Most beautiful women OVER think, carrying so much pain & baggage from her past, because shallow leeches continue to load more B.S. onto her back, which clogs her mind. A woman can be dealing with so much & no one would ever know it, because she smiles, sucks it up & deals with it. But DEEP in her heart she feels the weight of the world on her shoulders.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody

IG: @Fuel4TheBODY
Twitter: @EbrahimAseem

The most mentally-mature men & women are the DEEP thinkers. Their mind is constantly in deep thought. Ignorant doubters and negative pessimists irritate them, because they are mentally ascended high above the level of so many around them. Their MIND is what makes them beautiful, as it exudes beauty, wisdom & depth. Don’t let the negativity and ignorance of doubters dictate your level of happiness. Ignore the ignorant Deep Thinker. Pay them no mind. Their space-filled mind isn’t worth taking up space in yours.

The Deepest Thinking Women get bored with people easily & loose interest in people fast, because boring males with dry conversation aren’t interesting enough to keep her entertained. Every male who sees her wants her number, not solely due to her looks and body. Women with depth exude inner beauty effortlessly. However, when these mentally-immature males get her number, all they do is text her, saying, “wyd sexy?” “when you gone slide thru and take this vitamin D;)?” “hey” or ask her to send him intimate photography.

She’s not stuck up young king. She doesn’t text you back, because she can tell quickly you have nothing new and different to offer her. You get boring real quick after the first couple texts & you can’t make her laugh or talk about deep, interesting things on her mental level. You may possess an intriguing sexual prowess, yet if you cannot make an intelligent woman laugh, or even make her rethinking how she sees something with your wisdom, she will not take you seriously. Humor her. Intrigue her intellect. Stimulate her mind. Have something substantial to say and talk about. Teach her something new, stop hitting her with the same, dry conversation like, “hey, wyd cutie?”

First of all, ‘hay’ is for horses. If you’re going to text a woman, either text her uplifting words, or show her your sarcastic & tactfully humorous side by making her laugh. If you aren’t making her laugh uncontrollably or motivating her profoundly by showing her something new, a Deep Thinking woman will not take you seriously, instantly placing you in her ‘undatable zone’.

Second of all, texting a woman is extremely informal. If you want to show a woman you’re interested in her, do NOT just text her; CALL her. Tell her ‘I would like to take you out on a date this Thursday night, to the aquarium, before an Italian dinner and live music, and I promise you will not miss out on the level of humor and spontaneous excitement you are used to on a Thursday night, when Scandal is not on hiatus.’

When you primarily text a deep thinking woman, neglecting to call her and take her out on a real date, where you plan and pay for everything; you are proving to her why you genuinely deserve no chance in hell with her. If you don’t posses a deep mind, deep conversation and are unable to penetrate her deep with your mental stimulation, don’t try to approach a deep woman & ask her for her number.

“Anything that bleeds for more than seven days, I don’t trust,” a West Indian man with a heavy (hatian) accent complained during a public speak I did for a university’s Psychology department. “That’s some twilight, demonic, Bram Stoker Count Dracula type stuff. I have yet to meet a woman who doesn’t posses a double mind. Females are crazy. They talk to themselves all day long, over thinking about things they think might happen, like their minds are in a parallel universe or something. That’s why all women over think, with their indecisive bipolar ass, because they’re not sane. They literally posses a split mind and it’s annoying. How do you get a woman to stop being so indecisive, bipolar and stop over thinking and over analyzing everything so damn much?”

“Weak minded males always want to make a virtuous woman view her strong-minded thought pattern as a flaw,” I replied. “Whereas mentally-mature men can appreciate a strong-minded woman with depth. Now, you have to ask yourself, ‘which am I willing to be, a weak-minded MALE or a mentally-mature man?’ Once you decide, prune your mind of any thoughts opposing that type of man, or male, you want to be. Viewing all women as ‘anything that bleeds for more than seven days, undeserving of trust’ is the mentality of an ignorant, arogant, misogynistic, weak-minded, coward of a male.

Women don’t bleed for seven days. As men we have to stop referring to a woman’s menstrual cycle as some unholy, demonic, blood sacrifice. Understand, that cycle you are referring to is the very thing that caused you to be born. It’s not blood, it’s a degeneration of the prepared lining of her uterus.

