She cut you off b/c she loves HER too much to be treated less than she deserves | Breakfast in Bed Ep.9


“Ahhhhh!” Rosaria screamed at the sight of the killer’s face. “It’s you!”

“Where is India?!” Rosaria screamed to her brother Austin, who was standing in the doorway, holding a gun, wearing white gloves, six-inch heels & an expressionless face. Staring at the older brother who had rapped her repeatedly as a young child sent jolts of fear up & down her spine. “Where is my sister?!”

Breakfast in Bed: Episode 9
By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody

“How the hell would I know where India is?” Austin replied, with his gun still cocked & raised.

“The police said you killed her,” Rosaria screamed. “I saw her dead body. Where is my sister?”

“Maybe you should ask her Captain-save-hoe-boyfriend, Anthony,” Austin replied.

*90 minutes earlier*

Austin and Anthony walked through the sewer tunnel, until they got to a broken hot water heater, with water gushing out from under it. After realizing their was no other way to escape, Anthony motioned Austin to climb up the water heater. Once he did, Anthony followed behind him. The two men climbed through a hole, until they reached the base of a huge garbage-chute container. They crawled the perimeter of the container and up the ladder attached to it.

Once they reached the top of the ladder, they jumped out of the garbage shoot and landed on a huge pile of wet compost. After rolling out of the pile, Anthony used his Baretta to motion Austin towards the freight elevator. They got on and rode to the top.

“Where’s the videos?” Anthony asked Austin, once the elevator doors swung open.

“Why should I tell you?” Austin replied with a smirk. “You said you’re just going to kill me anyway.”

“I also said if you don’t play ball, your death would be slow & torturous,” Anthony responded, jamming his gun in Austin’s ribs. “Remember what I did to your finger? Well, that was child’s play compared to what I’ll do to you if you don’t show me where those video’s of you rapping your sister are.”

Anthony pistol whipped Austin in the mouth, while covering his mouth, so his screams wouldn’t be heard.

“They’re in the safe,” Austin mumbled, nursing his busted lip.

“Well, to the safe way go,” Anthony ordered Austin.

Austin lead Anthony through his family’s manor, to his father’s wing. Once inside, to their surprise, Austin’s father, Richard, was sitting on his bed, in his burgundy robe, drinking coffee & holding a remote, almost as if he were waiting for their arrival.

“Where is your safe?” Anthony asked, raising his gun to Richard.

“My safe?” Richard answered, “oh, that’s just down the hall. But I promise you whatever’s in my safe could not be as nearly as valuable to you as what’s in my cabin.”

“Your cabin?” Anthony asked with a confused look.

“Yes, solider, my cabin,” Richard repeated, pointing with his remote to his flat screen.

Anthony peaked to the flat screen in front of Richard & dropped his jaw in disbelief. It was a huge picture of an unconscious India, with blood dripping from the side of her head.

“Tell me where India is, or I swear to God I will empty my clip on the both of you,” Anthony demanded.

“There’s no time, solider,” Richard replied in a stern voice. “I have a well paid swat team ready, with orders to take India apart, like mechanics at a body shop the moment she arrives, which can be any minute from now. So, you have a choice to make. Open my safe, or save my daughter. I can yelled out my safe code to you right now, but if I do, you won’t get the coordinates to that cabin. What a huge dilemma for you. So solider, which is it going to be?”

Anthony had rage in his eyes & hate in his heart. At that moment, he wanted nothing more than to empty his clip on both Richard & his son Austin. He thought about tying them up & lighting them both on fire. But, he also thought about his own father, and how he’d tried to arrange him into marrying his ex-fiance. He thought about all the twenty-five women he’d slept with in his life, and how worthless he thought love was, until he met India.

India saved Anthony from being love scorned. Ever since he met her, he no longer felt like meeting a new woman was a waste of time, like he used to. Being faced with a difficult choice, it was at that moment, Anthony replayed in his mind one of the hardest things he’d ever had to do. This hard thing was not killing a target, or making it through basic training as a NAVY Seal, it was opening up to India about his secret past.

