Women who are TOO NICE will be SINGLE FOREVER, unless they CHANGE this #SoulVampires


How to break a Soul Tie. #SoulVampires

Nice Girls get put through hell. By everyone. Friends, co-workers, mates, family, parents, oh yes even blood.

Their nice energy & positive vibe gets crushed by negative flucks who love to inflict pain, because miserable people hate seeing others happy. They want you as miserable as they are.

Not everyone DESERVES the “nice” side of you. It is too valuable. Make people EARN that nice side of you by displaying consistent actions over time. If they show inconsistency, ignore them.

Don’t waist one second worrying about what inconsistent people think of you. Stay away from them mentally, even if they are family. Feed the with a long hand spoon. Some friends & family are secretly jealous of your happiness, so let them be haunted by your absence.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody

IG: @Fuel4TheBODY

Being NICE does not mean being SOFT or speaking soft. Being nice means CARING enough to speak firm & true, because you love them more than their feelings.‬

Amazing how quickly the ones you gave so much care, love, happiness, prayer healing & affection to can treat you like you never even existed to them.

Cold how a person can be going through hell, drowning in their pain & when you reach your hand out to save them, they pull you in, hop out & leave you to drown in misery, alone.

Women who are so sweet are so attractive. Mmm I promise you don’t have to have the fattest ass or flattest tummy. You’re not “too nice”. Thank you for being nice.

A woman who loves hard, cares deep, & prays for you when you’re stressed makes a strong man want to shower her with adornment & affection.‬

She’s a lovable person who enjoys helping others with a passion. She always does for everyone else, yet who ever does for her? Who even thinks of her. She will bring food for her coworkers, yet they can’t even remember her birthday or notice when she’s suffering from so much depression. Her co-workers, friends & family lie on her, her bosses cut her hours, yet give her bitchy co-workers praise, raises and esteem.

Women who are “too nice” will be single forever, unless they change this ASAP! Change this false ideology. You are not, “too nice” you are genuine.

When a male complains a loyal woman is “too nice” or “over emotional” what he is really saying is, “I can never reciprocate the level of genuine you give me, so please find better.”

When a nice woman sees the good in a male, gives him her all & in return, he starves her of his time, affection, loyalty & commitment: what he is really saying is, “I am a soul vampire. If you give me your all, I will take it all & leave you depleted & mourning for months, so please find better.”

But she never listens. A woman who has accepted the inception that she’s “too nice” is deaf to what a male’s actions are trying to tell her, and blind to red flags & warning signs. All she can see is the good in people. This is a major flaw.

If “all” you see is the good in people, it shows bias. You only are seeing what you are, good. Nice. You don’t see the evil in a male’s intentions.

Soul vampires prey upon nice women. Beware. They look pretty, yet appear pale on second look. Their only intention is to extract your soul’s genuine energy via the oldest form of spiritual abuse, deprivation.

Deprivation is to intentionally ignore a person & withhold deserved attention from them so drastically, they will crave that attention to the point they will give you “their all” which is small pieces of their soul. This gives a soul vampire life.

Soul ties are not just attached through sex. If a soul vampire penetrates you via deprivation, it results in their soul being tied to and towed by yours, to leech energy from your essence, as your aura carries the dead weight of their soul.

But if “all you see is the good in people” it will be extremely easy for them to soul tie you. This is why it may take a nice woman six months to a year to fully heal from each break-up. Her soul’s energy tank is on low, because her soul vampire ex siphoned so much of her aura from her.

Even after she gets over the break-up, the antigen from the soul tie remains, plaguing her future relationships. This is also why a nice woman may feel she’s only attracting the same males. Soul vampires can see when a woman has been bitten by another soul vampire. It’s as if they can smell it on you.

The reward for being nice to a selfish person is them treating you the way they should have treated the soul vampires who broke their spirit.

If you keep attracting the same type of poisonous males, it’s because the antigen from your soul tie is still there.

The only way a woman can completely remove the soul tie is by having it cut off & broken by agape love, genuine unconditional love. It doesn’t have to be the love of a man. Unconditional love from a genuine soul in a human avatar will remove a soul tie.

The stain of a soul tie is hard & stubborn like the exterior of an uncut diamond. Only a diamond can cut another diamond. In this regard,

the only way a woman or man can completely remove a soul tie is by having it cut off & broken by agape love. Unconditional love from a genuine soul in a human avatar will remove a soul tie, like iron sharpening iron & diamond refining diamond.

True diamonds are beautiful, durable & rare. Genuine women & men are diamonds in this regard. If they weren’t rare, you could find them anywhere.
Rare signifies one must to go to dangerous places to find them.

It isn’t easy to heal a nice, genuine woman who has a soul tie. Soul vampires inject a venomous healer repellent into the mind of their victim. This causes nice women to unconsciously reject genuine men & women who could break the soul tie, constantly finding an excuse as to why she shouldn’t trust them, despite the fact she fully trusted the soul vampire with all her heart.

Many genuine women were birthed by a soul vampire. How do you break a soul tie founded in blood when the soul vampire is your own mother? A nice woman doesn’t always feel nice. She has anxiety attacks no one knows about. She hears death angels whispering suicidal thoughts into her ears daily, all this flooded into her mind by the soul vampire.

