treat me like that?” “If I do things like this and say it in this way, will he treat me better?”
So when she finally opens up to you, don’t belittle her. Don’t tell her she’s “trippin” or that she’s too emotional, over reacting, acting like she’s on her period, being bipolar. No. If you love your woman, listen to your woman. So the two of you can connect deeper, grow closer & vibe together.

I have to be honest & admit as a Man, I am WRONG when I cannot fully LISTEN to a woman as she expresses her feelings to me, rather it be a girlfriend, one of my sisters, my mother or even my younger nieces. If she is telling me how she feels, I can NOT disregard her feelings and try to explain why she is wrong. That is being INCONSIDERATE. When you LOVE a woman, it’s not about what’s right or wrong, it’s about making her COMFORTABLE & feel respected at all times.

We’re so quick as men to keep a woman sexually stimulated, which is great, but we have to remember to keep her EMOTIONALLY stimulated at all times by just listening to her. Don’t just HEAR her, LISTEN meaning you actually comprehend & take in her words so it makes you a better man.

Women with a smart mouth & attitude make the sweetest, caring loyal & most down for you girlfriends. Trust me young kings.

She’s not a “stuck up bitch”, she’s just protecting herself from pain. She makes it hard for guys to get to know her, because she has been hurt too many times, heart stepped on & ripped apart. So she ripped out her own heart, put it in the palm of her hand, and made a fist with it, to fight & protect herself against males who try to break it.
Don’t give up chasing her young king. Keep proving yourself loyal. Don’t tell her you’re “different” than other guys. No. Women get so tired of hearing that same lie. SHOW her you’re different with your actions. Don’t complain about her trust issues; destroy them with your loyalty.

Don’t call her “insecure”. Cut off all your side females & be willing to faithfully commit yourself to her. Rip out your own heart, & give it to her on a silver platter. Then she will open up her fist & give you her heart. Put your heart in her chest, put a crown on your head 👑 & be your QUEEN, once you prove with your loyalty to be a KING.

Just because a Woman has a smart mouth, temper or attitude, does NOT mean she isn’t a sweet girl. Some males consider a woman “Bipolar” because she can be smiling when upset, or laugh while she is telling someone off, but I call her real. A woman, who’s been through so much, can give you so much, because deep down, they are caring & loyal. Once you earn her respect, she will do ANYTHING for you.

Young kings, please do not confuse this type of woman with “wanting to ACT like a man” or “playing a man’s role”. It’s not her fault she’s mentally stronger than all the males she’s ever met. She’s not MEAN or HARD it’s just she’s not about to be submissive to a weak man. Once she sees you’re STORNG enough to be the MAN, she will respect you & never speak smart mouthed to you, unless she wants you to be romantically aggressive with her at that particular time.

My EX was a Black and Puerto Rican aspiring actress who used to shake when she was mad, like she was shivering, pound the table & bawl up her fist when she was mad at a girl. Honestly, a woman with a lil temper is attractive to me as a strong minded man. I used to find pleasure in calming my Ex down & taking her anger away. I learned DEEP down, that crazy angry girl is really a sweet caring, loving & loyal girl who has been through so much pain & hurt.

I’m attracted to Crazy women. No really. I’m serious. Sanity is unattractive on a woman. This world doesn’t make sense to her, because her spirit is not from it, and the beautiful thoughts in her mind are beyond it. When I say I’m attracted to “crazy women” I don’t mean “psycho” crazy. I mean impervious women with an “IDGAF” type attitude. This world considers a woman who thinks DEEP and has her own mind “crazy”. Just 100 years ago, in the United States, women were treated like property. They were sold from their father to a man who paid the highest “dowry” for her. Women have always been treated as worse than slaves in this country, which is why our society loves to label Intelligent Women who think for their selves as “crazy”, to perpetuate this misconception that women are the weaker sex. Well, if she’s crazy for having her own mind, then I’m crazy about her.

A Woman’s past pain can make her seem crazy or have an attitude, but DEEP down, she is a genuine, caring woman who wants so badly to trust. She just needs a strong, trustworthy man to bring it out of her. Be that young king, & you’ll see you don’t have to look hard to FIND a queen. All you have to do is think as a king & you will bring the queen OUT of her, trust.

