Why THESE HOES Stay Winning & wifed, while CLASSY women stay SINGLE


There’s one winning advantage these self-proclaimed hoes have over Classy Women, the ability to…

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women”

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“Girl, I saw you mug me while you asked that question, do I look like a ‘hoe’ to you? Well, I’m a married hoe, bills paid & hair laid,” a fair-skinned, extremely curvacious woman asked, twirling her wedding band. “Hoes win, because no guy wants a stuck up, boring little girl, with her face stuck in a book. By ‘hoe’ I don’t mean ‘whore, I’m talking the woman who dates ballers, goes on trips in her 20s, and has memories & money by her thirties you wish you had.”

“First of all, you look like a broke-ass Draya. And B, my question was directed to Ebrahim,” the naturalista responded, “but apparently, you feel the shoe fits. Or in your case, the clear heal fits, because the weave definitely isn’t fitting. Maybe it’s too tight on your scalp for your thoughts to circulate.”

“You hot-comb-fearing naturals want to be Erykah Badu so bad, “the married woman joked. “You need to be more like Draya. She’s winning with a tall baller, money and fame. The fact she has haters just means everybody knows her name.”

“Jesus take the wheel, the naturalista responded, “no this heaux did not just suggest we aspire to be like Draya. The THOT of all THOTs.”

“Be for real. What has being classy & keeping your clothes on ever got any woman in this life? That’s why you good girls are losing & these hoes stay winning,” the married woman defended.

“If Draya was really winning, those police wouldn’t have been in her tiny ass one bedroom, shack of an apartment trying to take her son away,” the naturalista clapped back.

The co-ed group applauded.

“How do these hoes stay coming up winning, when women with a job and degree stay tryna figure our lives out?” the naturalista complained.

“My intelligent fashion designer home girl Kimberly Yohman said it best,

There’s one winning advantage these self-proclaimed hoes have over Classy Women, the ability to not get emotionally attached to a man before he gives her commitment.

How many men have you been emotionally intimate with the past 3 months? Told your life story? Referred to as “bae/my man” to your girls. ‘ Talking’ w/o courtship is emotional horedum.

Telling multiple men your life story hands them the knot to lace a soul tie. That’s why it hurt like hell when you & he were ‘talking’ for a month, texting all day, calls all night, then all of it just stopped. He emotionally hit it, then quit it.

If you’re crying over a breakup & he never even committed to, you were his emotional hoe to get over his EX. He was only ‘talking’ to you to build his confidence. Communication stopped once he used you, gained confidence & approached the woman he REALLY wanted.

You look down on women who post half naked selfies, calling them ‘hoes’ when you let multiple men strip you emotionally naked w/o commitment & penetrate your heart. & you did it all to get over YOUR ex ooyou never truly healed from.

You may not be a hoe, but your heart is. Stop pimping your own heart out to every handsome guy who asks for your number.

You deserve a strong man who will wait until you are ready to open up, let down your guard, after he proves loyal with actions & you will be found by him. You were born to be a wife, stay married to your ambition & integrity & I promise you will win at life without paying a hoe price.

“Wow, I never looked at it in that way,” the naturalista admitted. “I thought being abstinent until marriage was enough. I didn’t realize I need to be emotionally celibate with a man, until he commits & proves worthy of my emotionally intimacy.”

“Ebrahim, it’s very frustrating, one cheerleader complained. “I’m struggling to get my tuition paid, car note paid & hair laid, while these hoes are accumulating body counts higher than their age with Benzs & Sex in the City style vaykays.

Fake ass Draya over there. Amber Rose. All these Basketball Wives. It’s like if a woman doesn’t look exotic, foreign & show her assets in every pic, we’re getting passed up by men.”

“I see too many queens struggling to pay Sallie Mae,” I encouraged, “grinding a legal hustle 9-5, feeling like they’re losing at life, because they see these World Star vids, Reality shows & IG Honeys with thick hips, a nice whip & a fat grip, stunting for the gram, taking trips to Dubai. But class is something money can’t buy. These frauds ain’t winning. They sold their soul & their vagina about a weak ago, weak ago. Keep your head up, eyes on your mission. The universe rewards class, integrity & ambition.

I hate the word HOE & THOT. Hoe is NOT a synynom for “female”. I do not consider nor call any woman a hoe or thot. She has a name. You have a mother. Posting pics online does NOT make her a hoe. Being on reality tv does not make her a hoe. Everyone has a story you don’t know about.

Some of MALES are self proclaimed hoes. They own Fortune500 companies, movie studios & hoe them SELF & their time to secret societies for money & power, starving their own family of love, time & attention. Don’t judge.

Understand, you don’t have to be foreign and curvy to be attractive. Lupita Nyong’o is considered Native & flat chested by many, yet she is the finest woman I ever seen. My WIFE will look like her, naked of insecurity, wearing nothing but grace, self confidence & a smile, because I will pour confidence, time, love & life into her daily.”

“Freshman year, I was extremely naive,” another girl confessed. “I thought I’d meet a man in college, fall in love first semester & be married by graduation. But, once guys realized I wasn’t putting out, they’d stop talking to me, telling me, ‘the classy girl act is overrated.’

The next day, I’d see them with multiple girls & they had no shame about it. I realized if you ain’t giving up the kitty for most younger men, you’re completely useless and serve no purpose to them. They don’t want a conversation, to listen to your goals, or see how intelligent you are, they just want to know ‘what that mouth do’.

I always get told I’m too pretty to be single, but being passed up by guys for girls with no standards makes me feel so unpretty. Why do men wife the hoes and strippers, and side chick us classy girls?

