If a man seems TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, he is. #BreakfastInBed Episode #2


As India stared daggers at her cheating ex J.R., who’d just confessed he had herpes, her first thought wasn’t “who gave him herpes?” it was, “why is my boss crying?” Suddenly a cold feeling came over India.

“So, did you give it to him, or did he give it to you?” India asked her boss, Cynthia, with her left hand on her hip & her right hand gripping her iphone.

India might have thoroughly slapped the taste out of Cynthia’s jaw-dropped mouth, if not for her phone occupying her pimp-hand.

“Oh my freaking God, wait,” one of the male customers in line blurted, “are you telling me a bad bitch & her blonde boss have been sharing the D, & the D they’ve been sharing gave them both herpes? Yaaaaaaaaas! Where’s a bag of popcorn when you need one? I’m about to vine this!”

“Lookie here,” India said, switching her phone to her left hand, “I’m all for equality. But, just because your eyebrows are on fleek, your mascara is on point & we both date men, does not mean you can ever casually fix your lips to refer to any woman as a bitch, bad bitch, bestie bitch, pretty bitch or the like, you hear me? Now, if you press play on that vine & post my business online, I will snatch off my earrings, shove that over-sized HTC up your ass & make you my bitch, bitch.”

All the customers in the store applauded. Cynthia tip-toped away laterally, as if she was doing some rhythmic-less rendition of the electric slide.

“Um, excuse me Goldielocks” India snapped, staring at Cynthia, “don’t try to scurry off down some rabbit hole when you KNOW I just caught you red-pupil-ed. Over there crying those crocodile tears of guilt. You slept with my ex, DIDN’T YOU?!”

“Sweetie,” Rosaria quietly interjected, “Goldielocks wasn’t in Wonderland, Alice was. You’re mixing your metaphors.”

“Indie, I am soooooo sorry,” Cynthia pleaded, walking closer to India, with both hands up in a defense position. “It was after you broke up with him. He t…”

“Listen Ariel, I’mma need for you to lose your voice right about now, zip it!” India replied, snapping at Cynthia.

“Alright, enough with all this Disney vernacular!” a jovial, heavyset construction worker complained. “Are you two kittens gonna cat fight or nah? I’ve been recording this argument in my phone going on three minutes! It’s already too long to post on Instagram as is. Come on now, less chit-chatting, more neck-snapping.”

“Ugh, men!” all the women in the store complained in unison.

“Look, she told me you were cool with it,” J.R. confessed. “I thought this was some ménage à trey, sort of…”

“Shut your lying, musty dick having ass up J.R.!” India yelled. “You know good & damn well she didn’t tell you that. You cheating ass niggas are all the same. You pit the women you cheat on against one another, so they shame each other, blame themselves & feel they have to compete with all women, instead of holding your manipulative ass responsible for your lack of self-control. YOU did this shit. YOU played with fire. Now your stupid ass is getting burned in the balls because of it.

I was so loyal to you. Do you know how many good men I turned down to be loyal to you? You know what, I’m done,” India said, strutting towards the door.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women”


Anthony walked into the gym, past the punching bags, down the steps and into the locker room. He proceeded to his locker, faced it, dropped his gym bag & waited for instructions. A man wearing a grey jogging suit placed boxing gloves over Anthony’s left shoulder.

Lead: “You leave at four-hundred hours. Here are your coordinates.”

The man picked up Anthony’s gym bag and walked out of the locker room. Anthony removed the gloves from his shoulders, reached inside & pulled out a piece of paper with coordinates on them. After memorizing the numbers, he ripped up the paper, put it in his mouth, swallowed it and prepared for his work out.


It took all the strength India could muster for her not to cry in front of a store full of people. Once she got outside, however, she couldn’t hold her tears in any longer.

“What’s wrong with me?!” She thought to herself as she cried. “Why does everyone I trust in end up hurting me like this? How could he cheat on me, with a woman twice my age? Oooooooooouuuuhhhhhh! I’m such an idiot! I just want to be happy. I’m so tired of the pain. God, where is my happiness? When will it be my turn to have something real?”

