Black people need to STOP calling White people RACIST. Your God is a WHITE Man.


By: Ebrahim Aseem

The justice department will launch a civil rights investigation in the death of Eric Garner, yet another unarmed Black man murdered by White police, after NYPD placed him in a fatal choke hold last summer.

In response to a grand jury declining to indict the officers caught on tape gang choking an unarmed man, who pleaded “I can’t breathe,” as he posed no apparent threat to the half-dozen officer surrounding,

Attorney General Eric Holder said, “All lives must be valued, all lives.”

“When will we as Black people start valuing our OWN lives?” I asked a group of 47 Black college students, during a pan-African speaking event.

As young Black men, we need to stop blaming White people for all our problems. YOU become your own problem when you don’t know your worth & culture, & your own solution when you know your regal self.

If you are unsuccessful in life, it is because you are lazy & you procrastinate. Not because of anyone else.

Take responsibility for your own life. Man the hell up. Throw on a button up, get a fresh line up & start making LEGAL money. Stop leaving your women to raise a baby alone you helped her create.

Your life will mos def improve once you stop making excuses, blaming others & work on SELF. No Beautiful, successful, self-dependent woman is attracted to a man who doesn’t have his OWN. Somebody had to tell you.

Unarmed Black citizens murdered by police are NOT responsible for their own death. You cannot blame a person for being clearly target, because of the color of their skin.

You are at a disadvantage, living in a country full of privileged who do not value your life. And by “your” I don’t just mean your race.

Why would a prosecutor help indite a police officer? They work as teammates on a 100 cases a year to get “thugs” locked up. This system is rigged.

‘This is not a New York issue or a Ferguson issue alone,’ The attorney general admitted. ‘Those who have protested peacefully across our great nation following the grand jury’s decision in Ferguson have made that clear.’

As Black people, we must stop calling these White Supremacists ‘racists’ for five reasons:

(1) Calling a racist ‘racist’ does nothing to them, but stroke their ego. They murder you unarmed, & all you can do is call them a little name? Stop talking & start DO SOMETHING!

Your passive leaders taught you to demand your rights. My strong leaders taught me to TAKE my rights. You don’t ask for a right, it’s yours from birth.

(2) Calling a racist ‘racist’ is too easy for them to deny. The media gives them ammunition by assassinating the character of the unarmed Black men who are too guilty to deserve their lives to be valued and defended.

Instead of calling them a racist, call them out intellectually. Make them show their true hateful nature. Speak to them like this,

If you can straight face justify violence against unarmed citizens , what side do you think you would’ve been on during the Holocaust? Jim Crow? Apartheid?

If you’re going to hate me for my gender, age, race, have some balls you coward. Admit it.

Stop hiding behind your political correctness & say, ‘I hate you Nigger, your very existence is a threat to my supremacy. I wish murdering you was still legal, so our Darren Wilsons wouldn’t even have to face a trail.’

You know why you can’t call me a nigger to my face? Deep down, you hate your God for favoring me over you. “Me” being a race-less spirit, who will never late your hate extinguish my light & peace. “You” being a fallen death angel void of care & compassion’

(3) Stop calling White supremacist “racist”. That is too soft of a word for such a hateful person. They are eugenists. They don’t have misplaced hate. All this was planned. The ghetto you ‘rep’ was a planned environment, built to keep you physically incubated & mentally suppressed. Planned parenthood was created to kill you before you are even more via the number one killer of Black people, abortion.

(4) This is not about an attack on all Blacks. Your Black president is willfully allowing White murders with a badge to be exonerated for snatching Black lives.

This is an attack on civilians. This is domestic terrorism. Armed forced are being taught how to take down & capture unarmed civilians. This country will founded on domestic terrorism.

Calling a snake ‘snake’ is ignorantly redundant if you’re just going to assimilate your mind to the reptilian.

The same ‘conscious’ people who are so quick to call the NFL ‘racist’ for fielding a Redskins team with a Racial Epithet, are the same conscious people who celebrate Thanksgiving yearly, a holiday founded by the founding fathers celebrating their terrorizing slaughter of over 15 million natives.

