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He didn’t CHEAT. Your smart MOUTH nagged him into the arms of a submissive woman.

No man wants to work all day, fighting to provide for his family, just to come home & battle a smart mouthed woman. Have his dinner ready. His bath drawn. His TV on ESPN & your smart ass mouth closed. … Continue reading

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If Black Women weren’t so MOUTHY & LISTENed they wouldn’t attract DEADLY drama.

People say, “if black women just dropped their sassy ass mouth, cut their “mad-at-the-world” sista girl attitude, & were more obedient to men in authority, their lives would be different. Smartmouthedness leads to singleness. Sassy-as-hell will leave you dead in … Continue reading

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Is your SMART MOUTH keeping you SINGLE? Does NAGGING drive men to CHEAT?

The most unattractive woman is one who feels she is above reproach. When you snap at a man who respectfully calls you out on something, he won’t call you an insecure bitch like the immature males in your past. He … Continue reading

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