“Awwww babe, it sounds like you’ve found something real to me,” Rosaria comforted, wrapping her arms around her sister’s waist. “Anthony defiantly sounds like bae right about now. You were so excited when you sent me that text, don’t let some dirty-dick nigga like J.R. steal your joy my love.”

“That’s the thing that concerns me,’ India complained, embracing her sister’s hug, “Anthony is seeming to good to be true right now. He’s tall, successful and respectful, yet I’m kinda scared of him. He does this manly thing with his voice, the demanding way he talks to me sends shivers up my spine. This man is the Black Thor Rose! Like what the hell! Why is God teasing me with everything I ever wanted in a man?!”

“God doesn’t tease nor tempt you honey, that’s the devil,” Rosaria corrected. Satan is a lie. You just left that demon J.R. in the dust where he belongs, stop crawling back to what broke you. All those nights you spend over-thinking in your bathtub, sulking in your sorrows & soaking in your Epson salt. Stop entertaining the thought that the type of man you want is some fictional character who is too good to be true. Honey you are a sweet, educated, fashionable, humble beautiful woman! You deserve black Thor! Stop questioning if a man is too good to be true or not & just embrace a good thing.”

“It’s hard to embrace a good thing from any man, when all you’ve ever known is inconsistency,” India complained. “I just don’t think I have it in me to trust another man, fall in love & open up my heart ,only for it to get shattered again, because I might not make it out alive next time.”

“As women, we have a habit of over thinking ourself back into the arms of the type of man who broke us because we are scared to trust again & do everything all over again,” Rosaria replied. “Anthony may be too good to be true, but at least the nigga doesn’t have herpes!”

Rosaria laughed.

“Oh my god!” India responded, slapping her sister on the forearm. “That is not funny! Now I have to sneak in somebody’s clinic and get tested for this shit!”

“Honey, I really don’t think you’re at risk,” Rosaria replied, nursing her forearm. “J.R. just found out. He probably got it from Cynthia after you dumped him.”

“I can’t take the risk,” India responded, looking her sister in the eye, “I have to know for sure. Besides, it’s not fair to Anthony for me to go into anything with him, knowing I might have an STI. I have to tell him.”

“Nooooooo!” Rosaria warned. “That’s what you’re not about to do. Don’t scare Black Thor off. Especially not before he hooks a sista up with some of his Avenger friends. Shit, I need me a Chocolate Captain America in my life.”

“Well I deserve something real in my life!” India complained. “I am tired of lying, cheating, go-behind-your-back-and-fuck-your-boss men! I don’t know if Anthony is too good to be true or not, but I will not start anything with this man without being honest with him.”

India turned her back to his sister and pulled out her phone.

“What are you doing?” Rosaria asked, peeking over her sister’s shoulder.

“I’m texting bae,” India teased. “Why don’t you go get you a bae of your own, & stop telling me how to love mine.”


Cynthia ran to her office and shut her door, so she could cry in peace. After staring at the picture of her, her husband, her son and her big, white fluffy Samoyed, she picked up her phone and texted her husband.

Her text read, “Greg, we need to take Fluffy to the vet ASAP! I might have given him something!”

She grabbed the picture of her family off her desk and stared at her reflection in the glass inside the frame.

“I’m so sorry baby,” she cried, rubbing her dog’s face in the picture. “Momma is so sorry.”


After an intense workout, Anthony showered off and got dressed. Before he put on his shoes, he got a new notification in his phone. Browsing his many notifications, he scrolled down, until he saw a text from India.

It read, “Hey handsome 🙂 How’s your day going? I hope yours is better than mine. Everything went to shit since I left your presence. Maybe I should have just stayed with you lol smh”

As he headed out the gym, he decided to take India out on their first date that night to cheer her up. In the six weeks since he’d met her, he had ample time to fantasize about where he’d take her for their first date if ever he was blessed with the opportunity. Her long, athletic legs, told him she loved to dance. Her curvaceous thighs and thick butt told him she loved a good restaurant. But her latest text told him she needed a stress reliever. He decided to take her on a date to Chakra Yoga, fresh seafood at Fisherman’s wharf and a long walk with deep conversation afterwards.