A Good Girl with trust issues is not crazy or over emotional. She has just been through so much. You don’t know how hard it is for her to met a guy, fall in love, finally trust him, only to get her heart shattered to pieces by his disloyalty, because he was only playing the role of a good man. So then, she has to pick up all those pieces only to met a guy again & go through the same thing over & over like a never ending nightmare.

You don’t know growing up her mother treated her like crap & put Men over her own daughter. Her mother never acknowledged any of the things she did, never showed her unconditional love & care, always putting her down & calling her names. You don’t know family & friends who she trusted, stabbed her in the back, let money come between them & proved to be disloyal.

All that I know and understand about women I cannot take credit for. All I know I was taught by my sisters and my mother, which is why I don’t mind putting in hard work to EARN a so-called smart mouthed, strong minded woman’s trust by proving myself trustworthy. We can’t hold it against her. PROVE you deserve her trust & I promise she will give you her ALL.
I mos def respect any Woman who speaks her mind, Regardless of what the hell anyone has to say about it or thinks about it. A strong minded woman is commendable. Any man who can’t respect a strong minded woman like that, it’s because he’s an insecure, weak minded male. You may be physically strong, but if you can’t be strong enough to humble yourself and listen to a woman, it shows the weakness in you. A strong man will want his woman just as strong & confident as he is.

Being a MAN to a woman is not just about throwing down heavydick in bed. It’s also about being her strength, being understanding and emotionally supportive to her. Don’t call her a crazy bitch, just because she reacts with a smart mouth. Don’t call her over emotional just because she may get irritated easily. As men, let’s be MORE understanding of a loyal woman.

Understand when she’s on her period, it feels like her insides are being shoved through a garbage disposal. Understand the SLIGHTEST touch can hurt her, piercing her skin like a dozen knives, so be gentle with her. It hurts, so much, sometimes she lays on her floor crying and gripping & biting her pillows, so stop calling her crazy or over emotional.
You may think “eww why should I give a damn about her period.” We’ll let me tell you why, if it wasn’t for a woman’s period, no man would be alive. That’s how you were brought into their world. Your mother’s 28-day menstruation cycle was the spiritual life force that helped a woman, your mother, birth you, so if you don’t respect your woman, at least respect that.

We have to learn to be more understanding of a woman. Be supportive when she can’t see you on sudden notice, she’s not being a FLAKE, women have a dozen appointments to attend yearly, like her Pap smear test, GYN trips, it’s our job to be supportive of her, never yelling at her or complaining about her actions.

You can actually earn a woman’s trust so much, that’s she’s smart mouthed with everyone but you. Be spontaneous. Constantly show her something NEW. Do things for her without her even having to ask or tell you young king. Pay attention. A woman will tell you EXACTLY what she likes. All we have to do is pay attention. Make her feel special, not like she constantly has to compete with other women for our attention. Don’t show these honeys on Instagram more time & attention than you show her. Show CONSISTENCY & EFFORT. Women are nurturers by nature. She just wants to know she has our full undivided attention, so she can let go of her wall & give us her all.

The reason why I’m attracted to Women who have an Attitude, Women who talk back, speak their mind, have a sharp tongue, who some call “CRAZY”, because I know how to handle a Strong Minded Woman. Those are the most loving, caring, solid, and faithful women to have. She is only that way, to PROTECT herself from snakes who take her kindness for weakness. Because when she loves, she loves HARD.

Don’t let a strong Woman scare you away young king. She’s been through a lot, more than you could even imagine. We must be Patient with her. Once she meets a Strong Man who knows how to take control & can PROVE to her with his actions he is trustworthy & LOYAL, she’ll let us in and work on her disposition. But, if we want our woman to grow for us, we must be willing to grow for her.

Never tell your woman this “Why are you always tryna change me! Love me for who I am! I’m a man!” Nah, see if you were a Strong Man, you would know age doesn’t make you a man, mental maturity makes you a man. Being humble enough to change for your woman makes you a man. If you’re unwilling to change with and GROW with your woman, you lack the strength to be a man.
You were put here to be her ROCK and she was created for you, to MOLD that rock into a sculpted man through her wisdom. She’s not trying to “change you”, she just wants to GROW with you. If you always get angry, mad, frustrated or yell when your woman corrects you, you’re not a mature man. You’re a sassy little boy; quit being so sassy with your woman. Else she will hit you with “girl calm down” then say, “oops, my bad babe.” What happened was you were behaving so unmanly, for a split second; your behavior reminded her of one of her immature girlfriends.