She always sees the good in everyone, yet no one ever sees the sadness in her smile, the anxiety in her affection, the great depression in her good deeds. She keeps giving love a chance, but what has it ever given her, besides heartbreak?

No one should be facing dark tragic pain and have no one to talk to about it. My brethren, if you meet a genuine woman, don’t call her “too nice” or “over-emotional”. You don’t know how strong of a knot the soul tie is, binding her to depression. Understand her. Give without expecting in return.

That woman you’re so busy ignoring & neglecting is thinking of you right now, praying for you w/ her thoughts. I know our favorite hip-hop songs teach us to have multiple girls & avoid commitment bro, but having 1,000s of girls on your mobydick can never compare to one sweet, nice, genuine woman who cares for you. Court Her. ‪

No matter how low a Woman is feeling, you can always make her SMILE really hard, if you just show her how much you genuinely care. You may never know what a woman is going though, how sad she really is, how long her tears flow, how strong she has to be, how alone she feels.
Just be there for her. Be the one she can vent to & lean on for strength. Sister, daughter, mama & mate. Men, let’s get on our job.

Sometimes a woman holds back, because she’s scared of falling for you so fast,
when nothing in her past was ever made to last.

All she does is give & it leads to depression,
because all she ever gets in return is pain, heartbreak & rejection.

They tell her, “I’m different” yet, every day is the same.
She holds back her trust, just to keep from going insane.

She only has ONE drop of love left, so if you want to be her man,
consistently SHOWER her with love & drown her with reassurance, do what no one ever does for her => Understand.

To all the Beautiful spirited Single Women. I want you to remember, you are WIFE material. Your flaws are not a deal breaker.

Just because you’ve given your heart to soul vampires in your past who’ve chewed it up, spit it out, poured gasoline on it & lit it aflame, who broke your trust, trampled over your loyalty & played games, does NOT change the fact you were born a wife. Stay focused, get to know self, hustle for your career, stack for your future. Be patient. You will be blessed with a Strong, Tall, Handsome Man who will appreciate your nice, genuine nature, place two rings on your finger & make you the wife you deserve to be.‬

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody

IG: @Fuel4TheBODY

About Ebrahim Aseem

I am a chef, writer & motivational speaker. I've been a youth mentor for young Black men for 10 years & I'm currently shopping my first book, "Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women"
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13 Responses to Women who are TOO NICE will be SINGLE FOREVER, unless they CHANGE this #SoulVampires

  1. Dang it, why didn’t I see this 10 mins ago. 😦 Once again i was nice to someone that doesn’t deserve it just because he decided to throw me a kind word. Thanks Ebrahim, you really have been pivotal in helping me strengthen my back bone. I’m done being taken advantage of! This article snapped me back to reality 😊 I’ll be forever thankful!

  2. nette says:

    Thank you made me cry. What I’m going thru at the moment. Exactly what I needed to hear.

  3. schmolphin says:

    Thank you so much. =)

  4. vpetit82 says:

    On point! Thank you for your words and insight. You are a glass of sanity, liquid courage and hope. It is amazing to know there are still real gentlemen, better yet logical and caring humans walking on Earth. Keep it up! Much Blessings

  5. Heather says:

    Very beautifully and eloquently stated. Thanks for the encouragement.

  6. Jazz says:

    Dear Ebrahim,

    I thank God for your life. Each week, I look forward to your blog posts. It’s as if, God has sent you to be an encourager for me. Although I pray all the time, sometimes, actually more often than I like to admit, I can’t hear God because I guess I’m not truly listening to him. But after reading your posts, I go back to God, and he lets me know, yup, that’s what I was telling you the other night but you were too busy overthinking and worrying about your “situationship.” Well, I say all of this just to be honest with myself and start the healing process.

    You are now one of the many ppl I will pray for at night.

    Have a wonderful day.

  7. Lori says:

    Yes, I agree your message was on point. It is so hard to be in the company of a man who chooses to understand a woman. Most times, the man wants to be understood, but refuses to reciprocate. You are a blessing. Thank you for your support and encouragement!

  8. April says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write this article. Ever since I was a teen I’ve struggled with these soul vampires that came as family and boyfriends. Yesterday was actually trying to figure out why I keep attracting the same men in different forms over and over again. This really has given me some insight that I haven’t had before. Luckily I’ve already started taking your advice. I’ve been working on my career goals and letting go of people who don’t want to give me the time and attention I deserve. I’ve also decided years ago that I wouldn’t over look the negative side of people. I know that no one is perfect so I evaluate whether or not I want to deal with the imperfections. Thanks for the knowledge, it’s truly appreciated.

  9. Faith says:

    I’ve been dealing with this for almost 20 years. Married and divorced and was thinking of getting back together with him. Your descriptions of the relationship was chilling. My heart is heavy because I’m not over him and it’s been years. Just when I think I am….
    Food for thought and action thank you Ebrahim.

  10. Brittany says:

    This was written perfectly and much needed. Thank you!

  11. ms. redd says:

    you touch me with that so much you just don’t know….i think you know me but i know you don’t….you see right through my thoughts feelings and understand what it is I’m going through…thank you for taking the time to learn and understand what it is we as people go through.

  12. lovelyt26 says:

    Again, you have done it. I’m incredibly speechless on what you have written. Even though we do not know one another, I feel as though you are looking through my soul. May GOD continue to bless you always and keep up the great work.

  13. Amanda says:

    Thank you 🙂

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