You proudly scalp Redskins tickets to watch RGIII get massacred not knowing the word ‘scalp’ originated from the U.S. government paying $1 to any citizen who fatally chopped of a Native American’s scalp & brought them the scalp as evidence of the murder.

(5) You call all White males ‘racist’ yet you worship a White male God. You’re a walking contradiction. You teach your children, ‘all White police hate you’ then you drag them to church on sunday, to worship the image of a White Man on a cross.

Jesus was murdered by his OWN people. He came to save them & also be a light to the gentiles & his own people killed him on a cross. And you worship the very weapon used to kill him? Do you hate Jesus? “or nah?”

I’m sure your answer will be the later, “or nah” as you passive-aggressively make light of any knowledge you don’t innerstand. Don’t be offended, slow down. I know you go, “zero to a hunddit real quick.” But riddle me this,

Will you wear a police pistol around your neck to honor Michael Brown’s death? A noose to honor the lynching of your people? An airplane to honor 9/11 victims? Use your mind. Mentally ascend to your throne.

Stop slandering all White men, then giving all your praises to a White Male God. God is not a White man, nor a Black woman. It says that in your OWN bible. Oh you want the scripture now huh? Sure, it’s Numbers 23:19.

When will we stop praising a human-God with a white face & start praising the gender-less, race-less SPIRIT of God? Religion was manmade, spirituality is God made.”

“Well said brother, I agree the concept of praising a White male God is new,” a Rastafarian testified, “just like this concept of Egyptians being all White is new. What are your thoughts on the upcoming film, ‘Gods and Kings’ depicting Egyptians as Anglo without melanin?

To be continued, next Thursday.

About Ebrahim Aseem

I am a chef, writer & motivational speaker. I've been a youth mentor for young Black men for 10 years & I'm currently shopping my first book, "Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women"
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8 Responses to Black people need to STOP calling White people RACIST. Your God is a WHITE Man.

  1. BlackQueen says:

    Well I must say you have out done your self with this. All I can say is, Yes. I’m at a lost for words, your grammar is mind blowing. The point of the matter is orgasmic. There should be more blacks that open their minds to the slavery that is being used today. They say slavery is over, but they still lock you in chains and cuffs. They are out making mockery of our Leaders, panafricanists, our civil rights leaders, our black leaders period, black journalists. The humility, the ignorance, the adaption to the , and the failure of knowledge of history!

  2. I really liked this post! I do agree that we should take responsibility for our own actions, but there are some people who are out there to degrade others. Some people have a hidden agenda, but we shouldn’t be thrown off by it. We must be aware and prepared for all possibilities. Besides that, I hope many others read this post and I look forward to next weeks!

  3. Beautifully flawed says:

    You made many good points. What is now going on in America is not a race problem; it is an example of our corrupt justice system and a monumental failure in regards to many past attempts of treating all people as equals regardless of the accusation or their skin complexion. However, on the case of worshipping a “White God”, that is what modern day man ( you, I and pretty much everyone else) was taught to envision God in that manner but no one knows for certain.

  4. lovelife48 says:

    Thank you brother for acknowledging and sharing the truth much respect and love.

  5. kekedemea says:

    “You go boy” *in my Gina Voice* You made some amazing points! Now how do we convey this to our audience how do we make people especially the millennial generation comprehend that our black men will continuously be slaughter until we all do better? How do we get us to stop idolizing fast cash, lil Wayne and ignorance ? Identifying the problem is half of the solution. PS unfortunately a lot of “grown girls ” aka women are attracted to the very men you spoke about.

  6. kekedemea says:

    Reblogged this on Push To Start and commented:
    He hit the nail on the head.

  7. Dean K says:

    White Jesus was depicted by the Roman Catholic church, mainly the Vatican. They utilized Cesare Borgia as the template of what Jesus was supposed to look like. The Pope of that time was his father who mandated that his son’s facsimile be used for the face of Jesus. That is why he’s pictures are of a white man.

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