Black people. You were NOT Egyptians. You were something GREATER … Gods & Kings #Review


“Egyptians are White & Annie is Black. What’s going on with hollywood?” – Chris Rock

The White Privileged’s ancestors learned at the feet of yours. Do no hate them. You are much greater than they. Be proud they learned from you how to walk, after crawling mentally for so long.

A king & queen does not waste energy hating the peasant minded who are beneath them. A king knows he rules OVER peasants.

I do not hate White people. I love them & ALL people of the human race, who I detest are negative spirits in ANY form or color who hate them self & hate life, & hurt innocent dogs and kill them & hurt rare species. I am for peace. Spirits have no race. One love.

Black people who don’t know their own history hate white people & ignorantly blame all White people for the sins of their ancestors.
Black people who know their royal lineage don’t waste time hating their peasants, they’re too busy living the frequency & purpose of THEIR ancestors.

Slaves hate their master.
Kings love their peasants.
Which one are you?

Black people were never “Egyptians” We were Kmt. who ruled the East African country way before Kemit was renamed Egypt.

It’s like calling slaves “American” to hide the fact they descended from the womb of a West African Queen, stolen from their land BY Spaniards, then brought to the Caribbean.

If you deprive a lion from living in the house, he’ll fight to be accepted in. This is how man imprisons a born king.

The man fears the born king learning his regal history will not only FREE him, but awaken them all to the intrinsic realization they were divinely chosen by that man’s OWN “God” to rule, instead of him.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women”
IG: @Fuel4TheBODY

The new film, “Exodus: Gods & Kings” depicts Egyptians as “White”, their servants as “Black” & people they enslaved to build monuments as “Jewish”. This is historically inaccurate, done to hide the rare known fact the original Hebrews were Black. They lived a matriarch way of life.

Brotherhood, strong husbands & fathers, taught their boys young to be confident protectors. Sisterhood, strong mothers & queens, raised their daughters to value self as the jewel.

Post Kmt. Egypt was a melting pot, the way America is today.

In fact, the same way Europeans “discovered” (stole) America from the Native Chiefs & Kings, their ancestors “invented” (stole) Egypt from Black Kmt. Queens & Kings.

Egyptians (not Kmt.) were multiracial pagans who, tried to colonialize the motherland & enslave its people AFTER learning at the feet of Blacks for centuries before Kmt. was renamed Eygpt.

This is before the motherland was renamed “Africa”. At that time, major continents did not have a name. Nomadic tribes ruled & their names rung out, like Zulu.

The original (Black) Hebrews were never colonized, because they always had two armies, one all male, one all female. Thus, when their descendants, The Moors, The Kmt., battled, it was a handicap match, two on one

An example of this is when The Moors conquered Rome. The Moors had both a male & female army.

These all-female armies were just as skilled, if not more, as their all male armies. But HIStory books do not tell these truths, it was re-written by the underdog to make HIM appear the hero.

The reason the one percent has made our current world a “man’s world” was simply, to hide one’s royal lineage from them. They don’t want you to know if you descended from a queen or an emperor.

This is why the only history of yours they tell you is slavery. They don’t want you to know THEIR ancestors used to be YOUR servants.

They don’t want you to remember your spiritual connection to the universe & the Divine Creator predates their little manmade religions.

In the non-fiction masterpiece, “Metu neter Vol. 2 Anuk Ausar” historian Ra Un Nefer Amen reveals,

“To the Africans of antiquity, the master-key to wealth, wisdom, harmony, true salvation in this life & the other, resided in [living] a way of life in which every individual strove to awaken & develop the higher, godlike part of being self.

They clearly knew all emotion & pleasure motivated behavior were not expressions of the self.”

The film “Exodus” offers amazing visual pleasure that plays on the emotions of actions lovers. Yet, other than outstanding visuals, amazing details of ancient buildings & a spectacular score, Gods & Kings feels emotionless & lacks the substance the film’s director Ridley Scott put on display in his hit film, “Gladiator”.

Instead of drafting such a poor script, Scott should have adopted his screenplay from a historically accurate book, such as “Metu Neter Vol. 2 Anuk Ausar”, that highlights,

“It is unfortunate the millions of people who have witnessed the great accomplishments in art, math, architecture, etc. of Egypt, have never understood that the singular cause for such accomplishments was the people’s devotion to a way of life in which the [elders] exhorted the population to identify with the divine aspect of their being their true self, & to strive to realize the ideas symbolizing it in their daily lives.

It is the only way a nation can survive for 400 years that enabled Kmt. (Ancient Egypt) to accumulate the knowledge.”

Despite having a plot based on Exodus, a biblical book, and a setting in Egypt, “Gods & Kings” fails to showcase the spiritual ascended spirit the Kmt. exuded.

Christian Bale’s acting is fairly fantastic, despite a poor, cliché script, which wastes his true ability as an actor to make the viewer Care about his character & FEEL his emotion, passion an fears.

“The Prestige” & “The Machinist” are little known film gems that allow Bale to flawlessly shine in his role far brighter than his dull depiction of Moses in “Exodus”. Download “The Prestige” & “The Machinist” on Netflix ASAP. Don’t waste the better part of a $20 bill on the Egyptian fan-fiction called “Exodus”. Catch it on cable.

Hollywood gives us amazing epic films that lack substance and wisdom, to keep us sleep. Our pineal gland inactivated. Our chakras unaligned. This is mental control, paralysis via entertainment, done to prevent spiritual ascension & keep seeing everything as a human “I” & not the spirit we “AM”

i AM man. Thus, everything ‘I’ create is manmade.
Once “i” awaken to the SPIRIT i “AM” everything we touch will ascend mentally & spiritually.