What kind of Man snaps at his woman & throws a tantrum when he’s corrected? A STRONG man is secure enough in his manhood to be corrected & lead by a woman he knows LOVES him. She can help mold you into a LEADER for her & your children she blesses you with. If you’re unwilling to change and GROW for your woman, you lack the strength to be a man. Iron sharpens iron. Let your strong woman be the iron to mentality sharpens your iron. If you’re not willing to change for your woman, don’t be surprised when her feelings for you change.”
This is the message I give to young kings when I speak to groups of men. But I make sure I tell them that being open to growing for a woman is not something he should do for all females. Some females do not deserve a young king, because she isn’t strong enough to make him a better man. She will just say and do anything to keep him around, even if that means allowing him to stay immature. A woman who loves a man may do things he doesn’t like, speak smart mouthed or behave a little jealous at times, but that does not take away from her worth.

I try not to hold a woman being emotional or jealous against her, because in a way, she’s just showing me she cares. Some women are too shy to come right out & say,
“I want you, and I want you to want ONLY me. I don’t want any other girl to have you. I don’t want you “talking” to other girls. Flirting with other girls, texting other girls, seeing you like thousands of girls’ pictures every day on Instagram activity feed. I want loyalty. Even though we don’t have a title yet, I want you to be faithful to me, because in my mind there’s no me, no you, just US.”

That’s how women really feel, so as men, we have to think long & hard before we plant feelings into a Woman’s heart by making her think we like her if we have no intention of brings those seeds of emotions we plant in her heart to fruition. I feel as though every young king deserves a queen. Likewise, I feel every loyal woman deserves her dream man, but she may not have him yet, because she’s holding back her inner queen.

If you’re afraid to speak your mind & tell me when I’m wrong, you’re not ready for a serious relationship with a mentality mature man. Speak your mind. Call me on my B.S. Make me a better man! If I love you, I’ll change for you. I need a strong minded woman, Not a scary, ass little girl. Don’t do what you think I want; don’t say what you think I want to hear. Let me hear that smart mouth. Let me hear that dry wit. Stop thinking one response to my words in your head, but only saying what you think the world wants to hear come out of your lips. I just want you to realize you don’t have to be afraid to be a strong minded woman.

You don’t have to hold back or down play your strength to get a man. You don’t have to hide the fact that you’re educated, professional, and successful or right about something in the presence of a man just to get one to “accept you”. It is not you who needs to be accepted. You are amazing young queen. It is us as men who need to learn how to treasure you more.

Your insecurities are NOT a bad thing.
Your flaws are NOT a deal breaker.
Your trust issues are temporary.
If you are my queen, it is my job as your rock to DESTROY all that by showering you with my loyalty and consistency.

Be possessive. Be passionate. Be smart mouthed. Be a little crazy. Be yourself. It shows you CARE. Love isn’t perfect, so you don’t have to be perfect, but I promise you young queen, your love is WORTH it; trust.

By: Ebrahim Aseem

IG: @Fuel4TheBODY
Twitter: @EbrahimAseem


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23 Responses to Women who TALK BACK will be SINGLE FOREVER unless they SUBMIT to a MAN

  1. Michael says:

    This articles an interesting read, but kinda lame on how you assume that /all/ women are always mentally mature, wiser-than-you, perfectly trustworthy, and romantically experienced people. Along with the contrived idea that you /need/ to cut off all your friends who happen to be female when entering a relationship.

    There’s also the flawed idea that if a woman smart mouths you or disrespects you, it’s because you’re not inherently /strong/ enough to be in a relationship with her, completely throwing out the idea that a woman is capable of just being a disrespectful person let alone someone who has flaws, who actually /can/ be wrong or actually /can/ sometimes be irrational or overreact. These negative traits are things that almost all humans share, and to disillusion yourself into thinking that women are exempt from them is plain ridiculous. Your entire idea of what women are seems to be entirely founded on one experience you had with one woman who’s past you keep bringing up to explain /all/ woman’s behaviors, or at the very least, you’ve built up an idea of what all women are based on the ones you liked the most. It’s just this same type of blanketing generalizations of how women act, think and feel that feminists are fighting against in the first place.

