If Black Women weren’t so MOUTHY & LISTENed they wouldn’t attract DEADLY drama.


People say, “if black women just dropped their sassy ass mouth, cut their “mad-at-the-world” sista girl attitude, & were more obedient to men in authority, their lives would be different. Smartmouthedness leads to singleness. Sassy-as-hell will leave you dead in a jail cell.

Look at Sandra Bland. If she would’ve just said “yes sir” & did like she was told, she’d be alive right now.” If you agree with this train of thought, you are a narcissistic idiot. By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody

Intelligent women who speak their mind make insecure males flaccid. #EbrahimAseem This is why Sandra Bland was arrested.

When a woman resists submitting to a narcissistic male, his inadequacies provoke him to physically assert his non-existent dominance onto her. #EbrahimAseem

Women who know their worth are the most feared humans alive. Especially women of color.

Most educated. Strongest willed. Resilient. Divinely vindicated. Her hair, lips, natural tan & hips are envied & imitated. #EbrahimAseem

This is why they are told how to speak, dress, style their hair, raise their children. If the woman is controlled, discouraged to show strength, she’ll never remember she was created as a queen to rule her self. #EbrahimAseem

She is not smarted mouth, rude with an attitude. She is mentally regal, never declining to speak her mind. #EbrahimAseem

Why does her inability to submit to your insecurity provoke you to anger? Could it be you envy the fact the creator of us all, YHWH choose her to be the vessel of life over you? #EbrahimAseem

My brothers, a woman is not your babe, nor your little girl to command or enslave. She is a master of herself. Inferior to no man. Your opinion of her body does not define her worth. She does. #EbrahimAseem

Her sexuality belongs to her. It is not a metric for you to measure her value. #EbrahimAseem

She is not your bitch, your hoe, your thot, your little girl, your honey, your baby doll. She is a queen, crowned & sculpted to reign by the most powerful artist in this universe. Bow to her regal intelligence with your consciousness, or exile yourself from her royal presence. #EbrahimAseem

If you are a woman who speaks your mind, know you are so intimidating to an insecure boy; and so attractive to a confident man. But your worth as a woman is not defined by a man’s attraction to you. #EbrahimAseem

An artist doesn’t base its self-worth on the value its creation places on it. Women, you create men. Never let one decline your own worth in your mind. Shine. You are not a star. You are a universe. A creator. A queen. A goddess. A mother. With unfuckwithable badassness. #EbrahimAseem

Your womb is a matrix. Your mind is an enigma. Your heart is a volcano. Erupting lava-like love & flaming fierceness. Igniting intellect through your esoteric essence. #EbrahimAseem A million men cannot equal you, the giver of life. Your worth is not defined as a man’s wife. You don’t need a man’s love to complete you. Only your creator’s love, and God is not a man. But an omnipresent spirit who created you as woman to create man. YHWH. Mother Soul Cell Fundamental Principle. #EbrahimAseem

Love you. Choose you. Empower you. Encourage you. Stop beating yourself up for not being where you want to be in life right now. Stop comparing your body to other women. Stop basing your decisions off what you parents will approve of. #EbrahimAseem Stop apologizing for your sexuality. Stop biting your tongue. Stop questioning your intuition. Speak. Feel. Hurt. Love. Care. Learn. Fight. Grow. And funk what any one thinks of what you do. You are an uncut diamond. Nothing can break you, and nothing in this universe can equal your unparalleled inner beauty. Love you. #EbrahimAseem

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Dear Mixed People”
Instagram: @Fuel4TheBODY
Twitter: @EbrahimAseem
Website: http://RealNewsPaper.me

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About Ebrahim Aseem

I am a chef, writer & motivational speaker. I've been a youth mentor for young Black men for 10 years & I'm currently shopping my first book, "Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women"
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19 Responses to If Black Women weren’t so MOUTHY & LISTENed they wouldn’t attract DEADLY drama.

  1. Omay Farlane says:

    When I read the title I was dumbfounded. But the content, inspiring! Thank You!

  2. naya31irl says:

    Reblogged this on Not Another Fashion Blog and commented:
    #whathappenedtoSandraBland I can’t get over this story #disgusting and # sad

  3. tracyvallen says:

    Reblogged this on lemondropsblog and commented:
    Everyone should read this! Enlightening as well as sobering!

