Why Women are so addicted to Scandal


If you ever have to question if a woman is ignoring you, don’t. She’s absolutely ignoring you. Her phone is in her hand 24/7. She cuddles with it. When a girl is mad, she can text back a whole paragraph in 17 seconds. Even when it’s not ringing, she’ll always check it just in case. So, if she’s not texting you back, she’s mos def ignoring you. Unless, Scandal is on.

My brethren, never call, text or attempt to converse with a woman from 8:59pm to 10pm on a Thursday night. She will not respond to anything that isn’t “Scandal-related.”

Other than Beyonce fans, aka Beyhova’s Witness, Scandal fans are the most loyal to their addiction. Here’s 10 reasons #WWAATS

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody

IG: @Fuel4TheBODY

1. The Passion

Shonda Rhimes is an amazing writer. Her ability to capture the essense of love, pain, passion, heartache and love sick side pieces makes Scandal an amazingly relatable Script week in & week out.

2. Intelligent Women who speak their mind to a man are respected.

Smart women are often encouraged to “play dumb” in the work place to avoid getting recommended for verbal counseling.
At home, intelligent women are encouraged to play “submissive” in a relationship to avoid being “disciplined” by a poor excuse of a man, intimidated by the mental strength of a woman.

Nothing emasculates a weak-minded, coward male more than a mentally ascended woman with wisdom, who knows when she is right about a matter, and has the facts to prove her point.
A weak male wants a woman to play weak, so he can be the alpha by default.

Kerry Washington’s character, Olivia Pope, who is a political crisis management expert, flips this double standard on its ass, proving with her smart-mouthed-wit and voluptuous brain, nothing is sexier than a woman unafraid to showcase her huge, throbbing neurons.

Olivia Pope represents the feminine, strong-minded woman inside of every female.
She’s sarcastic, yet compassionate.
She’s professional, yet fiercely stylish.

She can be romantically vulnerable for a man to let him know she loves only him. Yet, she can verbally slap the wit out of a man with her superior intelligence, reminding him she’s in full control of her self, him and the situation at hand.

Scandal promotes the “Intelligent, Financially Independent, Strong Minded Women”

by displaying the true nature of a strong woman as one who knows her mental superiorities and embraces them and her femininity in a mutually exclusive fashion.
Who doesn’t down play her intelligence to appease the ever-fragile male ego.

Who doesn’t bite her tongue.
It shows a woman doesn’t have to follow every statement she makes to a man with a girly giggle or an “lol”, as a way to lighten up her intelligent assertions.

Who doesn’t have to passive-aggressively respond to a man under her breath, as a way to avoid his father-like discipline of her not “knowing her role and staying in it”.

Olive Pope is a role model to girls everywhere, letting them know, the biggest, most value body part on a woman is her brain.

3. The pulsating pearl of POWER is played with perfectly.

Women are like genres of film.
As the plot thickens, not all genres climax the same way.

Male privilege teaches males that all women climax the same.
This is why many males focus on the climax of their own film, while showing little to no concern with if their woman’s film ends with a roaring crescendo or with a somber whimper five minutes after the opening credits.

In reality, what makes one woman’s storyline come… to a juicy, dramatic conclusion, may leave another woman with an unexpected cliff hanger, leading to an unsatisfying, DRY conclusion.
Scandal offers many female viewers what they may seldom get in their bedroom, POWER as an aphrodisiac.

Sometimes a strong, powerful woman wants to take control with her power.
Sometimes, she wants control taken from her by a powerful man she can trust, who will always respect her.

Olivia Pope is that powerful woman.
Putting her power on display as a situation handler on Capitol Hill makes her toes curl. Having her power intimately taken by the most powerful man in the free world makes her power pulsate.

Sweet women crave affection like candy.
Don’t offer her mild, vanilla intimacy when she wants to her palate fed DARK, chocolate with a WILD berry kick.
An intelligent woman with high fashion of thought & unique flavor can not be rushed to flow.
Like wine, she must be savored. Sip slow. Taste. Swallow. She should feel your throbbing intellect digging deep inside the walls of her pulsating mind well before she feels your embrace.

Women don’t need their sexuality defined or dictated to them by a man. Society ignorantly considers a woman who embraces her sexuality a “whore” “slut” or “THOT”. Knowing everyone is a sexual being, Ms. pope embraces her sexuality and does not allow it to define her.

4. Fierce outfits and stylish wardrobes make consistent cameos.

Women don’t dress fierce for a man. She dresses fierce for her self. Her sense of fashion is her self-expression. She doesn’t wear make-up to hide behind her insecurities. Her face is a canvas, beat to paint how her feelings & emotions look to her.

