Why most WOMEN are Sexually Frustrated & NEVER have a REAL Orgasm


I private chef for a rich News Anchor who’s wife has a 19-year old mistress only she’s intimate with, living with them & their two children. He stopped sleeping with his wife & allowed her to have a mistress after she confessed he’s never given her an orgasm. The mistress announced she is pregnant by the husband & is almost in her second trimester, just as I served them breakfast.

There is NO reason women should walk around sexually frustrated. Most women are sexually frustrated, because they’ve rarely, if ever, had a REAL orgasm.

If she doesn’t eject a liquid spurt in jet form, she’s not having a real orgasm, meaning a clear liquid should flow non stop like a water hose. This is NOT the only way women orgasm, however it is a maximum form of a female orgasm. It is NOT urination! There are two of three ways females have an orgasmic-crescendo. Some females are ‘Vaginally Stimulated’, some females are ‘Clitorally Stimulated’ and all females are ‘Mentally Stimulated’.

Her whole body should shake uncontrollably, like an orgasmic chill jolting through her spine. It should last long, for several minutes. This is why it is important to pay attention to your woman’s body. Not all women are the same. Find out if she’s vaginal or clitoral. If she’s clitoral, exhilarate her pearl while stimulating her g-spot. Ease deep inside a woman with mental penetration and stimulate her mind with intellectual conversation.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody

IG: @Fuel4TheBODY
Twitter: @EbrahimAseem

I am constantly learning everyday there is so much more to being a Man than just “physically” touching a Woman. She needs more than that. Touch her with your vibe. Penetrate her mind, go deep inside her cognitively, so her loquacious words bust wet thoughts all over your lips, to the point you can drink her verbiage and devour the pearls of wisdom she vibrates against the lips of your pounding ear drums.

“Ok that’s not true, because not all women can squirt. I for one can’t,” the wife’s twin sister complained during the relationship counseling session I had with my German client, his Latin wife, her 19-year old Afro-Rican mistress, and the wife’s twin sister. The nanny and the gardener were not sitting in on our session, yet I could tell they were ease dropping into our conversation by how poorly they were pretending to do their jobs.

“Every human has a squirting orgasm,” I responded. “If a man doesn’t squirt sperm during intercourse, he is not having an orgasm. If a woman doesn’t squirt liquid during intercourse, she is not having an orgasm. Without an orgasm, there can be no life on earth.

The key and climax to an orgasm is the squirting. The difference between a man’s pre-sperm and the ejaculation he uses to fertilize an egg is, the later is squirted out, while the former seeps out. Likewise, when a woman is “wet” that is not an orgasm. That is just a seeping out of liquid, versus a squirting out of liquid with velocity and pressure, that actually all but ensures the fertilization of her egg cell, as a woman’s vaginal liquid exists to help lead the male sperm cell to the egg and prevent the egg from being fertilized by multiple sperm cells simultaneously.

It is NOT a woman’s fault if she has never experienced a real orgasmic crescendo to the point of spurting , it just shows one of two things, either her mates were not physically & mentally compatible with her enough to render her to fully climax, or her mates did not pay attention enough to her to learn if she is either clitorally stimulated or vaginaly stimulated.

Couples who have trouble conceiving, fail to both orgasm during intimacy. That is, only the man will squirt and the woman may not; making it more challenging to conceive a child together. Some women have been misdiagnosed ‘sterile’ when in reality, she has just never had a true orgasm, which is essential to produce vaginal squirt that simultaneously acts as a spermicide to kill many sperm, while directing one sperm cell straight to the egg to fertilize it.”

“Well, this whore must have squirted while you two were cheating on my sister,” the wife’s twin sister told her brother-in-law, “because your adulterine sperm found its way into her ovary.”

“Can’t you see she’s lying her ass off?” the husband responded, breaking his silence. “She just wants to waltz in here, oh excuse me, twerk in here and ruin what we’ve worked fourteen long years to build. If she’s after money, she might as well just say it right now, because she and I both know it’s impossible for me to have gotten her pregnant, after all, she’s a lesbian. How do we even know she’s pregnant? She could have just gotten fat. Have you seen the size of that carpet muncher’s ass? Her gut may have finally caught up.”

“This guy doesn’t know how to lie to save his life, this must be his first affair,” I thought, listening to him freestyle excuses as I continued to shake my head and fight off laughter.