Religion is manmade. Spirituality is Godmade.
God is man’s human perception of the non-human, genderless Divine Spirit Creator.

“Metu Neter Vol. 2 Anuk Ausar”, expresses,

“The key to understanding God resided in Its [not he, not she, but ITs] creation of the world.

The creation of the world must be understood as the action of consciousness, that wills substance (matter) & energy to assume the various forms in the world.

According to Kemitic tradition, ‘God’ transforms Itself into the creatures of the world. They, thus share in Its substance (energy/matter) & consciousness.

The dominant behavior shaping systems, religionists, psychologists, excuse the failure of their systems by shifting the blame to the people.

Things are the way they are, they claim, because people are hypocrites, ignorant, evil, sinners.

They fail to realize, if people were not as they are, there’d be no need for behavior shaping institutions such as religion. These word invented to raise people out of these shortcomings.

Unlike western behavior shaping systems, which are based on Man’s lower being, with its animalistic faculties…ancient African civilizations based their [spirituality] on the higher parts of man’s being, to elevate man to his divine essence, wherein reside the divine elements that created him/her.”

Many epic flims based on history use the foreign language spoken INSIDE the film, “City of God” “IP Man” Even fictional movies/books “The Godfather” (Italian) “The Housemaid” (Korean) “Slumdog Millionaire” “Life of Pi” (Hindi) use the authentic language of the setting INSIDE the film.

“Exodus” is a visually beautiful, creativity insufficient piece of garbage. As an epic, it lacks authenticity. Why are the characters speaking English?

Why are characters saying the English title “God” instead of the ancient name for the title of God which is “YHWH” Eloheem of a Mother-Sole-Cell fundamental Principle only, which was known & used in that time?

Why are there only a dozen Blacks in a film taking place in Africa?

Why do we even call it “Africa” when that is the name of the Roman General Scorpio Africanus who slaughtered women, children & men in Carthage?

For the same reason we don’t question the books, schools and churches we were taught everything we know from childhood, because ignorance is bliss & comfortable. The truth is dark and scary. It is easier to stay sleep & sleepwalk through life.

The greatest systematic oppression was not slavery. It is to make one hate themSELF, forget their rich culture. It allows you to split the husband up from his family by selling him away during slavery, so you can sit back centuries later & watch the fathers leave their women & children to suffer alone, repeating the cycle you implemented.

What good is it to be of royal blood, from kings, but you don’t even know it, because you hate yourself? There is no power in simply knowing you come from kings. The power lies in knowing HOW you were kings & WHY your enemy has fought so hard to keep that knowledge from you.

Kings don’t beg their masa for freedom. Kings TAKE freedom after remembering they are their OWN master. Know self. Learn culture. TAKE your rites.

Royalty is a bloodline inheritance. In-her-rite. Kmts traced their lineage tree through the roots the royal seed was cut from, the mother. Every human has a belly button.

Egyptians, patriarchs by nature, begin tracing lineage through the father, to hide the royal legacy of the Kmts. Last names became a way to hide one’s royal lineage from them, by cutting off the direct connection to the royal matriarch.

Your father’s lineage is not yours. He came from his mother, but you didn’t come from him. You came from your mother, specifically her matrix. Matrix means womb. Yet, adopting your father’s last name starts your lineage over from scratch, placing you in a mental matrix. A lineage is a portal, tracked only by those who are portals for life, mothers.

This is why Kmt’s last name would be their mother’s first name. It made it easy to see exactly were one came from. If your mother was a queen, her name would follow yours every time someone spoke of you.

You can deserve so much, but if you can’t see it first, how can anyone else?
You claim to elevate to such high levels of consciousness, yet every time you’re around that one family member, you play their fool, dumb down your intelligence, b/c you’re afraid of their ridicule & judgement.

If you can’t master small this first, like family & standing up to yourself, how do you expect to master great things such as being seen as Kings and queens?

When will Black people as a whole stop seeing each other as competition & start working together through the power of sisterhood & brotherhood?

When will Black people stop begging authority for rites & rulings, & start demanding & TAKING their rites?

A caged lion does NOT beg the white man who trapped it for the key. The lion knows remembering his royal history IS the key, then he BREAKS free & TAKES his throne back.

I attened the first university in the world to have a Black psychology department, SFSU. My professors assigned us 4 dozens books on African history, including “Metu Neter Vol. 2 Anuk Ausar”. Everything I know about life, understand a woman, & my culture, I learned from my pastor & teacher.‬

“They keep wanting us to be their nigger, dead mind, they call us nigga, negro, Black, and now, African American, but we are HEBREWS” – Yolanda Banks

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women”
IG: @Fuel4TheBODY
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I am a chef, motivational speaker, nutritionist and author, of West African Hebrew ancestry. I speak isiZulu & Swahili I’ve been a youth mentor for young Black men for 10 years.
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About Ebrahim Aseem

I am a chef, writer & motivational speaker. I've been a youth mentor for young Black men for 10 years & I'm currently shopping my first book, "Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women"
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  1. I absolutely love this post! I’m following you on FB. How do I receive the free copy of your book?

  2. Monique says:

    You are absolutely amazing. Thank you for taking the time to describe this history in such a powerful way. 🙂

  3. Gariba says:

    Now knowledge is been spoken .. Thank you..

  4. Angelo says:

    Where can I get a copy of your book?. Need that Bro.

  5. Taneshia S says:

    Reblogged this on Champion's Insight and commented:
    Knowing the truth in history is very important. For the past year I’ve been on a journey of unlearning traditional lies to learning the truth of Elohim, our ancestors and government. Majority of it is not a secret if one stay aware to what is going on. “Black people”…you are more than just skin of color. Discover who you really are. Shalom.

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