Here’s 5 reasons ‘these self procliamed hoes stay winning’

#1 Classy Women are so direct with their Smart Mouths & never dance around the issue. These self proclaimed hoes twerk around the issue & accept whatever treatment gets them paid.

Guys like a self-proclaimed hoe (SPH), because she’s easy to manipulate. He can use her whenever he wants. Classy Women won’t stand for such treatment. They have standards. They complain. Her so-called ‘smart mouth’ is her best weapon. It annoys & scares off weak-manipulative males & it attracts strong men able to silence her mouth with his consistent actions.

#2 Classy Women are annoying & complain. These self proclaimed hoes say ‘how high’ before a guy even says ‘jump’

Loyal Women are going to be annoying and get on your nerves, because they love you & want you to reach full potential. SPHs don’t get on your nerves, because they got other hoes. She doesn’t love YOU, she loves the lifestyle you provide for her.

Guys who like a SPH are too affected by their past EX who hurt or cheated on them to be emotionally available to you classy women anyway. Scorned males respond to heart-brake by turning into a hoe himself. When a scorned Chris Brown sings, ‘these hoes ain’t loyal, he is referencing the man in his mirror.

#3 Classy Women don’t know how to submit to a weak man. These self proclaimed hoes happily will.

Scorned males secretly want to be treated like a God by a woman, to repair the damage their EX caused his low self esteem.

Classy women are too smart to treat a man like he is her Lord & savior, so he chooses a SPH instead, because she strokes the male ego, by playing into his fantasy of being worshiped like a God.

#4 Classy women are boring. These self proclaimed hoes are fun.

A scorned male knows a SPH just wants temporary fun with no rules & substance. He fears he lacks substance to keep a classy woman interested in him long term. Nothing destroys a male’s ego like realizing a woman with class has absolutely no use for him.

A SPH requires no substance. She doesn’t require he be monogamous. She has male-hoes of her own. Classy women make a man earn her time and a chance inside her body. A SPH will offer up a man her ass before he even asks, appealing to a male with nothing but dick to offer. A SPH is willing to validate him and be his trophy. Scorned males care more about validation from other males than they care about a woman, because they are ego-driven.

#5 Classy Women posses too many standards to be ride-or-die Wifey material like These self proclaimed hoes are.

A Strong man wants a motivating woman, not a ride-or-die chick.
A strong man wants a woman who asks questions, like:
What is your relationship with God?
What are your intentions with me?
What can you see us building together?
Don’t just be along for the ride, dying to ask questions, afraid to speak your mind.
That’s how you end up in a relationship with a man for months, thinking you’re his girlfriend, when you’re really just his side chick.

You want to ride? Ride for my goals & ambitions. Ride for a cause with me. Let’s change the world together.

Keep being good women ladies.. It’ll pay off in the end. I know Usher said, ‘Shawty, I don’t mind If you dance on a pole, that don’t make you a hoe. I’m proud to call you my bitch’.

A complement to your mind is directed at you. Being called ‘Bad bitch’ is really a synonym for, ‘piece of meat with the most fuckable body parts’. Be more than that queens. Be substance. Be fierce. A strong man wants to fall in love with your mind, dine on your food for thought and let your appearance be the icing on the cake.

I know you see Amber Rose pose to all the likes and attention, & you may get envious. Just know, men in the real world don’t want every man to see the most intimate parts of their woman, unless she’s doing it as a form of self expression, because that’s who she really is. I don’t feel Amber Rose is a hoe in light of her current pics, she’s a stripper turned model, comfortable in her own skin. & I disagree with the following meme featuring her,

We need to stop always blaming the woman & what she lacks or ‘has to offer’ for a break up. Sometimes it’s not about her flaws or lacks, sometimes two people meet each other before they are ready for each other.

I don’t knock or judge any woman who flaunts the assets she was blessed with. If that’s what you want to do, bare it all at a Caribbean nude beach, Sex only who you want to. Just do it, because that’s your form of self expression, of the exhibitionist you really are, not for money, likes, attention or validation, not to be a hoe who’s winning. You are NOT a hoe. You are a royal spirit. No amount of money is worth your integrity.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women”
IG: @Fuel4TheBODY
Blog: RealNewsPaper.wordpress.com
Motivational #SpeakLife vidoes: Youtube.com/RealNewsmagazine

About Ebrahim Aseem

I am a chef, writer & motivational speaker. I've been a youth mentor for young Black men for 10 years & I'm currently shopping my first book, "Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women"
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2 Responses to Why THESE HOES Stay Winning & wifed, while CLASSY women stay SINGLE

  1. kaydia00 says:

    So timely. …thank you.

  2. Nicole Tee says:

    I didn’t read this until 2 hours after I was tagged to read…the response posted before reading this below…

    Real men aren’t afraid of real women and don’t desire these women either. Which is a very simple and true concept. I don’t get bothered or look at them as “winning”, I actually feel sad for them because that’s all they are looked at as and bring nothing but that- to the table, which makes them easily replaceable, which is actually more sad than anything. As for the men who objectify these chicks and think they’re winning until they get tired of them by 1, realizing they are about as deep as a kiddie pool in the intellect department or the next dude with more money come around they are gone, I say you got what you wanted, someone easily swayed by the bullshit. They like those kind of women because they NEED them to support their fake lifestyles, while women who have their own don’t need anything but him to BE a man. I’m not tripping and won’t because the caliber of man I want in my life cannot be found in the low quality of men who actually choose to date these kind of women. I’m just sayin’… She very #unbothered 🙌

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