She’s not crazy. She’s been put through hell. Her hesitation is her protecting you from her demons. #BreakfastInBed Ep.6


“Well, what are you waiting for?” Rosaria asked her twin India. “Let momma in.”

India stood with her back to the front door, in complete shock. The woman who knew her older brother was molesting her twin sister since age 11, the woman who knew, but didn’t tell anyone, she was standing on the other side of her door.

The guilt of keeping that secret for her twin sister nearly destroyed India every time she looked at Rosaria. But, she knew telling that secret would destroy her sister. Despite the pain of holding it in, she decided to keep the secret from Rosaria and let her mother in.


“Nobody knows our mother told me to rape Rosaria, not even my twin sisters,” Austin told Anthony.

“But where are the sex tapes your mother shot of you doing it on the nanny cam?” Anthony asked, choking Austin.

“Locked away in a safe on the family manor, I’m sure,” Austin confessed.

“Well then, you’re going to take me to them,” Anthony demanded.

Breakfast in Bed: Episode 6
By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women”


“Mom!” Rosaria greeted, hugging her mother as she walked into her apartment.
India turned her nose up at the sight of her twin hugging their mother.

“We don’t have time for affection,” the twins’ mother admitted.

“You never had time for affection,” India snapped. “Heaven forbid you show one of your daughters the affectionate approval they deserve, or let the words ‘I love you’ slip paste your lips, the whole world might end.”

“I’m not here for hugs and kisses,” the twins’ mother replied, staring at India, “I’m here to save your world from ending. There’s been a murder…and once the police find the body, the two of you will be linked to it.”

Rosaria & India stare deep into each others eyes.


“I can’t just waltz you onto my family’s manor,” Austin warned Anthony. “My family has a lot of secrets to hide, & they have insidious ways of protecting them. You wouldn’t make it to the front lawn.”

“You must not know who I am & what I represent,” Anthony assured Austin. “The rights you take for granted daily, are rights soldiers a thousand times the man you are fight to protect. We face danger you couldn’t possibly fathom, the type of danger that would make your skin crawl just hearing about. I’ve watched men die, and had to pick up their dead, cold corpse, load it on my back, and crawl miles in a swamp with no food, water, lodging or refuge.

I’ve snatched the lives of serial killing terrorists out of thin air, with my bare hands. Wrapping my grip around their pulse, until their last breath escaped their sinister bodies. So, when you tell me I wouldn’t make it on your twisted family’s property, realize you’re not just insulting me, you’re insulting the tutelage of the greatest armored forces in the world, the US Navy.”


“What could possibly give you the impression we will be linked to a murder?” India asked her mother Gloria.

“Well, naturally because the body will be found at your apartment,” Gloria smirked.

India & Rosaria looked at each other with confused facial expressions.
Gloria walked up to Rosaria, until they were inches from each other.

“Your boss gives your sister herpes,” Gloria continued, “she fires the both of you in anger, & you kill your boss and the man who gave her herpes in retaliation.”

“I didn’t kill anyone,” Rosaria defended.

“I know you didn’t baby,” Gloria laughed, “but cops tend not to believe you when you have a dead body in your bathroom.”

“What is she talking about?” India asked, puzzled.

Rosaria ran to her bathroom and opened the door.

“Oh my God!” Rosaria screamed.

India ran to her sister, who had just discovered the body of her weed man laying on the bathroom floor, face down.

“Ria! What happened?!” India screamed in shock.

“I don’t know,” Rosaria cried.

“Tell me you did not kill your weed man!” India responded.”

“I didn’t!” Rosaria defended. “I hit him up to buy a couple of bags and a couple of minutes before you came, he showed up, I bought the weed from him, then he asked to use the bathroom. And now…”

“Ok, ok, ok,” India replied, cutting her off, “so if you saw him alive, that means someone else killed him.

India looked down the hall to her mother who was still standing in their living room.


“So tell me, mister Navy Seal,” Austin responded, “why would such an important man like yourself take such risks, offering to kill for a woman you barely know?”

“Granted we’ve known each other for some time,” Anthony replied, “it doesn’t take a whole day to recognize sun shine. I’ve had more women in my bed than some men have in their phones. I’ve had model chicks, fit thicks, CEOs and college grads, all wanting me, fighting for my time, begging me for the commitment I withheld from them. From all that I learned, time is an illusion.

As men, we play game of depriving a woman of our time, withhold commitment, acting like it’s ‘too early’ for her to expect exclusivity from us. Well, it’s not. If a man cares strongly for a woman, why should he fight that feeling, or hold back on a relationship, because he doesn’t think he’s ready?

The truth is, we will never feel ready enough for a successful, genuine, sweet woman unlike any woman we’ve ever had, until we lose her. Then, we will fight our whole life to get her back, but women of integrity don’t repeat mistakes. I refuse to make that mistake with your sister India. Many guys, half the man I am, have passed her up, maybe, because her family is a little crazy, maybe because of the smart mouthed attitude she feels the need to hide. Well, her flaws will never be a deal breaker to me. I learned,

a genuine woman with trust issues is not crazy or over emotional. She has just been through so much b.s.

You don’t know growing up her mother treated her like shit & put men over her own daughter. Moms never acknowledging things she did, never showing her love & care, always putting her down & calling her names. You don’t know family & friends who she trusted, stabbed her in the back, let money come between them & proved to be disloyal.

You don’t know how hard it is for her to met a guy, fall in love, finally trust him, only to get her heart shattered to pieces. Then, have to pick up all those pieces only to met a guy again & go through the same b.s. over & over like a never-ending nightmare.

Which is why I don’t mind putting in hard work, time & patience to EARN a sweet woman’s trust by proving myself trustworthy with my actions over time.

As a good man, we will watch her give the assholes a million chances at her heart & she’ll be so slow to show us real men affection, but in her mind, she just doesn’t want to hurt us.

She’s protecting us from her demons. Show her you’re willing to dedicate your life to standing by her side, taking away her demons. Show her it’s not her against the world, it’s you & her against the world. Be her peace and she will become that. This is why I am willing to kill for your sister. She is my peace, and that is why she asked me to wipe this horrid peace of her past out of her life. She knows my love for her is that deep.


“I think she knows,” India reveled.

“What, about your Black Thor killing Austin? no way,” Rosaria assured her sister.

“Well then,” India asked, “why would mom kill Cynthia, our boss, and her lover, who just happens to be your weed man, unless she’s trying to frame us in retaliation for killing Austin?”

“How do we even know mom killed them in the first place?” Rosaria asked.

“Be for real!” India commanded her sister. “If it wasn’t you and it wasn’t me, then who the hell else could have done it?”

“But even if she knew you ordered the hit for Austin,” Rosaria replied, “why would she want to frame us for a murder we didn’t commit?”

“Let’s ask her,” India responded, grabbing her twin’s handed & storming back into their living room.

“Rosaria didn’t kill Cynthia,” India told her mother, “and you know that. So, what I want to know is, why would the police think she did it. And, how the hell do you even know Cynthia is dead in the first place?”

“Because,” India’s mother replied, leaning in to India to whisper in her daughter’s ears, “I just killed Cynthia.

To be continued….
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By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody

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By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women”
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