Is your SMART MOUTH keeping you SINGLE? Does NAGGING drive men to CHEAT?

The most unattractive woman is one who feels she is above reproach. When you snap at a man who respectfully calls you out on something, he won’t call you an insecure bitch like the immature males in your past. He will just leave you for a woman more on mental maturity level.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women”

Ladies, men are NOT mind readers. If there’s an issue don’t always expect us to be aware of it if you don’t communicate respectfully.

Men, maybe if you’d just swallow your pride and listen to her instead of making excuses, she wouldn’t “nag” so much.

Respectful women don’t nag, or bitch, or have a “smart mouth”. It’s called communication. Women want a man who is considerate, caring, romantic & mature on his OWN, without her having to tell him what to do & how to do it.

Never complain about a respectful Woman’s mouth, or tell her to shut up, or say she’s being over emotional. No, she’s just EXPRESSING her deepest feelings.

It’s already hard for her to open up to you & let down her wall. She thinks all day about her connection with you, how you will react to her expressing herself to you.

It even keeps her up nights thinking about us. She lies in bed and replays scenarios in her mind, like “why does he always treat me like that?” “If I do things like this and say it in this way, will he treat me better?”

So when she finally opens up to you, don’t belittle her. Don’t tell her she’s “trippin” or that she’s too emotional, over reacting, acting like she’s on her period, being bipolar. No. If you love your woman, listen to your woman. So the two of you can connect deeper, grow closer & vibe together.

When your respectful woman calls you out on something you didn’t do right, don’t get defensive, don’t complain, just listen to what she is saying, say, “thank you for having my back babe,” & take her words into consideration. She just loves you bro. Same goes for women.

It’s crazy how the sweetest women who put everyone else’s needs over their own get cursed out & shitted on by loved ones they give so much to.

How can you be so quick to argue with your woman, call her all out of her name, yet when your fake, manipulative male friends tell you to jump, you’re all like, “how high?” “For how long do you want me to jump bruh?” “Do you want me to jump to a rhythm or a beat? I mean, because I can grab a jump rope and a Beats pill if you want me to.” How effeminate of you.

Constant arguing is NOT part of a relationship. That’s a lie. When you earn a mentality mature woman’s respect, she may disagree with you, but she won’t argue with you.

Converse with her, don’t argue with her. Listen to her, don’t ignore her. And can we as men stop acting like a Strong Minded Woman who speaks her mind has a “smart mouth”?

What, do you want a weak minded little girl? You want a push over? If you do, it’s because you’re a weak minded little boy yourself, un-aroused by the femininity of a strong woman.

A woman speaking her mind does not drive men to cheat. It repells the weak cowards who couldn’t handle her strong mind anyway.

There is nothing more attractive to a Strong Man than a strong minded woman, who will respectfully speak her mind, not bite her tongue & tell him when he is wrong.

I don’t want a yes woman. Any female who will agree with you & tell you what she thinks you want to hear, because she is scared to lose you, is NOT loyal, she is selfish & manipulative. She’s stunting your mental growth as a man.

I need someone to keep it REAL with me. Be blunt. Tell me the truth I NEED to hear. Speak life into me. I respect a woman who loves a man so much, she will respectfully tell him he is wrong to his face, because she loves his soul & wants to help mature it.

It’s very unmanly for us to as men complain about a Woman’s mouth, because in reality, she’s articulating advice to help us mature from being merely a MALE into being a MAN.

I will tell you the secret to getting your woman to stop “nagging”. When she calls you out on something, listen, take note, correct it & never do it again. Simple. Arguing with your woman for wanting to make you a better man is petty and immature.

Women who speak their mind aren’t “trying to be a man” or “trying to wear the pants in a relationship.” No, she just refuses to be lead by a weak coward of a male.

Even the strongest, so-called Craziest Woman, who talks back & has a smart mouth, will shut up & listen with respect, when she finally meets a Strong Man who commands respect with his mature actions.

A Woman’s past pain can make her seem crazy or have an attitude, but DEEP down, she is a genuine, caring woman who wants so badly to trust. She just needs a strong, trustworthy man to bring it out of her.

This is why I’m attracted to Women who have an Attitude, Women who talk back, speak their mind, have a sharp tongue, who some call “CRAZY”, because I know how to handle a Strong Minded Woman. Those are the most loving, caring, solid, and faithful women to have. She is only that way, to PROTECT herself from snakes & fake family who take her kindness for weakness, because when she loves, she loves HARD.

Don’t let a strong Woman scare you away young king. She’s been through a lot, more than you could even imagine. We must be Patient with her. Once she meets a Strong Man who knows how to take control & can PROVE to her with his actions he is trustworthy & LOYAL, she’ll let us in and work on her disposition. But, if we want our woman to grow for us, we must be willing to grow for her.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women”
IG: @Fuel4TheBODY
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About Ebrahim Aseem

I am a chef, writer & motivational speaker. I've been a youth mentor for young Black men for 10 years & I'm currently shopping my first book, "Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women"
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4 Responses to Is your SMART MOUTH keeping you SINGLE? Does NAGGING drive men to CHEAT?

  1. lizziebillo says:

    Hello, I would love some advice, will you please email me at :

  2. rita mueti says:

    couldn’t have been said any better

  3. I haven’t met anyone who could “handle” me. Everytime I speak my mind it has set off the crazy in them?! I struggle to understand this reaction because they’ve told me that initial this is a quality (in me) that they were attracted to…smh?! After reading this I now see why. Thanks!

  4. janiece sanders says:

    “She just needs a strong trustwothy man to bring it out of her”. This is some of the realist shit ive ever heard Ebrahim!!!!!!

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