Ever lost a Grandparent or parent? This will make you smile. They’re your SOUL MATE


To anyone who’s lost a GrandParent or Parent stay strong. I know how hard it is to wake up to a world without your parent, nana or grandpa, left with memories & regrets. They are depending on you to stay strong for them.

Their spirit is happy & thriving where they are. Draw upon their energy. Talk to them & they will lead & guide you through your life as your angel. They aren’t dead. Only bodies die, but spirits live on & love on. They are a light that lives & shines through you.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody

IG: @Fuel4TheBODY

I miss my nana. Her embrace & smile. Her home cooked meals. The scent of her purse. Those deep hugs she’d give me to take away the pain & let me know everything will be ok. I smile knowing when I feel so frustrated with life, her spirit opens its arms, wraps it around mine & comforts me deep in a place where there is no space or time. If only people who claim to love us could love us like a nana.

Sometimes we feel so alone. Sitting in a room by ourself. We don’t even know there’s four spirits sitting around us in a circle, crying out, watching our life as a movie, knowing how much pain we feel.

They’re right there with us holding our hand. While we suffer, thinking we are alone, they are grieving so much, because of all pain we go through. They want to live this painful life for us, so we don’t have to.

The leader of that spirit prayer group is the spirit of your grandmother.

She’s behind you right now, her back to yours, fighting off all the dark pain entities that are fighting to get inside of your heart & hoping to make you hate life & destroy yourself before you mentally awaken to your grand purpose of saving 1,000s of lost souls on earth.

When we have success, our lost loved ones’ spirits are cheering & happy, jumping up & down, doing back flips. Our smile is their only light. Our self love is their heartbeat. Our self-doubt and self hatred is their agony and complete darkness

Always remember when you speak out loud to your grandparent or parent who passed, they are right there, esteemed of the light you are. So impressed by the strength you exhibit through pain.

Loosing a grandparent & parent is agony, especially when they are your best friend. Yes “are”. Never speak about them in the past tense. They never left. They never died. Their spirit just took off their “human-clothes”.

We long for their embrace, touching them & seeing them. If you talk to them, they will HEAR you. Even if it’s not instantaneous. In the spiritual realm, a spirit that longs for us & misses us can go back & hear our actions & words, as if it’s all being recorded & they can go look for it just how we look On Demand for our favorite shows or Google anything that comes to mind. So, let the way you live your life be sweet messages left to your passed on loved ones.

You can’t see a naked spirit with the naked human eye. But they can hear the vibration of your thoughts of them. You ever thought of them & their favorite song comes on the radio out of nowhere? They are letting you know they hear you.

When you close your eyes, you will see them come to you. Not in human form. The end of human life is the beginning of spirit life.

There are four generations in a family line.
You. Your mother. Your grandmother. Your mother’s grandmother.
These four are like a track team. Each passing the baton to the next. This generational pattern repeats it’s self over and over.

What’s intriguing about this pattern is you and your grandmother are partners. Cosmic energy, traits & characteristics she possessed skipped your mother & were passed on to you.

You and your grandmother have met before, way before this current life. Whether she passes away before you or you before her, your spirit and your nana’s spirit will always wait for each other, so you to can be together.

The concept of a “soul mate” is flawed, fueled by sex. In reality, your soul mate can be your grandmother, best friend, sibling or child. You can even have more than one.

Your biological family and your spirit’s family are not always the same. There are instances your biological grandmother is your spirit’s mother or daughter. Sadly, this knowledge is not shared with the 99%, because the 1% knows knowing one’s self & one’s heritage is the key to prosperity.

This world has become too patriotic & suffers greatly for it. The idea of a woman taking on her husband’s last name is a relatively new concept. If you were living in ancient times, your last name would be your mother’s first name. This was done to keep track of ancestry.

Whenever you miss your grandmother or mother, rub your belly button. That is a reminder you were cut off from a woman. That woman was cut off from your grandmother, and every human born was cut off from a woman.

This is the true way to trace one’s ancestry. It has been intentionally stolen from us, to prevent us from knowing who we are. If we descended from royalty or nobility.

