How all WOMEN are influenced by the moon & eclipse

By: Ebrahim Aseem
Instagram: @Fuel4TheBODY

Our MOON is not just earth’s guardian spirit. ‪The MOON aligns each soul with it’s mother before birth with its 28day cycle, by communicating with her pineal gland during her 28 day cycle.‬

An eclipse opens a door in the universe. Like a wormhole, this portal allows all characteristics of your moon sign to eclipse the attributes of your sun sign. After the total eclipse of August 21, 2017, consciousness will eclipse vanity on this realm, ushering in the age of Aquarius.

The moon also purifies every woman’s spirit during this cycle. Our powerful moon, Yerah, intrinsically activates the Pineal Gland in men & women, provoking mental ascension.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Dear Mixed People”
IG: @Fuel4TheBODY

The female pineal gland is the portal all souls travel through to enter into this realm from the celestial zone. #EbrahimAseem

This is why I respect women so much. Every month she cries, laying on the floor, passes out, comes out her clothes, enduring the cramps & all the pain of her period in order to bring us into this world.

So the next time you think about calling her a bitch, or complain about her being too “emotional” consider all she has to go through, that’s what your mother went through.

Right before or after her menstruation cycle, she is very sexually frustrated. During her menstrual cycle, it can feel like HELL. Be understanding of her emotions. It feels like her vagina is being pierced, shot & stabbed, hence her irritability. #EbrahimAseem

Once she comes off, she longs for the feeling of either vaginal stimulation or clitoral stimulation. As men, we have to understanding & cater to our woman, mind & body. #EbrahimAseem

It is unmanly & ignorant to make fun of a woman’s cycle. Her cycle is the history of your soul’s exodus from heaven & your journey into this dream called “life”.

Our souls are perforated, only half when born. We are in this life to find our soul’s twin flame and become whole, leading to mental awakening. True love is the recognition of our soul’s counter part in another. #EbrahimAseem Your twin flame does not have to be a sexual partner, it can be your nana, parent, sibling or child.

When your body sleeps, your spirit travels the universe, searching for its twin flame. The moon guides your spirit there and back to your body, saving your life every night. #EbrahimAseem

We are not in our bodies. Our spirit hovers, orbiting around & through our body, like a moon. Just as the moon draws the ocean’s tide in & out, the moon connects with your pineal gland, to draw out the tides of stress rolling inside your overthinking mind. #EbrahimAseem She renews herself every 28 days & will renew you once you become more intune with her, the Mother Soul Cell Fundemental Principle of YHWH.

It’s attractive to mentally ascended men when a woman talks to herself, even when she’s mad. I’m talking full-blown conversing with herself in the car or bathroom. To the point she starts laughing at her own jokes or answering her own questions. She’s not “bipolar”. #EbrahimAseem

She’s aware there are two of her. The spirit of her soul (our true self) and the spirit of her flesh/emotions (our persona). A wheel within a wheel. She knows she is a powerful spirit that dictates to her emotions & doesn’t allow her emotions to control her. #EbrahimAseem

Before the inception of Julius Cesar’s solar calendar, each year was divided into 13 moon cycles, with 28 days each. #EbrahimAseem The 1% of the population that owns 99% of the wealth acquired such wealth by monopolizing 99% of the knowledge.

That 1% withholds the keys to the great secrets of esoteric knowledge, distracting us with vain forms of technology and entertainment, like cell phones, reality shows, movies & internet, to keep us mentally sleep. #EbrahimAseem We are fooled into giving amazing forms of entertainment and technology, like the device you are reading this on right now, our full, undivided attention while our brain is on auto-pilot. We have become sleep walkers without a bed. The mental walking dead.

Despite this, our moon is moving us into the current cosmic age of Aquarius, which is harnessing all the great turmoil (war, genocide, disease scares) to make room for new age, sparking an evolution of consciousness, virtues of love, unity, self-awareness, pineal gland activation, chakra alignment and mental ascension. This is an astrological age that takes place about every 2,150 years, each year being 13 moon cycles. #EbrahimAseem

There are 2-5 eclipses every year. The total solar eclipse signifies the new of Aquarius, higher consciousness, eclipsing the previous age of vanity & war.

Your brain cells posses the cellular ability to attract like matter. Thoughts are things. Anything or anyone you want in or out of your life, you can attract or repel with your mind. #EbrahimAseem Just as our moon has the power to move the waves in the sea ebb and flow to the sand, we have the power to move mountains with our mind, literally. Mind over matter. #EbrahimAseem

The moon feeds us both frequency, and day light, unassisted by the sun, which is only a combination of infrared red, gamma rays, ultra violet rays & heat. #EbrahimAseem

It’s not just women. It’s men, and even animals, planets, oceans & rivers. Every planet has a moon or moons that orbit it & communicate with the matter on that specific planet. Like matter attracts like matter. It’s fun to research for your self when you have time. #EbrahimAseem

It is important we start valuing our women more on this realm, they were divinely chosen not only to be the vessels of life as mothers, but to be the portals of metaphysical power, as our liaison with the moon & heavens. #EbrahimAseem

It is not your job to keep belittling her, putting her down, calling her names & making fun of everything about her you don’t understand. #EbrahimAseem

Instead of telling our women, “stop being such a crazy, over-emotional bitch on your period” let’s start telling our women,

“When will you awaken to the realization that your smile is meant to be permanent. You flash it like a camera, but it was meant to be a light. Moon you shine so bright, and I’m the spark that was put into your life, for me to make you my wife, into your soul, speaking life. Let go, allow our souls to ignite.” #EbrahimAseem

When will you awaken to a realization your smile is meant to be permanent? You flash it like a camera, but it was meant to be a light. Moon, you shine so bright, & I’m the spark that was put into your life, for me to make you my wife, into your soul, speaking life. Let go, trust. Allow our souls to ignite.

Equally yoked unions with reciprocal mental accession & intellectual conception ensures true love will come to fruition. #EbrahimAseem

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women”
I am a chef, motivational speaker, 12 year male mentor & author, of West African ancestry. I speak isiZulu & Swahili.
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About Ebrahim Aseem

I am a chef, writer & motivational speaker. I've been a youth mentor for young Black men for 10 years & I'm currently shopping my first book, "Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women"
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