A woman’s body prepares every 28 days, as if it’s ovum will be fertilized with your sperm cell. If it is fertilized, she get’s pregnant. If not, the whole prepared lining of her uterus degenerates and flows out of her body. That red degeneration is what you were referring to as her ‘bleeding for seven days’ when in reality, you didn’t know at all what you were talking about. Now that you understand a woman does not bleed for seven days at all, understand this:

When a woman is on her period, she’s not being over-emotional or ‘indecisive and bipolar’ as you say, she’s enduring the pain and early stages of what it takes to bring every man and woman into this world. She is balancing her thoughts while balacing the miricale of allowing life to travel pass her pineal gland, through her body, so pardon her if she tends to change her mind from time to time, she has bigger fish to fry than making her every action please a coward of a male, like, you know, bringing a life into existance.

During her menstrual cycle, it is a physical, emotional and psychological HELL for her. It feels like her vagina is being pierced, shot & stabbed, hence her irritability. Stop judging her and telling her how crazy she is. Be understanding of her and her emotions.

Once she comes off her menstrual cycle, she longs for the feeling of vaginal stimulation, almost like the scratching of an itch. As men, we have to be understanding of this & cater to our woman. Right as she comes off her period, make sure you trEAT her lower lips like you would treat your favorite meal, then give her that DEEP vaginal stimulation she needs, even if it is simply in the form of a deep tissue, full body massage. Conversely, if you can’t understand a woman and make her feel like she is in good hands with you, she will not afford you the opportunity to physically stimulate her, because she can clearly see you lack the ability to understand her enough to know she needs you to first provide her with the mental penetration and intellectual stimulation she deserves.

The difference between a MALE and a MAN is, a weak-minded MALE wants to be understood, while a mentally-mature man just wants to understand a woman, mind body and soul, then speak life into his daughter, sister, mother and queen. To answer your question,

the best way for a man to get a woman to stop being so indecisive, bipolar and stop over thinking and over analyzing things so much, is for him to simply shut his mouth, open his mind and allow his actions to speak life into a woman louder than his words.

A deep thinking woman feels the weight of the world on her shoulders and honestly, she just wants to be heard & understood. Lay her head on our chest so our heartbeat and strong-armed embrace soothes her to sleep. She always has to be so strong by herself, through all the pain she endures. Don’t make her feel she has no one to be strong FOR HER for once. It’s unnatural for a woman to be so frustrated and cry herself to sleep, feeling no one ever understands her.

As men, we were not put on earth to change a woman, we were put here to uncerstand her, and to be a virtuous woman’s strength, leader, protector & rock. We have to stop criticizing a virtuous woman who humbly opens up her heart to us. Conversely, we have to stop giving all our attention and commitment to selfish-using, weak-minded females who lack the humility for life to be spoken into her. Not every female you meet DESERVES your presence in her life you kings.

What makes you a man is not making every woman you meet fall helplessly and madly in love with you, only for you to have sex with them all, then break all of their hearts. What makes you a man is seeking wisdom, which will exalt you with the discernment to know the difference between a selfish, weak-minded female who doesn’t deserve your understanding patience, and a selfless, mentally-mature woman who deserves your understanding of her and your patience with her.

I know you say you’re married, but so many women feel we as men start to get complacent once we win a woman’s heart and loyalty, to the point we stop doing all the things we did to get her in the first place. This is a sign of a weak-minded male.

The valuing of a diamond does not end after the pursuit of it. The valuing and cherishing must continue after it is obtained, FOREVER. Most men already know this, the problem is NO MALES understand this. A weak-minded MALE wants to win a virtuous woman over and once he gets her, he stops doing exactly what it took to obtain her.

A mentally-mature MAN does even more for a virtuous woman once he wins her heart, because he recognizes her worth so much, he constantly behaves as if he doesn’t deserve her, in order to prove to her with his actions why he does deserve such a treasure like her in his life.

But a MAN and a MALE are two different species. Mentally-immature queens in the making may not yet fully posses the wisdom and discernment to tell the difference between a weak-minded male and a mentally-mature man. This is why she will unintentionally ALLOW a weak-minded male to have her heart and her loyalty, placing her heart in an inevitable position to be broken. However, a mentally-mature woman will ONLY ALLOW a mentally-mature MAN to commit to her, not a MALE who can’t continuously value her worth.”

