“Ladies! He wouldn’t STALK you if you ACKNOWLEDGE him.” No clown. A Woman owes you NOTHING!


That’s what Cheyenne Bostock, an author & self proclaimed “relationship expert”, with the swagger of Braxton P. Hartnabrig, from the 1990s “Jamie Foxx Show”, tweeted during his women bashing diatribe today, victim blaming women for being stalked.

A woman ignoring you does NOT give you the right to stalk her, blow up her phone, slander her via social network, nor gossip about her within your circle. That is never the right of a man, it is the behavior of a coward ass mark.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women”

A woman is NOT “running” or “curving” a man by choosing not to entertain his foolishness. She peeped the warning signs. It read, “beware of dog.”

The women weak males consider curve masters or prudes are not being stuck-up. She keeps her legs closed, because she knows the power IN it.

Face your stalker? No Braxton, I mean Bostock, why do you want to get women killed?

Did you know 1 of every 3 women are physically or sexually abused at some point in their lives? Advising women to “face their stalker” is a suicide mission bro. Quit promoting femicide.

In her 1976 book, “Crimes Against Women” feminist author Diana E. H. Russell reveals,

“From the burning of witches in the past, to the more recent widespread custom of female infanticide in many societies, to the killing of women for so-called honor, we realize that femicide has been going on a long time.”

Over 90% of female homicide victims are killed by someone they know & 76% of these victims were stalked before their deaths.

Stalkers are emotionally unstable & flagrantly violent. Cheyenne, are you the rape whisperer?

Men, understand, a woman owes you nothing. Not a text back, not a follow back, not a date, not a conversation, not even a polite “no thank you” and a smile.

You can be respectfully persistent in fighting for a woman’s attention & she’s well within her right not to acknowledge your existence.

A confident man will accept this & move on. But a coward, poor excuse of a man will stalk her out of anger. Angered by her strength. Envious of her light. Armed with a pocket full of “bitches” & piercings insults as his knife.

Women have the power to ignore and move on. They don’t have to acknowledge a stalker, follower or fan. No one has a right to harass a person into speaking to them.

If you approach a woman in person, do NOT put your hands on her. Do NOT double question her. If she ignores you, to the point of anger, she’s not being a “bitch” bro, YOU are.

Clicking follow on a woman’s Instagram does NOT count as approaching her. Just because you DM her a simp-riddled message disguising your insanity, does NOT mean she has to converse with you. Who are you? Obviously a wuss of a male too afraid to approach a woman in real life.

Stop calling a woman “rude bitch” for ignoring your lack-luster advances. YOU are the “rude bitch” bro, sassily snapping at her for being cognizant of the fact your lame, passive-aggressive-ass has nothing to offer her.

And by “offer her” I don’t mean money.
Your piss poor thoughts & bankrupt game can not afford
her rich, intrinsically ascended mind frame. Get the picture?

It doesn’t matter what a stalker wants, all that matters is what the woman wants. If she says no, stop, turn, then walk your sorry ass away & try again next lifetime *Eryka Badu voice*

Women politely decline males all the time, and those males grab them, hit them or rape them, blaming his animalistic actions on her cleavage or how much skin she’s showing.

It’s not up to women to dress in a way that doesn’t arouse a man. It’s up to us as men to control our lust & think w/ our brain head, not our dick head.

Cheyenne, you sound scorned as hell bro. Who hurt you? Are you mad that you look like an overgrown Curious George?

A woman drove you to cheat? abuse? stalk her? No, she showed strength & your weak-ass got sassy. A woman has a right to change her mind & her feelings. Males switch-up so often, she’s waiting to see who your thespian-ass is gonna PRETEND to be this week.

How dare we as men speak in a position of privilege in regards to makes excuses as to why WE do anything to a woman.

Nothing “stems” stalker behavior. Maybe if we stopped Victim Blaming women for every crime committed against them, maybe if we stopped calling all women hoes, sluts, slwhores, THOTs and bad bitches, maybe if as men we stark taking responsibility for how we treat OUR women, they wouldn’t be aggravated to anxiety, living in fear of being hurt and taken advantage of every day of their lives.

I feel so guilty as a man, after reading this trash, because WE do this. We harass & bully women into giving us their number.

Where are the REAL MEN? Not the weak wusses playing a “good guy” role.

Stop being a coward. No woman likes a sussy-coward male.
THAT is why she doesn’t like you & ignores you.

How to approach a woman:
I like you & would love to take you out on a date somewhere fun to see if your vibe is as beautiful as your face is.

If she accepts, say, “I want to take you out Friday, what time are you available?”
If she declines, say, “Cool beans, prayerfully you enjoy your weekend.”

It’s that simple. If she rejects you, respect it. That’s HER choice. She doesn’t owe you her time, her number or her smile.

Why call a woman a bitch, because she was kind enough to reject you instead of leading you on?

And please stop crying, “girls only want assholes, not nice guys” No. Women simply crave confidence & ruggedness. You wear the “good guy” mask to hide your insecurities & apprehension. You’re a yorkie. She wants a MAN, not a pet bro.

The cold truth is women are not bitter bitches, you are bro, when you can’t take “no” for an answer.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women”
IG: @Fuel4TheBODY
Blog: RealNewsPaper.wordpress.com
Motivational #SpeakLife vidoes: Youtube.com/RealNewsmagazine

I am a chef, motivational speaker, nutritionist and author, of West African Hebrew ancestry. I speak isiZulu & Swahili I’ve been a youth mentor for young Black men for 10 years.
Book me to speak at your unversity! Currently doing a college speaking tour on this & many topics.
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About Ebrahim Aseem

I am a chef, writer & motivational speaker. I've been a youth mentor for young Black men for 10 years & I'm currently shopping my first book, "Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women"
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