Why men chase you so hard, then lose interest & effort so quick.


In the beginning they chase you hard. Good morning texts. Affectionate gestures that have you smiling all day. Then when you let down your wall, it all suddenly goes away. But why?
By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody

Boys lose interest & effort in women after noticing her rate of growth exceeds his. #EbrahimAseem This intimidates him, to always feel inadequate to a deep woman aware of her worth, whom he has nothing but good dick & inconsistency to offer.

Don’t text a woman 6 months later, crawling back into her life, like you didn’t destroy her ability to trust. #EbrahimAseem If she cut your inconsistent ass off, chances are she used that knife you stabbed her in the back with.

“Men” chase you so hard, then lose interest & effort so quick, because “girls” switch up. Once they fall for you, they stop being fun, goofy & care free, and switch to being serious, clingy & emotional.

Instead of asking deep, interesting questions getting to know you & your perspective on life, the universe & why we are here, they spend the whole conversation asking emotional questions like:

“who is that same girl who keeps commenting your picture?” and
“what are we?” Which is a silly question, because if a man has never told you with actions his intentions with you, where he sees y’all going, his dreams, ambitions, career plan, what he wants out of life & why he wants you in his, you are dating a boy. You’re a single mom. #EbrahimAseem

Sometimes a man texts other women, not because he wants to cheat & sleep with them, but because he misses having communication with a flirty, goofy woman. That used to be you, until you started letting your emotions rule you & take the fun out of you.

Men don’t like girls who laugh at everything, they just love witty women with depth, who provoke deep thought, yet aren’t know-it-alls. #EbrahimAseem If you can’t say something witty, sarcastic or deep, don’t say anything at all. Lack of humor is unattractive. Get your unfunny ass away from me.

Truth is, it doesn’t matter why he lost interest. If he was meant for you, he would never lose interest. You’d be his favorite melody.

What’s meant for you will find you. You won’t have to chase it, force it, settle for less or fight to keep it alive. It will not break you, curse you or question you. It will heal you, understand you & be patient with your trust. #EbrahimAseem To attract it, you must fully let go of anything or person that does not promote growth. Once you do, you’ll attract a consistent man, who will open up to you & say,

“I want to be the reason you don’t give up on your dreams. The reason you know you’re not asking too much. You never get all that you give, until now. #EbrahimAseem

I just want to love you until you glow so much, people notice growth. #EbrahimAseem Until the shine of your smile eclipses your fears. I want to be your peace.

You don’t want to date me. I don’t text for months w/ no intentions. I like conversing about growth & building a future. I don’t Netflix & chill. I take you on a date so you know it’s real. I don’t ask for sexy pics. I long kiss, play in your hair, massage & smack your derrière. I don’t talk. I court. I want a future. I want forever with one. If you only want a bae, I’m not for you. #EbrahimAseem But if you want a goofy, deep, super flawed, super genuine soul, I will love you so consistently, you will become that love. That self love.

Worst mistake I ever made was choosing a self-proclaimed "bad bitch" over a sweet woman. #NeverAgain #Growth Link to full article in my bio. #EbrahimAseem #omwToPrayer I learned a self proclaimed bad bitch may be curvy & sweet, yet if she lacks substance, nurturing & doesn't promote our growth, they're not for us bro. So what if a woman doesn't have the flattest tummy, fattest ass or flawless face ? If we can further each others intellect spiritually connect, be goofy, vibe together & build towards forever, she's the only ONE we should commit to. 👉🏾👸🏾👉🏾💍💎💒👰🏾👨🏽👶🏾 Girls be like "if only more men thought like this.😪" 3.5 billion men on earth. If only more women CHOSE to ONLY entertain men who value them & think like this. #EbrahimAseem #StopAdoptingGrownAssMen

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By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat On Loyal Women”
Instagram: @Fuel4TheBODY
Twitter: @EbrahimAseem
Website: http://RealNewsPaper.me
Booking: AEAseem@gmail.com

I am a chef & motivational speaker. I write new articles every thursday & speak life into groups of 100s of men at universities & corporations worldwide.

Want a free copy of my book? click “Follow” => http://Facebook.com/AEAseem click “get notifications”, or “see first” then message me so I can message you a free copy.

Want to hear me sing? Click bellow.

The reason she doesn’t submit to you is, she doesn’t trust your ability to lead her. You can’t even lead yourself. #EbrahimAseem Be consistent. Speak w/ actions. Stop trying to control a woman or calling her "smart mouthed." If you're a woman who respectfully speaks your mind, know you're so intimidating to an insecure boy & so attractive to a confident man. But queen, YOU define your worth, not a man. #EbrahimAseem Stop wasting years & tears waiting for that neglecting, cheating, can’t text back but can like 157 girls pics on Instagram ass lame to change for you. Men don’t change for a woman. A man changes for himself & grows for his self love. #EbrahimAseem But complacency has no potential. It's not your job to teach a boy how to be a man, provide, work, listen, understand & comfort you. Don't get being his woman confused with "being his mother". #EbrahimAseem Some of y'all adopting grown ass men. Instagram: @Fuel4TheBody

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My mother raised a future husband 👉🏾💍👰🏾 not a future baby daddy. #tbt I'm tired of “talking”. Being in a relationship where the sex is so damn good, but there’s no growth or courtship is a waste to me. #EbrahimAseem I see your fine ass has curves, but are you nurturing? Kind? Patient? Spiritual? Goofy? Good with children? Finances? Home decor? I don’t date for a hobby. If we aren’t planning for forever I have no interest. #EbrahimAseem What are your passions? Goals? Can WE stimulate each other's spirit? Promote each other's growth? align each others chakras? activate each others pineal gland? I don't care if you can twerk 💃🏾 or back that ass up 😒 #EbrahimAseem Can we dine on each other's frequency as you digest knowledge my food for thought feeds your mind? What type of mother will you be? Where do you want to raise a family? Men, let's stop asking these women for pics, ask if she’s a WIFE. Men let's behave loyal to our self worth before we even say I do. #EbrahimAseem I can imagine being married. Having children, spending time with them, Playing with them & making them laugh, teaching them about life, instilling confidence & self worth before giving them piggyback rides. Having a wife, spoiling her with love and attention, Being goofy with her, making her laugh & smile every second I spend with her. Providing for my family. #EbrahimAseem I honestly pray I have all this before my moms gets too old to enjoy a daughter-in-law & grandchildren. Everytime I see my moms, she talks about wanting grandchildren & saying she raised me to be a husband. Because I was raised by a queen, I know for sure, I am not looking for a girlfriend to date, I am looking for a wife to court, marry & raise children with. #EbrahimAseem Instagram: @Fuel4TheBODY #Excerpt from #WhyNoManShouldDATEaSingleMother #MARRYher 💍👰🏾 #OrDontWasteHerTime Link in my bio.

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Why guys lose interest. Only do for him what he's willing to do for you. True love is reciprocal. #EbrahimAseem

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About Ebrahim Aseem

I am a chef, writer & motivational speaker. I've been a youth mentor for young Black men for 10 years & I'm currently shopping my first book, "Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women"
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