  4. Sharon Seward says:

    The title messed me up at first but when I read the whole story I so agree with u and don’t understand why wud a man feel like that I think its something they watched in their home and feel real comfortable with it and its not kool at all so sad she had to loss her life cause of free speech wow

  5. Wardah Haqq says:


  6. Carrie D. Gray says:

    I cried so thankfully reading all your beautiful words that I have said for so many years. I have been called every ugly name possible, casted out, prosecuted, excommunicated and more. I AM A QUEEN of 52 and because of you, I have added a new jewel to my crown! Thank you.

  7. Dakota Youngblood says:

    They murderd her than tried to cover it up same thing the police did to kindra Chapman down here the police are evil with or without there badges & all of sudden it’s the white police officers doing this to us blacks for what doe??? My race don’t deserve this we just wanna live our lives can we all just go back to living equally again???
    ~Dakota Qa’Shay DixYoungblood

    • Jamye says:

      its not just white cops if you watch the full video a black female cop comes as his back up and continues the abuse and takes the other cops side. She could have stood up for her or even told him she had it under control and took over but instead she did not

  8. Ash says:

    This is very true. But please their is a place and time to be outspoken and critical. She chose the wrong arena. Sorry. You got to play the game in the heat of the moment. Yes the cop made some mistakes and was a very furious man attacking a women. But at that point, what’s most important your freedom or talking about unjust being done to you as the unjust is being done to you. Once you realize a man in a badge is upset with you and giving you simple orders that would not harm you or anyone else… Why not compile…. Put out my cigarette… Ok… I can light another one right after… Step out the car… Why not… it’s a nice day… Fight the unjust after not in the moment… And play the damn game… Seriously… I agree to disagree and I’m a very outspoken black women…

    • Ed says:

      I SO agree with your response!!! I’m not going to try and escalate the situation to the point where my life is threatened over a $100 ticket! If the officer is DEAD WRONG then we will deal with it at a later date and not when he/she has PEPPER SPRAY, A GUN, BACK UP AND A PERCEIVED NOTION THAT BECAUSE I’M A BLACK MALE I’M GOING TO PULL OUT A GUN AND KILL EVERYBODY!!! I tell my son “DO WHAT THE OFFICER ASK OF YOU” and if the officer was wrong we will deal with that at a later date! I would much rather my son come home as opposed to planning his funeral!!! I’m not justifying what the officer did but MAKE IT HOME SAFE and deal with the officers attitude issues later!!!
      A Concerned Father!!!

    • and i disagree….the supreme court rules that she was wrongfully arrested and she was within her right to disobey the officer…..i wud do the same and i dont mind dying for standing up for myself……i wont live my life a coward like u would

  9. enterprisingsidney says:

    Reblogged this on My Enterprising Life. and commented:
    Take time to read. “This is why they are told how to speak, dress, style their hair, raise their children. If the woman is controlled, discouraged to show strength, she’ll never remember she was created as a queen to rule. #EbrahimAseem”

  10. Duan Anthony says:

    It was amazing to me to see so many ignorant people saying the cop was just doing his job. People please educate yourselves on the latest rulings of the Supreme Court. The cop was wrong according to law. Why do you think the cover up has gone into full effect and the vilification of her character was so ethnic? It’s because in a court of law the cop wouldn’t have a defense at all. Read before you ignorantly speak. DAH!

    • Jamye says:

      There is no way that cop was doing his job correctly he said she was under arrest for resisting arrest. so he had nothing to even arrest her on to start with this is bullshit. i live in Texas and it makes me scared to even leave my house knowing things like that are happening.

  11. Porsche says:

    I believe the title is meant to Catch the attention of readers

  12. samson says:

    Reblogged this on STORY 2 SUCCESS BLOG and commented:
    I totally agree with u
    Ebrahim Aseem” am not an american but I think america are doing a pretty bad job protecting minorities, in my country we use to say America are best in protecting minorities but I can’t say that out loud again due to recent happenings

  13. john says:

    Color makes no difference. If you give a cop shit, you’ll get it back 10 fold… I hate cops but anytime I have had an interaction with them, I’m all like yes sir/no sir. Cause they do have badges, which do give them authority to ruin your life. They are not gods as someone commented but they have a badge and you don’t. So shut the fuck up and quit trying to teach the law to the ones who uphold it. Then you won’t end up in the headlines in some fashion…

  14. Amina says:

    Im sorry but i got to disagree. Yes there are intelligent black women out there and their opinions are golden. Thing is silence is also golden. there is a time to speak and time to think and time to be quiet. I would complied with officer and not escalate a small situation with words. CLEARLY THEY WANT TO KILL PEOPLE. Why give them incentive? Why not go for peace? Peace doesnt always seem valiant. Peace is future thinking.

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