Why dating a SINGLE MOTHER can NEVER last

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody

75% of my readers are men. One said, “Ebrahim, I’ve found too many single mothers want me to make her and her kids my FIRST priority while I am to be her LAST priority. I’m expected to pay for everything for her kids by another man. This is why real men should stay away from single mothers. They expect us men to put up with extra crap & still be last in line. Where is the return on our investment in the relationship?”

My response: “A woman who puts her child first over me, makes me want to make her & her child my first priority. If you’re not her husband, you don’t come before her child. #EbrahimAseem That’s why

I’d marry a woman with children. She’s not a burden. She’s a blessing. #EbrahimAseem Bro, if you don’t want to commit to a single mother, cool. Keep “talking” to the girls you prefer. I sincerely pray that works for you. But don’t knock a man like me, willing to pour love into a woman & her child. #EbrahimAseem

Her son needs love & leadership from a man, so he won’t grow up to neglect his responsibilities & choose to be a baby daddy. If his father isn’t man enough to raise & teach him how to be a man, I will. #EbrahimAseem Her daughter needs to see a man court, commit to, provide for & respect her mother, so she won’t think she has to settle to keep a man. If her father isn’t man enough to be a provider for her mother, I will. #EbrahimAseem

Dating a single mother will NEVER last long. Once you see how much she can love, give & cater to her child, you will want to wife her ASAP. #EbrahimAseem

Asking these “my child is my world” single mothers on one date is a mistake. She will flake. Be patient. Keep asking her out, so she knows her child isn’t a deal breaker & she isn’t a flaker. All the love she gives her child, she will shower you with, if you’ll just wait a while. #EbrahimAseem

“Dating” a single mother is a waste of time. Her baby daddy will remain in the picture & on her mind. She doesn’t want him back. She only stays in touch, so her child will know their father loves them very much. #EbrahimAseem A woman who puts her precious child’s needs over her own deserves a diamond engagement ring cut from the most precious stone.

These single mothers don’t know how to put a man first, cook for, cater to & treat him like a king. Because she doesn’t give men husband privileges until he gives her a ring. #EbrahimAseem

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Courting a single mother is terribly hard. She’ll flake & cancel dates. Short text & not reply. Have no time for putting you first. Be patient with her. She’s not flaking. Childcare costs more than the date you want to take her on. Pay her babysitter. Take her on a date. It’s not about money. Spoil her with your time to let her know you appreciate all sacrifices she makes for her child with no help. Be her consistency & she will be your everything. #EbrahimAseem”

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat On Loyal Women”
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#FatherhoodGoals I really want a son & daughter. Not right NOW. I want to be extremely financially set before I bring life in this world. But, I have thoughts on manhood I was taught by men in my culture I'd love to share w/ a son, teach him how to be strong & confident, never dependent on, live off or control a female, self sufficient. #EbrahimAseem Shower my daughter with love, so she doesn't look for love in every man she meets. Encourage my children to pursue their dreams, support their choices. Never belittling or making them feel like a failure. #EbrahimAseem I want to raise a son to be ambitious, resilient, not make excuses, teach him not to blame people for his life, play football, hoops & exercising w/ him, be goofy with him, b/c he shares my humor. #EbrahimAseem I will never judge my child & make them feel less of a man for his choices. It is not parents' job to judge their child, only support & build them up. I want to raise a son to respect women. I don't want my son to base how he treats women on how males look at him. I want to teach him showing a woman you love her is NOT being a simp, it's being a strong man. #EbrahimAseem I want to teach my son to be a loyal man, not a hoe male. I don't want him getting multiple women pregnant, leaving the mother to raise the child by herself. I want him to make a woman a wife before he makes her a mother. I want to raise a future husband, not a future baby daddy. #EbrahimAseem More than anything, I want to teach my son to be humble w/o ego, pride & arrogance. I'm just a flawed man who has made mistakes in this dream called life, but REFUSES not to learn from them. I refuse to repeat mistakes. #EbrahimAseem I refuse to be a weak male, who blames women for everything. I refuse to be a player, womanizer or baby daddy. I refuse to put my hands on a woman, use, rape or break a woman like many males. #EbrahimAseem I'm not a profit, I'm an example real men who value women exist & I'm tired of us being seen as dogs. I want to be a living example of the man I want my daughter to marry. Bless me with a woman who can see the leader in me. I don't want a bad bitch. I want a sweet woman. #HusbandGoalsEbrahimAseem

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Manhood goals. #EbrahimAseem

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Be his calm. Be her peace. #EbrahimAseem #SpeakLife

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I am a chef, writer & motivational speaker. I've been a youth mentor for young Black men for 10 years & I'm currently shopping my first book, "Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women"
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6 Responses to Why dating a SINGLE MOTHER can NEVER last

  1. Thank You
    fantastic Blog
    Good Louck

  2. Omay Farlane says:

    Great Post!

  3. Anna says:

    Omg. I loved it. Thank you for your eloquence of a taboo topic ❤️

  4. Kela says:

    This made me smile. Thank you for the beautiful article #Hopeful

  5. Sarah says:

    My mom was a single mother and I really appreciated this article. My step dad came into the picture and always understood that the kids were mommas first priority. Now all the kids are gone and my parents got their dream house in a secluded area hanging out by themselves together.

  6. Momma Jo says:

    As a once single mom with a single child, this article describes what I went through before I “found” my husband. We now have extra children and a loving relationship. I couldn’t have asked for a better man to be my son’s step-dad and father to our own son and 2 daughters. Thank you for putting this out there for other men who are afraid of dating a woman with a child/ren, its a powerful message.

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