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How to stop OverThinking

By: Ebrahim Aseem What’s meant for you will find you. You won’t have to chase it, force it, settle or fight to keep it alive. It won’t break you, hurt you or question you. It will heal you, understand you … Continue reading

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The CURE to defeat your Over-Thinking mind

Here’s 5 awesome hidden symbolic gems in The Little Mermaid on how to defeat your Over-Thinking. I never met a mentally ascended woman with a decent sleep pattern. Those wife caliber women stay up, over-thinking about forever. Planning scenarios years … Continue reading

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You DEFEAT yourSELF by Over THINKING & being too CRITICAL of yourSELF

Never make excuses for why someone is not showing you love, attention, LOYALTY, respect and acknowledging all you do for them. If they really cared like they SAY they do, they’d SHOW it. Don’t allow someone to be in your … Continue reading

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