“Ever since I divorced my EX-fiancée, I’ve been celibate,” Anthony confessed to India, just hours earlier, before their first date. “A husband is something I’ve wanted to be my whole life, but I never agreed sex should be something saved for marriage. So, I had my fun. I’ve been with over 25 women before my twenty-fifth birthday, but ever since I broke up with my EX-fiancée, I’ve been celibate.

I realized I want the next woman I have sex with to be my wife. The past year without sex has been the hardest 365 days of my life, not because I couldn’t have sex, but because I realized I have an addiction. I can’t sleep, & when I do, I can’t fully rest, because I had gotten so used to a woman’s warm, lower-lips massaging mine before bed. Vaginal juice is the only thing that relaxes me before bed. My stomach actually aches & moans, because I’m psychically hungry for it.”

“Oh my lord,” India said, crossing her legs in excitement.

“See, that’s what I’m talking about right there,” Anthony said, pointing to her lap,” you have to stop that. I can smell it & the smell of it makes my mouth water.”

“Good God,” India blurted, “I can’t take this. Are you serious right now. Lawd! How do I open the windows in this car.”

“I’m only telling you, because I don’t want you to have unrealistic expectations,” Anthony admitted. “I’m not interested in having sex again until I propose to the one I will spend the rest of my life with & I felt it was fair to let you know, any connection you & I share must be above the waist first.”

“Wow,” India responded. “I have never heard a man say anything like that before. Do you know the weirdest thing to me is not your addition. It is your choice to be celibate. I didn’t know that was an option men even entertained. See, I am so used to manipulative, cheating, lying men, that I actually questioned if you were too good to be true. I now see that I was wrong. Which makes me attracted to you even more. You feed my mind & comfort my spirit.”

India aroused more than his sexual appetite, she aroused his mind. She challenged him, yet respected him. She gave him purpose. And as much he had vengeance in his heart for Richard & Austin, Anthony had much more love in his heart for India.

“One thing that’s been eating me up all night, that I just don’t understand,” Anthony confessed to Richard and Austin, “why the hell does this family hate India so much? What the hell did she ever do to any of you?”

“She’s a traitor,” Richard snapped. “She’s disloyal. She crossed her family as a little girl and turned her back on her family once she grew up. Even though it’s my money that paid for her degree. It’s my last name that afforded her any opportunity she’s ever had in this world. Now, she thinks she’s so much better than us, because she’s go her degree & she prays, and works for a living. That crazy girl turned her back on a legacy, just to prove herself better than her own family.

Don’t you dare look at my son with disgust. India did that to him. She made him what he is. He was meant to be great, and it is her jealousy and insanity that drove us to hate her. She cut this family off, not the other way around. So, don’t go running your mouth about things you know nothing about.

“You’re a fuckin’ disgrace,” Anthony replied to Richard. “you pompous piece of shit. How can you talk about your own child like that? Just because you helped bring someone into this world, doesn’t give you the right to shit on them, their choices and their accomplishments. India is twice the person either of you will ever be.

She’s not crazy she’s caring, and puts others over her self. So, if she cut you off, it’s because loves HER self too much to be treated less than she deserves.

Blood is no excuse. If you can’t respect & value a person, you don’t deserve to be a part of their life, period. Now, what are the coordinates?”

“It shows weakness when a man chooses love of a woman over loyalty of duty,” Richard replied, tossing Anthony a folded up piece of paper, with coordinates scribbled on them. Anthony ran down the hall, hurried down the freight elevator, scrambled through the garage & through the gate, until he made his way back to his car. He spoke the coordinates into his voice command GPS and raced off to attempt to save India.

“Bring me Rosaria,” Richard demanded his son Austin, tossing him keys to one of his seven BMWs, along with a folded up piece of paper with coordinates on them.


“How would Anthony know where India is?” Rosaria asked her brother.

“Because, he chose to try to save her over trying to save you,” Austin answered, pointing his gun at his sister.

Rosaria threw her phone at Austin’s face to distract him, then jumped behind the bed. Anthony blindly fired a shot in the air in reaction.

“Ahh!!!” Rosaria screamed, fearing for her life.

To be continued next week.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody

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By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
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