Despite my client’s skepticism, I could tell the mistress is was pregnant. She made me cook her deep-fried, beer battered, pickled banana peppers, that’s clearly pregnant food. Besides, even though the husband was accurate in describing the size of the mistress’ butt, she was a fit-thick, whose metabolism was too fast to allow her to gain any bulge in her stomach the way she had, unless she was pregnant.

“So how the hell did she get pregnant?” the wife’s twin asked, dancing around to mock her brother-in-law. “Did her fairy godmother just sprinkle magic fairy dust on her stomach? Because she is clearly pregnant.”

“And your homophobic remarks are not funny,” the wife chimed in with tears in her eyes.” This is serious. Your infidelity has time and again put our family in a strenuous position.”

“I bet he put that whore in numerous strenuous positions,” the wife’s twin joked, looking the wife’s mistress directly in her eyes, “and now I am obviously going to have to be the one to fix this. So how much will it take?”

“How much will it take for what?” the 19-year-old girl asked, with a puzzled disposition, to the point the wrinkles on her teenage forehead became obvious.

“How much will it take for you to take care of this?” the wife’s twin answered. “We’ll give you a quarter million after it’s done.”

My heart skipped a beat once I realized what the wife’s twin was asking the young girl. She was offering to pay her twin sister’s mistress $250,000 to get an abortion of the baby her brother-in-law impregnated her with. When I first started working for this family, I assumed the 19-year-old girl was the older, adopted daughter. I assumed she was adopted, despite the fact her and the wife are both of Latin descent, because she looks more Rosa Acosta-type-of-Latin, while the wife and her twin sister look more Jessica Alba-type-of-Latin.

I always noticed, in her mind, the 19-year-old girl thinks she is Rosa Acosta, just by the way she dresses and carries herself. She’s constantly wearing ballerina clothes, despite the fact she has zero rhythm. Every morning I’ve shown up to cook for the family, the mistress came to the breakfast table in a damn bra and panties, and open toe high-heels, as if those were her pajamas. Yet and still, after watching the 19-year-old girl place her face in the palm of her hands to cry, I felt obligated to speak on her behalf.

“How can you suggest a teenager take money to murder her unborn child?” I asked the wife’s twin sister.

“Oh please, it’s not murder,” the wife’s sister replied with a smirk. “The little bastard probably can’t even breath yet. She won’t feel a thing.”

“It’s a boy!” the mistress corrected, clearly upset at the offer.

“Well, HE won’t feel a thing then,” the wife’s sister responded with sass. “He probably doesn’t even have a heart beat yet.”

“Life starts at the moment of conception,” I responded. “The spirit of her unborn child was already alive, even before the gentiles formed. Even before the doctor knew the sex of her baby, and its wolverine tube dropped making it a male, because all humans start off as female first, the baby was indeed alive, with a heart beat and the breath of life present. Paying her to end her unborn child’s life is to dance around the true problem; infidelity.

Cheating has no place in a relationship. At the same time, a woman should never feel she isn’t getting stimulated enough by her man, to the point she feels the need to cheat on him. It is up to us as men to be willing to be romantic and intimate with our woman, to the point she looses herself in our love and it is up to a woman to communicate to her man, instead of just stepping out on him. However, women should not have to teach a man how to stimulate her mind, soul and body. It is up to us as men to spend as more time learning what our woman’s body responds than we spend watching sports and playing video games. It’s a damn shame some males play with their Xbox controller all day long, yet they have no idea how to play with the buttons on their woman’s body.

Being intimate with a woman means more than just sex, it also means opening up to her and intimately conversing with her on a DEEP level. Stimulating her MIND with intellectual conversation and punishing her BODY with romantic aggression. Romantic, yet aggressive is the best way to be with a woman’s body. Kiss her gently, yet bite her bottom lip while you kiss her. Tongue kiss her neck, yet grab & pull her hair while you do it. Find her ‘spot’ and once you do, make sure you pleasure it romantic, yet aggressive.

For you to be married to a woman for fourteen years and be unwilling to do everything it takes to give your wife an orgasm, it exposes how your selfishness lead her to cheating with a mistress you hand-picked for her.

If you are a grown ass man and you are against romantically kissing the lips between your woman’s hips, you obviously are not ready for a serious relationship. Any male who thinks it is fine to have sex with a woman and not care whether or not she orgasms, he is trash and his mobydick is trash as well.

