How to finally find SOMETHING REAL & attract a Loyal Man


A woman must stop being so smart mouthed, quit trying to “be the man” stay in her place, lower her high ass standards, speak only when spoken to, be Curvy, have a round, plump butt with a flat stomach & no stretch marks, be attractive and light skin w/ ZERO exceptions to a weak-minded male with only his penis & ignorance to offer a woman.

But a mentally mature MAN’s favorite body part on a woman is her curvy, huge MIND. This intelligent man has no body type, shape, color or size he prefers.

He doesn’t complain about a woman’s smart mouth, he knows pounding your ear drums with his mental depth of expressing himself will render your mouth speechless.

A mentally mature man will never be threatened by a strong-minded woman speaking her mind respectfully, because he wants you to verbally ascend to your throne.

He will penetrate your mind so DEEP w/ his, his intellect will come oozing out of your pores, have your mind sore, yet begging for more.

A Loyal Woman who’s always been the only one fighting to keep love alive deserves something real from man whose words give her LIFE. A woman who’s been loyal for so long, through all the lies & fakery deserves to finally have something REAL.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
IG: @Fuel4TheBODY
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When you finally meet a mentally mature man, you can’t use the same tests, rules, guarded mind games & tactics you used on weak-minded males. That will scare him away. Your hesitance to trust males comes from the fact you may have never been approached by a real one. As a loyal woman, you are a hopeless romantic. You feel you were born to be a wife, not just a girlfriend. You know your worth, so you can’t understand why no man you’ve been with has ever been able to see it enough to offer you something real.

I learned, the reason I am not yet married is, I am not YET attractive enough to my dream mate. If we want the best, we have to self edify constantly until we reach a level where we effortlessly attract that which we have EARNed through constant self edification. If we have yet to attract who we want, it is simply because we do not yet posses all it takes to attract them.

What do you really want in a man? Physically, mentally, appearance, financially, sexually, spiritually? What do you want out of your life other than a man? Make a list and vision board for both. This is your key and standard for men from now on. Pin these on your bedroom wall. How many of the things on this list of what you want in a man do you yourself posses already?

Our dream mate wants their dream mate too. It is not enough to just want something real. You have to deserve it, and have what it takes to value it. If you want steak, but can only afford chicken, you can’t say “but it want it”. If you don’t have what it takes to attract it, you need to put in work and self improve until you do.

You can’t keep complaining “I can’t find a loyal man” yet you are nowhere a loyal man would be found. He won’t be found at the club every weekend. Loyal men don’t like to be tempted, even while single. He is staying available for his future queen. Challenge yourself queen, this weekend, go to a spa and treat yourself to a full body massage and mani/pedi treatment in a neighborhood you’ve never been to before. Each weekend, take free trips to museums and parks and places you have never been. Your king is out there, looking for you, not in the club, but where he can not be found by a weak-minded woman.

Do you have what it takes to attract a mentally mature man and keep him happy? If you want to attract a man who can look past your body and see the true value in you, then you must be able to value him as a man.

Don’t tell a mentally mature man, “man-up!” or yell at him, all is his face, speaking with your hands. That makes him feel you don’t respect his manhood when you under-value him like that.

A mentally mature man will man-up & TAKE CONTROL of the situation, once he sees you are willing to allow him help you move on from your trust issues & blaming him for how weak-minded males in your past treated you by him healing you with consistency.

The key to attracting a mentally mature man is to posses the ability to stimulate more than his penis. Showing off your curves to him in a tight dress, revealing your breasts to him with your amazing cleavage may make the average male notice you, but for a mentally mature man, it takes more than the physical, curvy ass, huge perky breasts, thick hips, laid hair and a pretty face to arouse his interest.

I was approached by a curvy slim fit, curly-haired, light skin beauty at Jamba Juice in SF. She walked past me twice with her bestie, then stood in front of me giggling, before saying, “nigga how you gone pass up all this ass?” while tossing her hair.

I though she was joking, because her bestie started laughing, but then she repeated herself. “nigga how you gone pass up all this ass?”

“Wow, does that ,ine usually work for you?” I asked her, walking ahead of her to get in line.

“I don’t need lines,” she snapped. “It’s just that most guys are afriad to approach me, I was just giving you motivation.”

“You must not think much of me,” I replied. “I’m mos def not afraid to approach what I want when I see it. And you may posses and be everying a man wants. I see your books, you’re comming from school, clearly you have some form of intelligence. But, if you want to attract a man, and not a boy, use better bait than just your ass. Any boy can simualte that, but a mentallty mature man will wrap his strong conversation around the neck of your mind & grab hold of your attention with his intellect, just so you know his depth is about to POUND your eardrums. But if all you show he you have to offer is your ass, he will pass everytime.”

Queen, you have never known true intimacy, until you show off your beautiful, sexiest body part to a man, your mind. You will be able to tell a man is mentally mature, because when he first meets you, he will not text you, asking for naked pictures, he will call you more than texting you, and speak to you like this:

“Babe, I know why you over think so much. You need me to hold your MIND still w/ my mental depth as I cognitively ease DEEP inside your brain. You have no idea what I wanna do to that beautiful MIND of yours. I’m fluent in mental penetration. The loquaciousness has only begun. So, sit back relax, & enjoy this tongue that I’m speaking in, as I FILL UP your MIND w/ mine. Dine on your pearls of wisdom & make your vibe recline.

I’m a complete minder penetrator. As an insatiable converser, I shine. Conversation is my choice of domination, over my favorite body part on a woman, her MIND.

I learned mentally ascended women like you don’t listen to a man’s words only, you listen to our ACTIONS. If my words don’t match my actions, how can you take me seriously? Take is the key word. You’ve been taken for granted for far too long, by weak males in your past, who could only stimulate your body, only find value in your ass. Well, as a strong man, when I see something I want, I TAKE it. I own it. I claim possession of it. What I want is your mind, and I want to offer you mine.

You like that I’m a mind penetrator, don’t you? Just know, when I penetrate your mind, I will not be easy or afraid with it. I will grab your mind it’s hair, hold your mind still and mentally penetrate your mind, DEEP past your lips, into the THROAT of your mind. I will OWN your mind. I will ease deep inside the mouth of your mind with my heavy thoughts, with my words, and intellectual conversations. I will. Intellectually make your mind, MINE.”

As long as you keep trying to make it work with a man who tells you to “shut up”, “stop being over emotional” as long as you keep giving your loyalty to a man who calls you stupid, dumb, ugly, fat, nigga, bruh, bro, and says, “why don’t you just leave then, no body wants your ugly ass anyway,” as long as you stay loyal to that, you will continue to be mentally unattractive to a mentally mature man.

Once you can find the strength to love yourself more than you love a man & value your mind more than you do your looks and body, the mentally mature man of your dreams will approach you and drown you so much with his loyalty, you will be able to swim deeply in his consistency.

How to UNDERSTAND a Woman. #PenetrateHerMIND

Queens, are you tired of always having to TELL your man what you want? Instead of him just dong it on his OWN. Share this #Motivation with your man, so he can understand you.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
IG: @Fuel4TheBODY

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