Olivia Pope’s character is no different. Even as a classy business women, purse, tote, heel, blouse and skirt game stays as on point as her hair style. Yet, she does it for herself. Not for attention. Not for likes, nor to attract a man. This is why she could get any man she wants. Nothing attracts a man more than chasing something intriguing, with substance that is not chasing him.

5. Showing Black Women in a powerful, classy, un-ratchet light is done effortlessly, which is extremely rare in Hollywood

Usually Hollywood casts Brown Skinned Women as manly, homely, bipolar, masculine characters. Brown skinned women are not often highlighted in media, commercials or films as beautiful and intelligent like Ms. Olivia Pope’s character.

It’s subtle, but they’re always cast as the “crazy” “over emotional” “militant” and “manly” sistah-girl. Yet, the writer & creator of Grey’s Anatomy, Shonda Rhimes, has written and created in Scandal a showcase for the Brown Skinned Beauty Kerry Washington to play a sex symbol, with amazing intelligence & POWER. She is everything a mentally mature man of any race could want in a wife. Strong. Funny. Talented. Intelligent. Great smile. Ambitious and mmmmm, that BODY though. Looking like a delicious, chocolate dipped strawberry.

This fall, ABC debuts yet another series penned & created by Nubian writer Ms. Rhimes, “How To Get Away With Murder” starring mocha beauty Viola Davis as a law professor who with her students becomes entwined in a murder plot. It debuts in Scandals old time slot Thursdays at 10:00 p.m. With Grey’s Anatomy at 8pm and Scandal moving to its new time slot at 9pm, thursday nights have become the Shondaland trifecta night.

6. Female viewers are able to explore risqué role play & taboo fantasies from the comfort of their homes

The thought of exchanging power with the President of the United States aroused Olivia Pope’s intrigue so much, she chose to have an affair with a married man she worked under.
While this choice may be impractical to some, the thought of exploring taboo fantasies can be a turn-on to a sexually frustrated woman, having them feel ways they never thought they could.

Many women have never experienced a true orgasm. They learn to become as good of an actor in the bedroom as Kerry Washington is on Scandal. Even the women who do orgasm, very often achieve it during intimacy by fantasizing about being somewhere else, or in a scenario with someone else. Which raises the question:

Is it cheating to fantasize about being intimate with someone else while having relations with your spouse?

7. Drama-free women get to quench their thirst for drama vicariously

Just because a woman likes to watch a show with an insane dose of drama, like Scandal, does not mean she is messy and likes much drama in her personal life. It’s all about balance. Sometimes a classy, drama-free person can use a form of art to contrast their character, making it stronger. Other times, messy people with a life full of drama love to watch shows with much drama, so they feel validated. Either way, those cliffhangers at the end of each episode of Scandal always leave you wanting so much more!

8. It tackles topics often swept under the rug, like Domestic Violence & rape

Yesterday, NFL player Jonathan Dwyer was arrested for breaking his wife’s nose for refusing his sexual advances. The Arizona Cardinals running back head butted his 27-year-old wife in front of their child, causing his wife to flee the state immediately after the incident.

1 of every 3 women are physically or sexually abused at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, these abuse crimes against women are rarely reported and seldom prosecuted. This is not by accident.

Principalities of darkness in high places intentionally discourage women to speak out against abuse to perpetuate the lie that women are inferior to men.

Athletes like Ray Rice and Floyd Maywether Jr. can get slaps on the wrist for punching a woman, when they would get YEARS thrown at them for punching a man, because lack of punishment for a hate crime against a woman is used to intimidate women into feeling they have no voice to speak against their abuser.

Scandal laughs at this notion, creating a universe where men & women can both be strong and both co-exist. Come to Oliva Pope with a domestic violence or rape case, and she will take it as serious as a heart attack.

9. Ladies love suspense

The thriller of solving a suspense or mystery gives life to an intelligent woman.
A woman’s love for detection and problem solving rivals her love for chocolate. And that’s saying a mouth full.

When she first meets a man, her cyber stalker ass has no hesitation to background check his Facebook, google his name and phone number, and cross-reference his social networks to ascertain his TRUE relationship status, if he has any children, as well as his characteristics and attributes. By the time a woman agrees to go on a first date with you, she knows substantially more about you than you know about her.

A CSI team has nothing on a woman’s intuition. A woman knows the answer to a question she asks a man before she even asks us. She just wants to see of we will be honest with her. This is why a man should never lie to a woman, she knows. Trust me.

