Your boyfriend texts multiple girls, calling them BABE, that’s why he always HIDES his PHONE


When a woman opens up & shows she likes you, as a man, we cannot take advantage of that feeling she feels for us by failing to make her our only ONE.

Don’t call her BABE, if she’s not the only woman you’re calling that. Young kings, you know how we can be. Some of us will call every girl in our phone “babe” because we LOVE how it makes a woman just open up her heart to us and shower us with attention, love & affection.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
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Don’t use calling a woman “BABE” or saying “I love you baby” as a key to enter into the closed quarters of her emotions, invading the locks of her heart. stealing forms of affection from her you have no intention of reciprocating.

This goes for women as well. Do not call every man in your phone babe or baby, just because you love to feel wanted. Attention from multiple men will never fill the void of the lack of love you were shown growing up, nor replace the fact you have always been used by males in your past, but loving yourself will fill that void. The love of a Mentally mature can help fill that void.

A Loyal Woman deserves to be our ONE and ONLY. A loyal woman does not like sharing. We as men have to stop texting multiple women & simultaneously giving our attention to multiple girls on social networks, when we KNOW damn well she wants to be our one & only. You wouldn’t want a man treating your sister like this.

My sister checks me on this constantly. She told me, “brother, I do not want to see multiple women in you phone sending you hearts, blow-kiss emojis, calling you babe, sending you intimate pictures, and you have yet to introduce me to her. If she’s not serious enough to let me meet her, & communicate with her, you should not be giving her your consistent attention.”

Loyalty is not dead in our generation. Mentally mature men want monogamy, because we have sisters & mothers in our life who teach us daily how to be faithful and loyal to ONE woman.

Just because a woman doesn’t hit you everyday, does NOT mean she doesn’t think of you every night. Before she goes to sleep tonight, hit her with that good night text, good night call or good night massage & kiss.

You may think she’s sleep, but so many women stay up late at night, because they are OVER thinking about us. Fantasizing about a future where us & her are ONE. Replaying in her mind all the relationships she has ever been in, trying to figure where she went wrong & why she can never have something real.

Reassure her your level of loyalty to her is the highest of the high. Reassure her your love for her is on accession, so she never has to wonder. We have to get on our job and stay on it, consistency is so sexy to a loyal woman. Hit her right now & put a smile on her pretty face to let her know your heart is a throne with only her name on it.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
IG: @Fuel4TheBODY

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  1. Tabium says:

    What. Do I do to stop him

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