He texted her, “My day is going well, but my concern is with you sweetheart. I want to take you out on a date tonight. Let my presence and planning take away your stress. What time are you free?”

Anthony pulled up his Black Audi to India’s apartment at 6:05pm wearing a blue themed 3-piece suit & tie.

Once she saw him through her window, she opened her front door & waved at him. He walked up the stairs and when she opened the door, he handed her this:


“Wow, Thank you,” India said appreciatively, after Anthony handed her four dozen pink tuplips, “how did you even know tulips were my favorite flowers?”

“Maybe,” Anthony answered, “just maybe, it’s because like a tuplip, you’re often closed off to the world, but when feed a little light, and little deserved attention, you open up & blossom just as beautiful as these tulips….or maybe I saw you pin them on Pintrest.

“OMG, you’ve been cyber stalking me?” India asked with a huge smile after inhaling the scent of her flowers & placing them on her coffee table.

“Not at all,” Anthony answered, talking India’s hand & leading her down the steps, “it’s just that I learned women aren’t hard to read, as men, we just don’t peep the hints. A woman’s social networks outlines the blueprints to her heart. Her Pintrest is her vision board of the happily ever after she knows she deserves. I knew I wanted to buy you flowers as a respect offering for our date, so I looked up your Pintrest & saw you had pinned it about a week ago.”

“Very observant man,” India complemented. “I like that. As a woman who pays attention to every detail, I look for meticulousness in a man.

Anthony pressed his car key to unlock the door, but accidentally popped his trunk instead.

“Ooops,” Anthony complained, “could you shut that for me while I get your door?”

“Of course,” India agreed.

She walked to the back of his car & placed her hand on the trunk door, but before she could shut it, her eye caught a shiny gleam of light. She tapped her phone to give her a little light, and to her surprise, Anthony’s trunk was half full off semi-automatic guns, bullets & silencers.

What should have taken her aback had actually turned her on. She had always had a thing for guns, yet never laid a finger on one. Maybe it was the power they represented, but her fascination with a deadly weapon had crossed paths with her fascination with Anthony. She shut his trunk & walked to his passenger side door. After escorting her in her seat, Anthony closed her door & hopped into the driver’s seat.

“I have something to tell you,” they both confessed, almost at the same time.

“No, me first,” he insisted.

“No, no, I have to get this off my chest,” India admitted, “I’ve been thinking about this all day.”

“I wouldn’t be upfront if I didn’t get this off my chest before our first date,” Anthony insisted. “I’m into liquidation.”

“I know, I know, ” India rushed, “liquidation by assassination. You’re a ninja-assassin or something. I snuck a peck at your guns in the trunk. Nice guns, might I add, very James Bond-esque, I’m actually impressed, but I need to tell you…”

“I’m not a ninja assassin,” Anthony assured her with a smile, “I’m a Navy SEAL, Special Activities Division. I popped the trunk on purpose, anticipating you’d be nosey enough to peak at my weaponry. I wanted you to see that so you’d know what I do without me having to explain it too much, but that’s not what I meant by saying I’m into liquidation. I have an addiction. And by addiction, I mean sexual in nature.”

“Woah,” India replied, “this isn’t some Fifty Shades of Negro shit is it? Because, I like hair pulling & ass slapping like the next girl, but I don’t do whips my brother. Our people have seen enough of those during slavery to last us ten lifetimes.”

“I’m not into BDSM,” Anthony assured her, “and I’m nothing like Christian Grey. Grey was a scared & lonely little boy who was molested as a child, seen his mother killed by her pimp as a boy, & spent the rest of his life searching for the love of his mother through the women he dominated.”

“I see you’ve read the book,” India noticed, “does that means you’d be down to see the movie for a second date?”