“As a man of God, how can you talk about sex so openly and use the word ass so much in your consultation? The bible doesn’t talk about sex,” the woman of the hour, the wife’s mistress, asked me. I found it ironic she, of all people, asked me that question.

“Not only does the bible often speak about sex, the bible often uses the word ‘ass’ as both a literal and symbolic reference’, I answered, calmly.

“People who expect Jesus to return and come back without sex being involved, and who think orgasm should not be spoken about or achieved, lack the understanding of how their God chose life to be created on earth.

Jesus would never have been born 2,000 years ago without an orgasm. You may say the immaculate conception didn’t evolve sex, but if Jesus’ grandparents never had sex to give birth to Jesus’ mother, Virgin Mary, Jesus would have never been born through HER womb in the first place.

If you are alive and breathing, sex must be important to you, because that is how you were born; you are alive thanks to sex. To be alive and to be against sex is hypocritical, because your existence heavily insists upon sex. Your life relied upon sex for you to be born. Every one ever born on earth is the product of a man and a woman having sex and an orgasm to have you. Sex is not called ‘sex’ because of the act, it is called ‘sex’ because it can produce two types of sex, female and male. The verb ‘sex’ gets its name only. because of the noun ‘sex’ it creates.

No female or male can be born without sex. Even a man of God who knows the bible knows Genesis 1:28 says, “God blessed male and female, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth.” Genesis 2:24 says, “Therefore shall a man cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.”

The only way we can be fruitful and multiply is by sex, meaning a husband and his wife becomes one flesh through by way of intimacy. Don’t you know your God allowed orgasm to exist, so you as a woman could be able to release your vaginal liquid and direct that one sperm cell from a man, chosen to fertilize your egg cell through his orgasm?”

“Ok, I heard of those bible verse,” the wannabe Rosa Acosta admitted, “but not once did I hear the word ‘ass’ like you said the bible mentioned and just because you can quote out of the good book does not make you qualified to give advice to these heffas who want to tell me what to do with my body.”

“And when the ASS saw the angel of the Holy Spirit, she fell down under Balaam: and Balaam’s anger was kindled, and he smacked the ASS, Numbers 22:27” I responded. “Don’t be an ass for hire. Be more than your ass, because if ass is all you have to offer in this life, then life will smack you on the ass over and over metaphorically, causing you to be a beast of burden, like the ass in this scripture.”

“Smack that ass,” she repeated with a smile, smacking her left hand with her right, mmmmm I like that.”

“You’re such a whore,” the wife’s twin sister told her, speaking fast. “And there’s nothing classy or domesticated about you. You don’t even know how to use the word ‘domesticated’ properly in a sentence.

“Are you mad?” the mistress asked her, “You seem to be so quick to spend your sister’s money to clean up her husbands mistakes, but where is your money? Where is your husband? See, the way my God is set up, he made it so I don’t need to live through the next female, speaking in her ear, telling her what to do, like you’re her got damn ventriloquist. Maybe you should go find your own husband, then go find a life while you’re at it, because you’re obviously failing at life so far, compared to me.”

“Is that so?” The wife’s twin laughed. “You’re trash. Poor trash at that, there’s more whores just like you out there, who will know their role, play their position and be smart enough not to piss all over herself by messing up a good thing. Write this trash bag a check for a quarter million and go on with your lives, seriously!”

“You think you can just buy people?” The 19-year old girl asked, fighting off tears. “You think you can buy my baby’s life?”

She grabbed her purse and her phone and stormed out of the room. Her red bottoms clicked loudly against the floor as she scurried off. The wife exhaled, stood up and calmly walked after her. By how calm the wife was behaving, it made me scared for the 19-year-old girl. I had just watched a Korean film called, “The Housemaid about a young woman in a similar situation, who was forced to get an abortion by her lover’s wife. Despite not wanting to behave in any way like a captain, I stood up, grabbed my phone and went after the two women.

When I finally found them, they were cuddled up in front of the pool, sitting in a lawn chair, both crying silently.

“I should have never let him inside me without a condom,” the 19-year-old girl complained, talking to my client’s wife. “I’m so stupid. You know, he told me you two were separated and working on a divorce. I don’t know what possessed me to believe him.”

