REAL MEN DO EXIST, but KINGS only approach QUEENS, not hoes


I like conversing with DEEP Thinking Young Classy Men, such as myself.

“Most” of us MEN are NOT ignorant “Most” of us MEN do NOT disrespect women, lie, cheat & use women for money. “Most” of us MEN are NOT content with being a “baby daddy”. “Most” of us MEN NOT afraid of commitment. “Most” of us are NOT uneducated; or incapable of formulating a properly articulated sentence.

There are mos def strong, tall, well-groomed, intelligent, ambitious men, who want a wife & children, who know how to think DEEP and be a LEADER for his family & a rock of strength for a woman. Real men do exist, But kings ONLY approach Queens who can appreciate & respect our kind & not degrade our kind.

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By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody

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When I speak to large groups of women, they constantly tell me, as a compliment, “I appreciate you, because MOST men don’t understand us women, MOST men want a bunch of side hoes, MOST men are ignorant, can’t read us & are not as articulate of their thoughts as you.”

And I’m thinking, “so how is this a compliment? You talk down my sex.”
Consider this, if you heard someone walk up to you and say, “I appreciate you, because MOST (people of your race) don’t understand (this), MOST (people of your race) want a bunch of side hoes, MOST (people of your race) are ignorant, can’t read & are not as articulate of their thoughts as you.”

Would you consider that a compliment? Of course not. You would be offended. This is how you sound to the man of your dreams when you say MOST men are a certain way. This is how you sound to Idris Elba. This is how you sound to Chris Hemsworth, when he hears you say “most men” are a certain way.

Have you met MOST men? There are 3.5 billion men in this world, have you met most of them? 50%? 20%? 1%? Even if you met one million men in your life, that’s not even 1% of the amount of men who exist, so stop saying “MOST” men are anything. What you mean is, MOST men YOU encounter are that way.

So ask yourself, do I posses the exact characteristics of the type of man I want to meet and attract? Even if you do posses all of that you want in a man, if you EVER think or say “MOST” men are a certain way; THAT alone will repel that very good man you want, as no one is attracted to someone who feels MOST of their kind is a certain way. Yeah; that’s the problem.

Now, you can either make an excuse, “well, maybe if most of you men didn’t act….” You sound ignorant, you’re still so prideful you can’t take responsibility for your actions can you? You sound just like the males who say, “well, maybe if most women didn’t act like….” And you wonder why you have yet to meet the exact type of real man you envision yourself with.

HE WILL NOT APPROACH YOU until you stop assuming MOST men are not like him. That’s unattractive & repelling to a king. Just as a man saying most women are bitches is a turn off to a queen; a woman saying most men are ______ is unattractive & repelling to the very man you want.

When we see a female lacks possessing ALL these characteristics we bring to the table, we walk in the opposite direction of her. If you’ve yet to attract this type of “real man” you want, ask yourself, “do I myself posses ALL these characteristics I want in a man?”

Consider this; if you heard a man say, “MOST women are intimidated by a strong man like me. MOST women are afraid of commitment. MOST women are dogs and hoes,” would you be attracted to him? NO; you would be offended, turned off & not want to give him your time, because he’s degrading your kind right?

Well, this is why you REPEL the man you want. If you often say, “MOST men are intimidated by a strong man like me. MOST men are afraid of commitment. MOST men are dogs and hoes,” you are & will offend & turn off the type of real men you want, because you are degrading his kind.

Be what you want to attract. How the hell do you expect to attract the type of man you do want, when everyday all you do is complain about the actions and choices of the very type of man you don’t want? BE what you want to attract, else BE content with your dream man forever eluding you.

By: Ebrahim Aseem

IG: @Fuel4TheBODY
Twitter: @EbrahimAseem

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