You’re not “in love” you just feel too emotionally invested to leave. Stop being loyal to what ‪#‎neglects‬ you #BreakfastInBed Ep.7

Last week on “Breakfast in Bed”

“Mom!” Rosaria yelled in shock. “Why did you kill Cynthia?”

“You didn’t think I would waste a perfect opportunity for insurance, would you? the twin’s mother Gloria smirked. “Tomorrow, I announce my candidacy for governor of California. The press and my opponents alike will till every crop in the field that is my past, searching for dark secrets to reveal for headlines. Killing Cynthia & her thugged out adulterer will ensure both the silence and allegiance of the two most important frenemies I have, my twin daughters, you.”

Breakfast in Bed: Episode 7.
By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody

Anthony secured the premises, loaded his Beretta, handcuffed Austin, ducked tapped his mouth shut and threw him in the trunk of his Audi. With the help of his jail broken, encrypted laptop, Anthony was able to find India’s father’s estate, by typing her name & date of birth in the federal database.


“What possessed you to think you needed to kill our boss to ensure our allegiance?” Rosaria asked her mother.

“Oh please,” Gloria replied, “let’s not play coy. Bitterness is motive enough for you to cross me in the press.”

“Bitterness?” Rosaria asked with a confused look.

“Can I talk to you outside for a moment?” India asked her mother.

“Why the secrecy?” Rosaria snapped at her twin, folding her arms.

“There’s no secrecy Ria,” India assured her sister, before staring at her mother, “I just have something I need to confide in my mother about.”


Once they arrived to the Taylor Manor, Anthony parked two blocks away from the entrance gate, pulled Austin out of his trunk and demanded he take his high heels off. Once Austin obliged, Anthony tossed the heels in his trunk, shut it and drug Austin 200 feet to a sewer drain.

“Does this drain lead to your father’s estate?” Anthony asked.

“How am I supposed to know?” Austin mumbled with the duct tape obstructing his speech.

“Booom!” was the sound Anthony’s gun made as he pistol whipped Austin in his mouth.

“You’re already dead,” Anthony told Austin. “Your sister wrote your death certificate and signed it to me. Trust me when I say, I am going to kill you. The only question is, will it be painless and quick, or slow and torturous. The answer lies between your lies. Now, does this drain lead inside your father’s estate?

Austin nodded with a shiver once he mentally digested Anthony’s ultimatum. Anthony pulled out his pliers to lift up the drain, slid it from over the whole and tossed Austin inside.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Austin mumbled. The mumble lasted 1.5 seconds, which, judging by Austin’s height, let Anthony know it was a 15 foot jump. He slid the drain top close to the hole, slid inside, slowly drug the drain top as far over the hole as he could, then jumped down the whole, bracing his fall for the impact.


After her mother followed her outside the apartment, India shut her front door and let her mother down the steps.

“She doesn’t know,” India confessed to her mother.

“Bull-shit,” Gloria told her daughter, staring in India’s eyes with a stern look.

“Trust me,” India continued, “she doesn’t know. Because, if she did, she wouldn’t have greeted you with a hug, she would have greeted you with five fingers to the face. Momma, I’m not you. I never had whatever it is you possessed that allows you to destroy people with your words. You treat the closest people to you like they’re some hostile witness you’ve been summoned to interrogate. Well, that’s not me. As much as I love Rosaria, I could never muster up the courage to tell my twin sister her own mother knew she was being molested by her big brother and did nothing to stop it.”

“You watch how you speak to the future governor of California,” Gloria warned her daughter, “I can destroy your sassy-mouthed ass with the snap of my fingers. Now, if you really haven’t told your sister yet, you’re just as weak as I thought you were. Because now, you will never get the opportunity.

Gloria reached into her tote, pulled out a white, ether-soaked handkerchief and held over to India’s nose and face, until her daughter passed out in her mother’s arms.


Anthony landed just inches away from Austin, who was laid out in a puddle of sewer water, nursing his knee.

“I bet you’re glad I made you take off those six-inch heels,” Anthony joked.

Austin mumbled a retort, but Anthony couldn’t make out what he was saying. Still, he took out his gun and pistol whipped Austin for good measure. Just in case his mumble was a verbal sign of insubordination. Anthony put away his gun and pulled out his compass. After estimating the coordinates, he pulled Austin out of the puddle, kicked him in his butt and motioned him to walk through the tunnel leading northwest.


Gloria carried India’s body into the backseat of her unmarked car and shut the door. India’s body lay limp and motionless on the black, leather seats. Gloria hopped into the driver’s seat, started her car and drove off. She unlocked her phone and sent three pre-typed text messages she had written earlier, all to three different recipients.

Three minutes later, after her mother drove off with her twin sister unconscious in her backseat, Rosaria heard her phone rang. It was her friend Tatiana. Despite the ill-timed phone call during a tragic family crisis, she decided to take the call.

“Hey love,” Rosaria answered. “How are you.

“Girrrrrrrrrrl, I’m realky going through it right now,” Tatiana answered. “It’s my fiancée. He verbally shitted on me yet again.”

“What was it this time hun,” Rosaria replied with an eye roll.

“Same reason,” Tatiana sighed, “well this time, it was because I questioned his late nights with his boys. Like, go ahead and have fun, but don’t think you can just come strolling into my house at 5am in the morning, drunk as fuck, looking like who shot John and what for.”

“Tati, if he’s been so inconsiderate of your feelings now, just imagine what life will be like once you’re married to him,” Rosaria pointed out. “If he can’t respect your wants and listen to you speak your mind, you need to consider leaving his sorry behind.”

“It’s easier said than done,” Tatiana defended, “when you love a man, it’s hard to just leave him and start over every time he disappoints you. Besides, this is my sixth relationship & first time being proposed to. I refuse to go backwards. When you’re in love, it makes you…”

“Girl, you need to grow up,” Rosaria said, cutting her off.

“You’re not in love. You just feel too emotionally invested to leave. Stop being loyal to what neglects you.

A prison isn’t just being locked behind bars. It is to cage one’s mind & chain your conscious to the idea you are stuck. Free yourself of your mental prison. There is no cage. Try is an illusion. Simply let go of fear & trap it. Stop letting fear trap you.

A man will dangle marriage over your head like a carrot to a horse, if he knows it will keep you a prisoner to his inconsistency. Free yourself.”

Rosaria heard a knock at her door. Three seconds later the door was broken down, and a swat team stormed into her apartment with guns drawn.

“Freeze!” one of the men warned Rosaria, who was standing in the hallway, on her iphone.

“Ahhhh!” Rosaria screamed, dropping her phone in surprise.

“Where is he?!” the police officer yelled to her, pointing his gun behind her.

“Where is who?” Rosaria whimpered, her knees shaking in fear.

“Where is the man who tried to kill you,” the officer replied, “the man with the wig and high heels who shot your boss, her lover and killed your twin sister. Ma’am, where is your brother Austin?”

To be continued next Thursday…
By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody

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By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
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