“He told you that?” The wife asked, wiping her tears before exhaling. “You know, he told me after I admitted to him he never gave me an orgasm, it made him not ever want to sleep with a woman again. That’s the only reason I let you come live with us.”

“He told me he would marry me one day,” the 19-year-old girl complained to the wife before looking over at me. “I know I’m young, but what is it going to take for me to get my husband? I have four older sisters, three aunties and a beautiufl single mother who raised me by herself, and none of them have ever been married. Doesn’t the bible say every woman deserves a husband? Well, where is my husband?”

“I didn’t realize you were so well versed in scripture,” I calmly replied, “but since you are, you must be familiar with first Corinthians 7:2 which says, “Let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband.”

You need to let this woman have HER own husband, let this man have HIS own wife and get your own man. There is only enough room for two people in a relationship, three is a crowd.”

“Actually, there is room for three people in a relationship, me, my man and God,” the 19-year-old snapped, while rolling her neck at me.

“God is not a ‘person’,” I corrected her. “You must not be familiar with the scripture Numbers 23:19 that says, ‘God is not a man, neither is God the son of a man.’

There is a young queen deep inside of you and in order for you to manifest your inner queen, you have to think regal thoughts, which will manifest regal actions. Behaving like a wench-maiden will only suppress your inner queen. Looking at God as a white man who sits on a cloud and grants wishes if he’s pleased with your behavior will always leave you feeling inadequate as a woman and inferior to men, because you subconsciously view God as a man. John 4:24 says, ‘God is a Spirit and they that worship God, must only worship the Holy Spirit in spirit and in truth.’

The bible says ‘God created man’, thus God cannot be a man. The Holy Spirit created man and woman to co-exist so that man is not over woman, and woman is not over man, but the Holy Spirit found enough divine favor in man to give him the voice of authority to speak life into a woman, your-God, as you say, found enough divine favor in woman to give her the ability to be used to bring life through her into this world.

As a woman, you are much more than your looks, you are much more than your hair, your curves, your ass, your breasts, your sexual skills, your head game, your ability or inability to twerk, you are not how many likes your pictures get on Instagram, you are not your number of followers, you are a daughter of the Holy Spirit.

Do not allow the enemy, who uses these love-scorned rappers and sensationalized reality show producers, to speak doubt into young women like you, making you think if you are not light skin, with a perfectly round and plump butt, zero waist, zero cellulite, long, curly, yet some how still ‘natural’ hair, that you are not beautiful or able to attract a metnally-mature man to be your husband. There is no mold to beauty. There is no mold to how a woman should look. You ARE the mold. You were made in the image of the divine creator, who is not a man, but a spirit, thus you were made in the image of the Holy Spirit. Hold your head high and awaken the young queen inside of you.”

The monday following this impromptu counseling session, I choose to stop cooking for this family, to avoid all the drama that came with the job. Although they were paying me well to cook three meals a day for them, they were not paying me to be their personal life coach and relationship counselor. As much as I enjoy giving advice, I felt it was a conflict of interest for me to do so for them, as someone who had too much knowledge of the situation.

To my surprise, a month after I resigned, the wife sent me the following email:

Mr. Aseem,

I know it’s been weeks since we last spoke, but I just want to let you I am so proud of you! I had no idea after you left us you would pursue a career in public speaking! I have read all of your articles, and I particularly enjoyed the one about why guys cheat. It helped me understand what I have gone through, because every time my husband stepped out on me, I would always blame myself and my lack of curves.

I recently read an article you wrote about a bridal shower you taught a cooking class for. At the end of your article, you allowed the bride-to-be to ask your followers for their advice on if she should proceed with her plans to marry Rico. Well, I know my family has put you through so much, but I wanted to know if you could find it in your heart to do the same thing for me that you did for the Dominican woman. I’m distraught and I do not want to lose all that me and my husband have worked for over the past two decades for ourselves and our two children, but I feel embarrassed and humiliated that he is about to be the father of a teenage girl’s baby.

Can you ask your followers the following questions for me please?

1. What would you queens do if you were in my shoes, and you found out your husband got another woman pregnant?

2. Should I convince the girl to get an abortion?

3. If you queens were me, would you stay married to a man who has all the money, success and power you’ve ever wanted in a man, even though he cheated on you more than once?