Women are DEEP thinkers by nature. They will stay up all night, playing out scenarios in their head about what “would” happen if she did this, or what “might” happen if she did that. There’s something therapeutic to a woman about watching an episode of Scandal with her phone in one hand and a container of ice cream in the other.

10. Kerry. Ms. Washington if you’re nasty.

Kerry Washington is the truth. Not just her breathtaking beauty. Not just the fact she’s one of the rare celebrities who keeps her private live private. She is a woman who stands for truth.

Toting a purple purse for a magnanimous purpose, the star of Scandal released a PSA this week for the 2014 Allstate Foundation Purple Purse Program, a cause championed to raise awareness about domestic violence and financial abuse.

“One in four women will be a victim of domestic violence,” Kerry says in the Purple Purse PSA. “Finances are almost always a weapon of choice. Taking away access to cash, destroying credit, jeopardizing jobs; financial abuse leaves invisible bruises that can take decades to heal.”

Financial abuse happens in 98% of all cases of domestic violence. Conversely, this silent abuse is not exclusive to sufferers of domestic violence.

In the Black & Latin community, it is far too common for parents to financially abuse their children, unbeknownst to them. The sweetest parents have used their 10-year old child’s name to take out a mortgage, page bills or apply for a credit card, because they ruined their own credit first.

An estimated 500,000 children have had their identities stolen by a parent, according to ID Analytics, which sells identity fraud protection.

Most children don’t find out until they become an adult and try to get a loan for college, buy a house or a car, only to find out their credit was trashed by the person who gave them life. Their parents.

Financial abuse often goes unreported, because it is so embarrassing to bring charges against someone you know so intimately, whether biblically or biologically.
Should a child report their parent to fix their credit? Or remain silent and begin adulthood with a damaged credit score?

While nearly 80% of Americans have never heard of financial abuse as a form of domestic violence, many know this great country was founded on slavery. What often goes ignored is the fact this country was founded on two types of slavery, the selling and trading of Africans, and the selling and trading of Women.

Less than a century ago, all women in America were considered “property” of their husband, sold to them by their fathers for a “dowry”.
Women were not even the legal guardians of their own children they gave birth two. They were seen as both intellectually and financially incompetent compared to a male. Although these laws no longer exist in America, this thought pattern is still alive and well.

Coward males use the threat of abuse to keep a woman playing submissive to him, stroking his flaccid ego. “I will ruin you,” these cowards will often say.

Some cowards only approach women who live with their mothers and are not in control of their finances. He will offer to take her in for free, knowing as long as he is in control of her lodging, she will feel obligated to pretend she loves him, staying loyal to her financial abuser in a loveless relationship.

Some cowards will sell a woman a dream, saying they can be a “power-couple” only to move in with her, then physically abuse her, so he can live off money and lodging she earned, with no help from him.

Principalities of darkness love to promote abuse against women and children, not solely out of hate, not only out of control.

Abuse against women and children are spiritual warfare.

Baphomet worshipers are receive life from taking power and extracting cosmic energy from women and children.
Why women? Because she is the closet being to the Divine Creator, chosen to be the carrier of life. Chosen to have souls travel through her, praying to be born through her womb.

Eugenicists, Luciferians, and disciples of The Knights Templar know this. That is why they worship the she-goat, Baphomet.
The practice of extracting cosmic energy from genuine women is long documented, dismissed as “conspiracy theory” in recent times, only because every U.S. president ever born is a part of this bloodline.

When you see Kerry’s Washington’s character Olivia Pope displaying her power and femininity at the chagrin of the US President in an episode of scandal this fall, smile knowing this is a proclamation to genuine women everywhere, letting them know, they have one of the most powerful forms of energy in this universe, the “God-given ability” to not only give birth, but to give LIFE, speak life and be life.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody

IG: @Fuel4TheBODY


About Ebrahim Aseem

I am a chef, writer & motivational speaker. I've been a youth mentor for young Black men for 10 years & I'm currently shopping my first book, "Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women"
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2 Responses to Why Women are so addicted to Scandal

  1. I have to say Ebrahim, I was ready for a fight and was already thinking of what I was going to say to defend my love for Scandal. You hit every point and I completely agree with the list. 🙂

  2. “Scandal promotes the “Intelligent, Financially Independent, Strong Minded Women”
    No it doesn’t. Actually I think it’s an insult to black women. Not only is the main character involved in an adulterous relationship with another man, she’s also well educated and a successful career-woman. Why would a self-respecting woman accept being the “side-piece” ? Doesn’t make any sense at all. A self-respecting woman would never accept being anything but #1. It communicates to the world that no matter how successful you are (as a black woman) you’ll settle for being the #2.

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