Your father’s last name only leads you to who his mother married, yet it intentionally leads you away from your grandmother’s last name. So, if your great-grandmother eight times removed was a queen, you would never know it.

Members of a royal bloodline trace their lineage through the belly button, as a direct connection to their matriarch. Queens were never second to a king, because only through her womb could royalty be born.

When I look for a queen to choose, I don’t look for the curviest butt, flattest stomach or ability to twerk. For what? I look for characteristics of my nana. Unconditional love. An affectionate romantic. Nurturing women who love family, children & nature are so damn attractive. Makes you want to shower her with love, neck kisses, deep hugs & adornment like a nana would.

I lost my nana to diabetes when I was 12. She was my best friend. She helped raise me up to that point. When she was put in a nursing home 2 years before her death, to my chagrin, I choose to go visit her after school as much as possible.

It broke my heart seeing my nana live in what felt like a death trap and smelled like death and dishonor. It broke my heart when one day she told me, “I’m hungry baby, when are they going to feed me?” It was then I realized some workers in nursing home starve the elders at times to spite them. They would even intentionally serve her food counterproductive to her deabetic diet out of spite. Neglect is the most common form of abuse.

Senior abuse is an epidemic. In too many nursing homes, nurses will hit, punch, throw water at, suffocate, starve or deny medicine to the seniors, because these works get angry with how needy the seniors are.

This is why I chose to become an in-home senior care provider. Going to a senior’s house & cooking them food, administering medication, cleaning their house, washing their clothes, making them laugh or having a deep conversation about their life memories brings me comfort and feels the void of me missing my nana.

If you ever miss your grandparent, take one day out of a week and spend that time with an elder, go volunteer. Pour all the love you have for your lost love one into an elder, child or even an animal who is being starved of love. Sometimes that lonely feeling is really a build up of love you need to pour into someone who needs it.

Grandparents don’t deserve to be neglected & left lonely. If you’re blessed to have your nana or papa in your life, go visit! Cook for them! Teach them how to text you or use “The Facebook” as they say.

Make them laugh! Old people are inappropriately vulgar & hilarious, they love a good laugh.

How would you feel if you worked HARD all your life & all your children, grandchildren, siblings & family NEVER came see you or call you? I hate seeing elders walking, carrying 5 grocery bags, and I go help them, I look around like, “where is your grandchild to help you?”

As a man, it’s not enough to take women out on a date. Take your grandpa to a football game. He has so much wisdom that will help you understand how to be a man. You may think you know it all, but your grandparent has forgotten more knowledge then you ever possessed.

As a woman, you have no right to complain you’re so lonely and wish you had love, if you have a grandparent alive. Take your grandma to brunch and just talk to her. They have so much wisdom that would help you understand how to choose better men who won’t plant feelings inside you he has no intention of bringing to fruition, like your EXs did.

Never underestimate the importance of just LISTENING to someone. The greatest lack a person feels is to not be understood.

Spend time with your grandparents & even your parents before it is too late. Some of us have no grandparents in our lives, please don’t take yours for granted.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody

IG: @Fuel4TheBODY

Check out this amazing book on grandparents & the spiritual realm written by Yolanda Banks, the Founder of Real News.

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I am a chef, writer & motivational speaker. I've been a youth mentor for young Black men for 10 years & I'm currently shopping my first book, "Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women"
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4 Responses to Ever lost a Grandparent or parent? This will make you smile. They’re your SOUL MATE

  1. jada says:

    Extremely deep & intellectual reading. I at times long for the ability to speak to my grandparents. To know what things were like for them growing up, to gain knowledge & experience from. To laugh & sing & share amazing times with. Although I wasn’t fortunate enough to meet my grandmother, I still feel a much older female energy around me all the time. I believe thats where my “old soul” comes from. Not to mention, my middle name Shilee is half my grandmothers, half my dad. (Shirlene & LeRoy). Im even more sure she’s with me everyday now! Thanks for this.

  2. maria says:


  3. lifeofthecollegegraduate says:

    I just lost my grandmother. We were very close. Thank you for this post 🙂

  4. Pumpkin says:

    This was posted on the day of my grandmas passing, coincidentally. I wish I had seen it that day, but it was still a blessing to read this. Thank u.

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