Thank you Mr. Aseem. I understand you may get a lot of emails, so if I never hear from you again, just know you have inspired me so much to be the strong woman I never knew I could be. Thank you king.

Answer any, or all three questions, and be sure to share the number of the question(s) you are answering as part of your answer, so she will be able to apply your wisdom to her life; please and thank you.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody

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4 Responses to Why most WOMEN are Sexually Frustrated & NEVER have a REAL Orgasm

  1. 1: Personally, I would leave him, he shouldn’t seek another woman’s pleasure if he is married, he should be seeking his wife’s pleasure. If he was unhappy he should have communicated that he wasn’t and you both could have worked on it to resolve the unhappiness. In my eyes he didn’t have the honesty and courage to confront you with that, so he ran and sought another woman.

    2: NO, absolutely not. The baby didn’t ask to be brought into this life through infidelity, but by your husband;s sperm and the 19yr old’s egg, he was. He is a living, breathing being who has a heartbeat and deserves to live. If your children did something sinful or wrong, would you kill them? I think not, because even if they aren’t in the womb now, they are living creatures too, just like the baby in the 19yr olds womb.

    3: No I wouldn’t. Money, success, and power isn’t what makes a relationship or even marriage. Love, Determination, & Faith make a relationship and a marriage. Sure successes leads to money, and money provides a life style, a home, and food for you and your family which is important—and sure power can be attractive, but is it the right power? Of course you want a man who is successful and makes money, how else are you, him, and your family suppose to live in this economy, you wont without it, unless you live off the land. As for the power thing, you want the right type of power–you need a man that has the power to push you to follow your dreams, to hold you when you are weak and to help you get up again, a man that has the power to understand his body, mind, and soul as well as yours, a man that has the power to command and hold your attention & your heart when you are astray. Your husband doesn’t seems like this type of a man, a king, because cause instead of fixing his marriage, he went and lied saying it was ending and sought another woman.

  2. Consuelo Brown says:

    1. Try to get along with everybody involved for the sake of the child. And continue counseling…that’s ESSENTIAL.
    2. Hell NO!
    3. Absolutely not. I value myself WAY too much to deal with that foolishness for any longer than necessary

  3. A random passerby says:

    2. Everyone jumps against abortion but its your choice really. I am all for being against killing a living being in your womb. But at the same time, what kind of life are you promising him? What guarantee is there this dude will financially support him? I can’t imagine how the 19 yr old could take care of her baby, provide for it, and actually accomplish something with her own life(I’m assuming she hasn’t finished college). What about when in school the child is teased or bullied for being an illegitimate child? Personally I don’t know you people or much about you, but to me it seems like now the 19yr old is just trying to protect the life that is part of her(even females understand this) but down the line she will resent it, not having been able to accomplish her own personal goals because she got knocked up in her teens. Yes you don’t kill your children because you made a mistake, but you don’t drag them through a life of hell because you were stupid either. Personally, I’d give my all to raising the child and finding someone who’d accept us. This means the mistress really has to work on herself and become such an attractive queen and raise a king such that a strong king will want to take on them both. I mean if she’s an amazing woman and the child is a well mannered, sophisticated young thing, she’s more likely to find a partner than if she were a horny teenager with a brat. At the same time you can’t really depend on the dream that a king will be your prince charming and come save you to raise your child, you have to be prepared to have to do it all by yourself, which is often the case for teen pregnancies. If she’s willing to give this crazy amount of hard work and commitment to raising her child, she should keep it. You make a mistake and you should fix it, but if you can’t fix it don’t make it worse.

  4. MLopez says:

    Answer for 1,2,&3: Haven’t you been through enough? You can keep banging your head against the wall but its not going to crack. Your relationship sounds irreparably broken. Mainly due to the fact that neither party was truly willing to work on the relationship and go to counseling. The whole story from beginning to end sounds like you have very little love for yourself and he is an extremely selfish man. There is NO Way you should have taken a lover to begin with. The unhappiness in your relationship has gone on for too long. It’s time to let it go… You are holding on to the wrong thing too tightly. God has more in store for you but you will never have it if you don’t let go of this unhealthy situation. Forgive yourself, forgive the mistress( who is too young with too low self esteem) and forget him (forgiveness will come later). Give yourself the chance to stand on your own two feet and find happiness. Honest happiness with yourself and later God may have a true king waiting for you who will truly love you, but first love yourself.

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