    And I really don’t see a problem with refusing to change for your partner. Just because its coming from a woman, doesn’t mean that she’s trying to change you for the better. Some women will try to change their man so he can act more mature and less disrespectful in general and that’s great! But that’s not /always/ going to be the case and it’s harmful to always assume so. Women as well should be mindful that just because your partner’s trying to change you, it doesn’t mean its always going to be for the better and to an extent, you do need to protect who you are. Love isn’t a game of make-your-own-husband or make-your-own-wife. If your partner’s trying to change what makes you, you, then they’re the one’s who need a reality check. Change does not always equate to growth. Sure you should stay open minded to their suggestions, but it’s perfectly fine to use your own judgement and to refuse someone trying to change you when you disagree with them.

    There’s a lot of generally bad advice, assumptions and spelling errors scattered around this article written by someone who has a different from the norm yet still close-minded opinion. Only reason I’m typing up a response though is to avoid doing my homework though, so I’m going to get back to that now 😐

    • britt says:

      Now I was at work reading this article, please correct me if I’m wrong but I read no where in this article about letting a woman be “disrespectful” nor did I read anything about having to get rid of “female friends” I can tell your very young minded, much like the gentleman he was speaking of in the article so I wouldn’t expect you to understand what you read in the article but let me explain it to you. He’s basically saying love, feel, connect, and understand your woman. His article is 1000% true. Let your woman be who she is a speaking her thoughts, it’s our God given right to love our men in such a away because at the end of the day it’s because we love our spouse and want to grow with them mentally emotionally, and most of all for the most part spiritually. I thank God for my wonderful husband, I’m one of the attitude-ish women smart mouth women he was speaking of but my husband appreciate it, listen, act on it and move on and he’s growing just like I am every day but if I never spoke on anything he do or push him in certain directions I would be holding him back from the man he was called to be. So I think you should go back and reread the article for a better understanding.

  2. Reblogged this on feminineallegiance: and commented:
    Wow, from a real man, a king….

  3. SPK says:

    You’re an idiot.

  4. Yeah right says:

    This is literally the most worthless piece of bullshit I have ever read in my life. The funny thing is that you are playing on women’s ignorance and cognitive dissonance from reality to get them to support this crap.

    Women are not wiser than men and often are just shit testing men to see how much they can get away with. I will continue to treat women like shit and continue to fuck them and have them keep coming back. The second she starts nagging she’s getting tossed in the road, and guess what they like that. Even the “strong” ones.

    • Christopher Grove says:

      your “bitches lie” cultural perspective is holding you back from a meaningful relationship. It’ll never work, even with a good woman, until you learn to respect and trust in other people. A good woman will only be told you don’t trust them for so long, then they’ll move on to someone with more confidence in themselves, who inspires confidence in their partners. Don’t let your bad experiences with a handful of women influence your prejudice towards women as a whole. It’s just pathetic.

    • Danielle says:

      Wow, you are a coward and immature, you will remain a little boy until the day you die.

      Yes, there are some crazy ass bitches out there. Women that are CRAZY and immature. Not all women are strong and mature, just like not all men are kings just because they get laid all the time. That just means they can’t listen long enough to hear what’s really wrong with them.

      There’s a middle ground here. And your reply was just ignorant and completely uneducated, just like you.

    • Danielle says:

      You are SUCH a coward, you didn’t even put your real name… guess you aren’t a real man

  5. by reading this article I can add insight as a reader …
    thank you for the information and thanks for the share

  6. PhD says:

    And that’s why “Yeah right” you will never have the respect of a woman, you will be cheated on, yelled at and when a point gets to it, she might even kill you if you try her. And I’ve yet to see a woman who likes being tossed on the road. She only coming back to you because she’s insecure and thinks she has no other option. When she realizes she does, she’ll be gone and there will be nothing your ass can do about it. Get with it, because you are so ignorant.

