The CURE to defeat your Over-Thinking mind


Here’s 5 awesome hidden symbolic gems in The Little Mermaid on how to defeat your Over-Thinking.

I never met a mentally ascended woman with a decent sleep pattern. Those wife caliber women stay up, over-thinking about forever. Planning scenarios years in advance as they ponder life & its meaning. If she’s a deep thinking & late sleeper, she’s a keeper.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women”

#1 Ariel’s voice is as beautiful as her compassion, but her over-thinking mind was her worst enemy.


In the Disney film, “The Little Mermaid” voice symbolizes the voices of one’s subconscious.

Scuttle the bird represents the subconscious voice of curiosity. This is why you over-think. You replay scenarios & whatifs in your mind, curious of what the outcome would be if you did this or that.

#2 Just as Ursala & Ariel’s father are rival siblings, your thoughts are rival siblings


Everytime Ariel obeys one sibling, she considers the advice of the other sibling. This is symbolic of cognitive duality. Thoughts are siblings.

The reason you over-think is, you hold two thoughts at once. This is a double mind.

Stop entertaining the thought of ‘what you don’t want to happen’ <= that is a wish.
Hold ONLY the thought of what you DO want & it will manifest. This is how you use the law of attraction to state your intent to the universe & defeat your over-thinking.

3. Just LISTEN to the RED! Red flags that is.


You ignore red flags the same way King Triton ignored his daughter Ariel. He assumed her age & lack of experience meant he shouldn't listen to her willingness to trust the humans he felt were "all bad". This symbolizes the subconscious voice of red flags.

You disobey your red flags, thinking if you want it bad enough you can change a situation or person into their potential, fooling yourself.

You know why you over-think, know why you're so broke? because you broke your own trust being disloyal to your intuition. Your over-thinking is the echo of your broken trust, haunting your mind.

You must look in the mirror & verbally forgive yourself form breaking your own trust, say, "I forgive you! You took a chance & got burned, but this mistake lead to listens learned, so I forgive you! You are not broken! You are whole & I love you! I love every little piece of you!?

#4 Every wish you get is NOT a blessing. The devil grants wishes too.



Ariel fell in love with Prince Eric, despite her father’s reservations about humans. Ursala saw, played on this weakness & used it against Ariel. The enemy knows what you want & give it to you to make you give up on a dream, or your grand purpose. This symbolizes the subconscious voice of suicidal thoughts.

Ever had over-thinking suicidal thoughts? That was NOT you, it was the enemy trying to convince you of destroying yourself before you save another soul.

Ignore suicidal thoughts & save not just your life, but all the lives you were put here to save. Imagine if MLK, Virgin Mary or our great-great-grandmother would’ve committed suicide, we all would have suffered for it.


Your over-thinking is fueled by your seeking validation from family, friends, society and even your followers.

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Once you get it out your mind you don’t need the world’s validation for your choices, & how you want to live your life, your over-thinking thoughts will subside.

#5 Ariel’s singing voice represented her gift, her soul. Ursla was a Soul Vampire


Your over-thinking is the voice of the guilt you carry for disobeying your mind that warned you hesitating listening to your intuition would get you heart, but you wouldn’t listen. Everytime you overthink, it’s your guilt telling you, ‘I told you so.’

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Ursala stole Ariel’s voice. Your guilt is stealing your subconscious voice of intuition. Stop beating yourself up for that tragic event in your past no one knows is stealing eating you up. Let it go Princess Ana! You did not “let them break you’ you trusted & gambled on love and pain won. Get out your feelings & get your foot out your own ass.

Silence your over-thinking by letting go of that guilt. Each night before bed, tell yourself.

‘I may be flawed like a diamond, but by my flaws I am NOT defined, no mistake crack in my diamond can dim my shine. The love I have for myself is built on a rock, so I AM a rock, unbreakable!

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women”
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