“I’m addicted to vaginal juice,” Anthony confessed.

“Come again?” India asked.

“Exactly,” Anthony retorted. “Ever since I divorced my EX-fiancée, I’ve been celibate. A husband is something I’ve wanted to be my whole life, but I never agreed sex should be something saved for marriage. So, I had my fun. I’ve been with over 25 women before my twenty-fifth birthday, but ever since I broke up with my EX-fiancée, I’ve been celibate. I realized I want the next woman I have sex with to be my wife. The past year without sex has been the hardest 365 days of my life, not because I couldn’t have sex, but because I realized I have an addiction. I can’t sleep, & when I do, I can’t fully rest, because I had gotten so used to a woman’s warm, lower-lips massaging mine before bed. Vaginal juice is the only thing that relaxes me before bed. My stomach actually aches & moans, because I’m psychically hungry for it.”

“Oh my lord,” India said, crossing her legs in excitement.

“See, that’s what I’m talking about right there,” Anthony said, pointing to her lap,” you have to stop that. I can smell it & the smell of it makes my mouth water.”

“Good God,” India blurted, “I can’t take this. Are you serious right now. Lawd! How do I open the windows in this car.”

“I’m only telling you, because I don’t want you to have unrealistic expectations,” Anthony admitted. “I’m not interested in having sex again until I propose to the one I will spend the rest of my life with & I felt it was fair to let you know, any connection you & I share must be above the waist first.”

“Wow,” India responded. “I have never heard a man say anything like that before. Do you know the weirdest thing to me is not your addition. It is your choice to be celibate. I didn’t know that was an option men even entertained. See, I am so used to manipulative, cheating, lying men, that I actually questioned if you were too good to be true. I now see that I was wrong, which makes me want to tell you my confession even more now.”

Before she could continue, India’s received a text notification from her sister, which read, “DON’T TELL HIM!!!! </3" Instead of responding, she just ignored the text & kept talking.

"I just found out some life changing news today," India continued. "I felt it is only fair to tell you…"

Suddenly India heard a banging on her window. When she turned to her right, she saw her sister banging her fist against Anthony's car window.

"What the hell," Anthony said, rolling down the passenger side window, "there's two of you?"

"India," Rosaria warned, "don't say another Goddamn word."

"You know what?" India yelled, jumping out of the car & into her sister's face. "I am so sick & tired of your whack ass advice. Where as it ever gotten me? But cheated on, lied to & taken advantage of by men. I finally find a man worth a damn, & you want me to lie to him?"

"India!" India’s sister complained silently, shutting the car door "I am trying to protect you. J.R. never gave you herpes."

"How the hell can you confidently say that?" India asked.

"Because," Rosaria confessed, "your EX-boyfriend never had herpes, until I gave it to him.”

To be continued….
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This is a fictional, weekly web-story, based on true events, written by:

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women”
IG: @Fuel4TheBODY
Blog: RealNewsPaper.wordpress.com
Motivational #SpeakLife vidoes: Youtube.com/RealNewsmagazine

About Ebrahim Aseem

I am a chef, writer & motivational speaker. I've been a youth mentor for young Black men for 10 years & I'm currently shopping my first book, "Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women"
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  1. Kathy says:

    I’m loving every minute of this… Please keep writing… But don’t give me false hope!!! Where are the men like this? Only a fictional story right? Ugh

  2. you and these cliff hangers are worst than #htgawm and #scandal bravo Ebrahim vant wait for more 🙂

  3. sabrina says:

    Oh my gosh im literally screaming inside and speechless the way you capture a readers heart is exceptional keep up the great work looking forward to reading every Thursday.

  4. Ms.Hopeless2findluv says:

    Looking forward to the next chapter. You have made me a true fan of your work. It is a wonderful thing that a young man can express and articulate himself with great vivid detail that take the reader on the journey through the pages as if the reader is living the story themselves. Just to have my mind intrigued….oh my.. Keep doing what you are doing.,

  5. iprettysmile says:

    Omg I cannot waitttttttt

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