    In regards to Michael, you need to distinguish a STRONG woman from one that does similar actions for idiotic reasons like the ones you mentioned. Perhaps a class on human behavior and psychology as well as facial expressions and body language will help with that. Heck, it will help with everyone not just women. Try it for a change.

  7. Winsome says:

    Very nice article. I believe the mature mind that reads this article understands it is a “given” that his description of a strong-minded woman does not apply to all women who appear to be so. There are going to be “crazies” who should be dealt with as such once they show themselves. Lol.

  8. Let me ask a different question…If you feel this is true, where is the picture of your WIFE? Do you have experience being married? Yeah, I feel that you should try marriage and see what it’s really like before you can say a woman should keep her mouth shut. I’ll be damned if a man is gonna keep me shut up. And yes, I talk back and I talk when need be. And it isn’t scheduled. I do it when I please.

    • Winsome says:

      You should read the article…You read the title only, and your post shows that.

      • Zo says:

        What do you expect? She’s one of them smart mouths. Talks like they know everything when they barely have the facts.

    • Your dumb says:

      Your one of the ones that’s quick to overreact it seems. This article is the complete opposite of what you’d expect from the title. Try reading abit before jumping to conclusions.

  9. Chase says:

    This is for clarification. I love my black queen and only a DAILY basis I see and learn from the things she brings to life for me. Maturity, guidance, wisdom. Im greatful for her and yes I dont spoil her emotions as often as I should i apologize . I love you and will do better. Promise!

  10. Gilbert Jordan says:

    Not even 20% correct. My(soon to be ex )wife doesn’t have a career or a degree and want to make 100% of all the important decisions regarding the kids, finances, and even maintenance around the house. In my case she’s just a spoiled control freak. I’m out.

  11. Michael Dummitt says:

    I must admit the title was at first like ” what the hell?! Pft! yea…ok”, but my wife and I enjoy sometimes reading these “unique” articles with their also very carefully chosen words for a descriptive. By no means are we much older or have been married for a large number of years, however the wisdom gained from this, if not completely acceptable, hits the proverbial bull’s eyes! I’m a mere 31 years old MALE, I may not have had as hard of an upbringing as others might have however that does not change the fact that as a MAN, now KING/LEADER, of my family I did need to be educated and learn about the responsibility and understanding the roles that couples this worthy title, and this article by Mr. Aseem is a worth while read for those who might be searching for some very profound and otherwise difficult maturity questions to relationships and growth for those searching, newly beginning and already growing. Sometimes, and this is from personal reasoning, us MALES do need a good reminder of “why did we try so hard for?” and not get caught up with all the obstacles life’s challenges will bring to us, whether it be alone and single, newly made, or a growing relationship these obstacles will challenge yourself as the MAN/MALE LEADER of the relationship as well as the QUEEN/LEADING FEMALE.

    Being blessed with a smart mouthed and very emotional wife has been the greatest challenge and wonderful thrill of my life. Her actions, motivated by her just as or more so stronger emotions, has not only made me realize when I must “cowboy up” but as maturity has come to show me “the time for childish things must be put aside and for a boy to become man” is more true than the B.S. some guys tell themselves and choose to do everything else but what needs to be done not only for their own self respect but for the coveted “respect and love” they showed at first they’d work and prove themselves worthy of. Where this concept, by my father taught to me, comes into true use and meaning: “You can RESPECT someone and not love them, but it is very very very difficult to be LOYAL to someone and not “not” love them.” An example is where you can respect your boss or supervisor where you work but not love them, where as you can be loyal to your boss or brother because that loyalty earned more than just your respect, your care for them and sometimes can’t help but love them, like they were part of your family you’d protect because you love them.

    Now with a woman’s loyalty can that love be truly appreciated and as Mr. Aseem had so eloquently written, her appreciation and loyalty will have no limit and she’ll be everything and more than your heart and mind could have expected.

  12. Shau says:

    I so totally agree w/ everything this article has stated . God bless the author of this article for understanding & knowing a real good strong woman .

  13. hoyt says:

    women never shut the fuck up. The job is to have your dinner ready and provide you sex. Anything outside of that doesn’t matter. They always want to go to do some dumb shit that you don’t want to do. men nowadays are such pussies that they go along with it. times were much better when we could smack the shit out of them

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