Stop letting your DAUGHTER or son see you CRAWL BACK to a MAN who BROKE you.


Stop letting your daughter or son see you crawl back to a man who broke you.

If I broke you, let me go. Don’t let your daughter see you spend years & tears crawling back to an inconsistent man who hurt you faithfully, verbally, or physically. She will grow up thinking being weak & depressed for a man is how you “keep” a man. Well, a woman doesn’t “keep” a man. A loyal man keeps his penis out of other women & keeps his mind on his ambitions. If you have to “keep” him, he’s not yours, leave that little boy in detention. By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody

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If I like you, I don’t want you to hide the fact you have children from me. I don’t want to see countless booty poking pictures on your Instagram, while all the pictures of you & your child are deleted. Your sexiest curves are your dimples & smiles, while you celebrate a fun day spent with your child. #EbrahimAseem

I don’t want you to spend your last dime on a babysitter, just so you can come over my house for Netflix and sex. If I’m serious about a future with you, I will take you out, pay for the date & the babysitter, showering you & your child with respect. #EbrahimAseem

Your children are not a relationship deal breaker sweetheart. Your children are irresponsible-male-repelant. Don’t hide your children, flaunt them. Wave them like a flag, so only men of valor with aspirations of being a father will enter your world, claiming you as his queen, & your children as your own. #EbrahimAseem

I want you to turn down a date with me, so you can cook your children dinner & tuck them in bed. Cut our phone conversation short, so you can bathe your child & shampoo the adorable curls on their head. #EbrahimAseem Cancel our plans so you can take your child for their check-up. Ignore my text, so you can change your child’s diaper. Don’t leave your baby with a diaper rash, just so you can quickly text back my inconsistent ass.

If you can cover your phone, yell & curse out your child, just so you can have enough silence to affectionally call me “babe” after just a few days of texting, you’re doing it wrong.

If you allow a man to starve you of time, respect, attention, loyalty, & you continue to stay, you’re teaching your son to grow up & treat women the exact same way. #EbrahimAseem I am not the number one man in your life, your son is. Make me earn a spot in your life through consistency & leadership skills. And, if I am not a living example of the man you want your son to grow up to be, stop waisting your time, your love, your loyalty & your kissy face emojis on me.

Teach your son how to respect & treat a woman by requiring me to court you for a while, before you give me your intimacy. Teach your daughter how to be loyal to her worth by requiring I show with actions I know your worth, before you give me your loyalty. #EbrahimAseem I’m a temporary part of your life. Your child is permanent. Why should I get more of your time, affection & attention than your children?

Major props to the women who put their child first. That’s so sexy to me. #EbrahimAseem You deserve all my commitment & loyalty. You deserve my last name. You deserve trips overseas, to be taken out on dinner dates that end with making love in the rain. Queen, I know you sacrifice so much of yourself to give to your family & your struggles nearly drive you insane. You deserve a faithful man who will listen, understand you, and give you his all, just the same.

You are not damaged goods, just because you have a body full of stretch marks and a child. You are an affectionate nurturer who knows how to cater to a good man, your motherhood experience makes you worthwhile. #EbrahimAseem I want a life with you as a power couple, raising our children together. I want family cruises, family reunions & infinity forevers.

I want to raise a son to be a strong, confident, loving & ambitious man. Never dependent on a woman to give him money, make decisions for him & hold his hand. #EbrahimAseem I want to raise a daughter by showering her with love, affection & attention, so she won’t grow up & look for it all in every guy she meets, living a depressed life full of regrets & descension.

If you’re a woman who’s all about your child, I will be all about you, constantly bringing you joy & smiles. But nothing turns me off more than a selfish woman who puts the desire of dick over her child.

When I was a child, my mother always ate every meal in her room with her door closed, separate from me & my sister, who would eat at the dinner table.

One night, I heard noise in my moms room & when I went in, I saw her laying on the bed crying & holding her stomach. That was the moment I realized, my moms never ate dinner, she starved just so that me & my sister could have enough food to eat.

My mother sacrificed buying herself clothes & jewelry to give us food every night & kept a smile on her face at all times, so we wouldn’t know how poor we really were. She turned down the sugar daddies & football players, because she didn’t want me to ever see her compromise her worth for a man. #EbrahimAseem

From that day on I taught myself how to cook & I made sure my moms ate every day.

I promised myself I would do something with my life, so my mother would never have to starve herself, just to pay bills. That’s what motivates me to speak life into people.

Thats why I work 3 jobs, chef, senior care, motivational speaker. That’s why I don’t complain about life.

I just keep a smile on my face. My mother showed me the true strength of a woman, that’s why I respect good strong minded mothers so much. I may have money now, but I came from not having shit, stealing food as a child just to bring home & cook for my family, & its is because of overcoming all my struggles & what my moms did for me I am the man I am today, & I dedicate my life to speaking life into men and women to pursue their passions and dreams. #EbrahimAseem

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women”
Instagram: @Fuel4TheBODY
Twitter: @EbrahimAseem

I am a chef & motivational speaker. I write new articles every thursday & speak life into groups of men at universities & corporations worldwide.

My mother raised a future husband 👉🏾💍👰🏾 not a future baby daddy. I am so tired of “talking”. Being in a relationship where the sex is so damn good, but there’s no growth or courtship is a waste to me. #EbrahimAseem I see your fine ass has curves, but are you nurturing? Kind? Patient? Spiritual? Goofy? Good with children? Finances? Home decor? I don’t date for a hobby. If we aren’t planning for forever I have no interest. What are your passions? Goals? Can WE stimulate each others spirit? Can WE align each others chakras? Can WE activate each others pineal gland? I don't care if you can twerk 💃🏾 or back that ass up 😒 Can we dine on each other's frequency as you digest knowledge my food for thought feeds your mind? What type of mother will you be? Where do you want to raise a family? Let’s stop asking these women for pics, ask if she’s a WIFE. Men let's behave loyal to our self worth before we even say I do. #EbrahimAseem I can imagine being married. Having children, spending time with them, Playing with them & making them laugh, teaching them about life, instilling confidence & self worth before giving them piggyback rides. Having a wife, spoiling her with love and attention, Being goofy with her, making her laugh & smile every second I spend with her. Providing for my family. #EbrahimAseem I honestly pray I have all this before my moms gets too old to enjoy a daughter-in-law & grandchildren. Everytime I see my moms, she talks about wanting grandchildren & saying she raised me to be a husband. Because I was raised by a queen, I know for sure, I am not looking for a girlfriend to date, I am looking for a wife to court, marry & raise children with. #EbrahimAseem Instagram: @Fuel4TheBODY #Excerpt from #WhyNoManShouldDATEaSingleMother #MARRYher 💍👰🏾 #OrDontWasteHerTime👉

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About Ebrahim Aseem

I am a chef, writer & motivational speaker. I've been a youth mentor for young Black men for 10 years & I'm currently shopping my first book, "Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women"
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One Response to Stop letting your DAUGHTER or son see you CRAWL BACK to a MAN who BROKE you.

  1. Lori says:

    Thank you for this inspirational message! I appreciate your loyalty and protection towards women. May God continue to bless you in all things.

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