Women must stop complaining why they cannot attract the caliber of man they want, and start realizing it is because she has yet to reach the level of mental-maturity and humility to attract the caliber of man she wants. She must BE the caliber of person she wants to attract in every way, or else her dream mate will forever elude her, turning her down for the same reason she turns down males who are not on her level. It has to go both ways.

In order to deserve and attract her dream mate, a woman must first edify her mind and seek the wisdom needed for her to discern the difference between a weak-minded male and a mentally-mature man. That ability alone is the one thing she can’t realize is attractive to a real man. Her inability to do this is the one thing keeping a mentally-mature man from ever approaching her. I know this from experince, becuase I would constantly turn down breathtakingly beautiful women who lacked the discerment to tell the differnce between myself and my mental-maturity and all the weak-minded males in their past. That inability to distinguish myself from them was a contant turn-off to me once I became a mentally p-mature man.

Any weak-minded MALE can pull a beautiful successful, deep-thinking woman. The sign of a mentally-mature MAN is one who can KEEP a beautiful successful, deep-thinking woman stimulated mentally, emotionally, sexually and spiritually at ALL times and never fall off in doing so. If the male you love can’t do all of that consistently, it is proof to you that you are giving all your love and loyalty to a weak-minded male, and it us up to you to stop giving your love and loyalty to those who prove to you with their actions constantly that they do not deserve it.

Staying on top is more difficult than climbing the mountain of success. The pursuit of a diamond requires blood, sweat and tears, but to keep & protect a diamond requires valuing and cherishing it. A virtuous woman is like a diamond in this regard.

Marriage is scary to some males, not simply due to their fear commitment. Too many males know they genuinely do not have what it takes to keep a virtuous woman happy in a serious relationship. If a man has never had an anniversary, he is not yet relationship material for a virtuous woman who is wife material. If a man has never been in a relationship longer than two years, he is not yet relationship material for a virtuous woman who is wife material. It shows he cannot hold a woman’s attention longer than a few seasons.

His sex may heat you up in the summer, but can his love keep you warm in the winter? Too many males can only offer a woman “NEW LOVE”. New love is that feeling a woman gets when she first meets a new guy she’s attracted to or when she commits to a guy who was previously in the friend zone.

The mention of his name makes her smile and blush uncontrollably. She wants to talk to him every day. She thinks about him every night before she goes to sleep. His Good Morning texts give her goosebumps. His sex game sends chills running up & down her spine. But “new love” is not really “love” it is INFATUATION. Like a cardiac high.

Once that new love drug runs out after a season or two, he can no longer stimulate her & he gets bored with her. He will give his woman less attention and start giving that attention to the multiple women he approaches daily, females on Instagram who look nothing like his woman and random women on social networks. Males like this will LIKE pictures of half naked women on Instagram all day long, or comment and tell random girls, “you’re so beautiful”. But he won’t pick up a phone to call or even text his the woman who is giving him all her attention and commitment, to tell HER she is so beautiful.

Once I stopped thinking with the head between my legs, and I mentally matured into thinking with the head connected to my brain, I realized what makes me a man is not trying to “talk” to every beautiful woman I see, nor is sleeping with every pretty girl who wants to spend the night. What makes me a man is choosing that ONE queen, being faithful to only HER and spoiling only HER, my future wife, with all my attention, love and loyalty.

Young kings, there is no more amazing feeling to be madly and deeply in love with a deep thinking woman, trust me. The physical beauty of a woman gets boring and fades, but the beautiful mind of a deep thinking woman will arouse your intellect every single time like it is the first time your pineal gland laid eyes on her.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody

IG: @Fuel4TheBODY
Twitter: @EbrahimAseem


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2 Responses to Why ALL WOMEN OverTHINK, with their INDECISIVE BIPOLAR ass

  1. Sally says:

    Bipolar disoder is a mental illness that milliona of people struggle with. How can you use that term so losely and use it as an insult? Disgusting. Educate yourself.

    • Shakirah says:

      Did you read the article Sally? He was quoting someone else who was getting ignorant and insensitive.

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