If he’s not making his intentions to COMMIT clear w/ ACTIONS, he doesn’t see a future w/ you


If you meet a Loyal Woman who is wife material, WIFE her. Don’t wait years to commit to her. She knows her worth & will leave you. She may love you, but she loves her more.

Wives are BORN. Strong Women birth & raise wives. So a woman knows she is wife material & worthy of commitment. You think a mentally immature girl is “loyal” because she sticks with you without a title & gives you loyalty without commitment? NO.

That’s not loyal. When a woman really loves you as a man, she’s loyal to your level of commitment, not your ego. She will not ALLOW you to slight her, use her, string her along & be with her without commitment, because she knows you deserve a WIFE. Not a “main” or “bae” or “side chick”.

It’s pathetic when we will be with a Good Woman for 7 years, have 4 children by her, talking about, “We ain’t married yet, because I’m still getting to know her”. What the hell don’t you know about her after half a decade? You wouldn’t want your daughter done like that bro. Just commit to her. If you shower a woman of integrity with commitment, she will spoil you with loyalty. I refuse to be like my father & let a woman who is WIFE material walk out my life. He taught me, once you meet a queen, “don’t hesitate to wife her, because treasures are too rare to find. My mother raised a future husband, not a future baby daddy.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody

A man knows his intentions with you after the first encounter. If he sees a future with you or just 5 minutes of orgasm-less pleasure as his side chick. So, if he hasn’t made his intentions known with actions & consistency, you’re his option while pursuing another woman.

Men feel if they have no plans of a future with you, they aren’t required to commit to you. Men will give commitment to women who require it in reciprocation of their loyalty.


Guys purposely send mixed signals, so the woman he’s stringing along seconded guess if her standards for commitment are too high & unrealistic. This causes her to cling to him more.

Males with low esteem who’ve been hurt in their past, by an unaffectionate parent or EX, seek a woman to chase them. He knows, the more you starve a girl with abandonment issues of attention, the more they flood you with clinginess. This is why guys will “talk” to a woman for months without making his intentions known with actions. He has no intentions to seek a future with you. If he did, his actions would show it.

I’m tired of “talking” & games. I want a wife to give my last name. I want for life. I’m tired of paying $40 to see the same self proclaimed “bad bitches” in the club, wearing the same outfit she had on last week 󾌡 unrhythmically twerking on my throbbing manhood. I want agape love. I want crusing in the convertable drop top with my wife to the beach. My lips kiss her lips while the waves kiss her feet. A man w/o his good thing feels so incomplete. Let’s go on vacation to Paris, snapping usies in Brazil, then I’ll post them all on my social networks, so all the others girls know they can’t comepete with you. Whho can compare to my wife? Who can dare to think she can take my attention away from the love of my life. My rib. My empowerment. My courtship. My bride for eternity. I want to marry your soul. Propose to your spirit. Any demons deep inside, baby, let me clear it. I see you on your walk closer to the one who created you & I just want to get near it. Baby, will you marry me? Marry my dreams & ambitions if my actions are the ring that circles you with consistency? I want you. I want to pour confidence inside you. I want to put a baby in you, after you tell me, “Ebrahim Aseem, I do”.

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To all the Beautiful spirited Single Women, I want you to remember, you are WIFE material. Just because you’ve made the mistake of giving your heart to weak-minded males in your past over & over who have chewed it up, spit it out, broke your trust & trampled over your loyalty: it does not change the fact you are wife material, remember that.

Stay focused bettering yourself, hustling for your career path, fueling your ambitions& stacking for your future. Be patient. You will mos def be blessed with a Strong, Tall, spiritual, faithful, humorous, affectionate, Handsome Man of valor, who will place a ring on your finger & make you the wife you deserve to be. I pray you have a great day as beautiful as your giving spirit is deep inside.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women” & “Why no man should DATE a single mother”

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I am a chef, writer & motivational speaker. I've been a youth mentor for young Black men for 10 years & I'm currently shopping my first book, "Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women"
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1 Response to If he’s not making his intentions to COMMIT clear w/ ACTIONS, he doesn’t see a future w/ you

  1. Only1V says:

    I really enjoyed this post! Let me just start by saying that I follow you on Instagram and Twitter and I appreciate you sharing all this knowledge with us ladies. It’s good to be able to hear these things directly from a male’s perspective. I definitely saw myself all up and down this post (haha). I’m a woman who knows her worth and I definitely don’t stand to be treated as anything less. Though it’s hard sometimes and has been hard lately, your post just inspired me to continue being patient in my wait. So thank you!!! Continue to keep up the good work, you are truly an inspiration to many! 🙂

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