Why men don’t APPROACH you sweet women. Only InstaModels.


The most Beautiful Women hardly get approached

while easy *hoes & InstaModels get asked for their number everyday. Men we must step it up! It’s not a woman’s job to chase you. Be confident enough to approach a beautiful, successful Woman in real life. Not just on Instagram.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women”

Beautiful Women are the most humble, intelligent, funny & down to earth. She’s not stuck-up. She doesn’t have an attitude. She just knows if you have nothing new to offer her mind. #EbrahimAseem Sending her a DM like, “hey sexy ;)” does not count as approaching.

This is how you successfully approach a woman:

When you first see a woman out in public, use non-verbal communication to start. Never pick up lines. Smile & give her THE LOOK by making eye contact with her eyes, not her ass & boobs. This will make her smile & cheese uncontrollably. #EbrahimAseem

Women can’t resist a confident man
with pretty eyes, nice teeth, a nice SLIGHT smile, humor, respect & the confidence of an asshole.

When you approach a woman,
Do not yell out:
“Aye shawty!”
“Hey babe!”
“DAMN ma let me talk to you foe a minute?”
“Mess wit ya boy”
“I can change yo life mami”
“You’re such a bad bitch.”

Approach her with respect, because
If she has a beautiful soul & self respect, she won’t accept anything less.

WALK UP to her. Don’t holler at her from blocks away. Do not speak loud, yell, talk weird, or cause a huge seen, so everyone knows you’re approaching her. Don’t tell her “slow down.” You keep up. Say, “I pray you have a day as beautiful as your smile.” Then walk away. You just made her day. #EbrahimAseem She’ll smile through all her stress because of you. Now, the next time you see her, she’ll want nothing more than for you to ask for her number.

Respectfully & confidently approach her & say “Excuse me, my name is ____ , may I ask you’re name?”

Be mindful, you’re interrupting her life. Being respectful, polite & considerate, showing you care about how she is feeling will give her the chance to warm up to you. #EbrahimAseem A woman knows within the first five seconds of meeting a man if she would date you, sex you, or even marry you.

Be extremely confident! She wants to know she’s in the presence of a MAN
Who knows how to take self-control. Keep her on her toes. Be humorous. Well groomed. Fresh cut, Fitted & fly. #EbrahimAseem Not nappy, sagging & sloppy. Hygiene on point. Cologne game on point. Teeth white, smile bright. Fingernails clean & clipped. Girls get offend when a man approaches her with body odor, dirty fingernails, breath smelling like ass & hot chips. Your goal is to stimulate all five of her senses before you fully approach.

Complement HER, not her body.
Look in her EYES the whole time you talk to her.

Tell her, “I want to converse with you so I can see if your conversation is as beautiful as your facial features.” #EbrahimAseem

Make her LAUGH. If you can’t make a woman laugh uncontrollably, she will feel you are wasting her time.

Log off all these social networks, go out & approach a woman right now! Today bro! Take her out on a real date, where you plan & pay for everything. In REAL life tho. Don’t rely on social networks to get to know a woman. Beautiful Women do not take these social networks seriously. It’s purely entertainment when she’s bored. She has a LIFE outside this.

Get to know her outside of these social networks & Instagram pics, because there is so much more to a woman than her appearance.

Here are 5 reasons
why men don’t APPROACH sweet women. Only InstaModels.:

#1 Your mean ass looks unapproachable.

If you’re always on your phone, mugging, irritated or in deep thought, you will come off unapproachable to a man.

InstaModels aren’t afraid to expose themselves & be vulnerable. While their promiscuity turns men of valor off, the fact they’re comfortable in their skin & don’t take life too seriously is rather appealing. So lighten up. Put your phone away. Smile. Even if you have to laugh at all those tacky hoes in tacky clothes as they walk by. Your smile & goofiness makes you irresistible to your dream man. #EbrahimAseem

#2 He’s intimidated by your beauty.

One woman asked me, “Guys think I must have all these guys drooling over me, because I’m so pretty. So why am I single? While these kangaroo looking females with ass injections are getting married?”

It’s simple. They expose their self. Flaws & all. But you, your beauty is intimidating. Not your physical beauty. Your inner beauty. You never show flaws & weakness. Always appear to have it all together, even when you’re dying inside. It’s a turn off to men when women hide imperfections. Or act like they “don’t need a man.” You’re so beautiful, but what about the insecure you? The self doubting you? The over emotional, over thinker? Open up. Let your guard down. Be a little more unbeautiful. #EbrahimAseem

Only entertain men you want your son to grow to become. – Ebrahim Aseem

No man wants to raise another man’s kids. This LIE is why single mothers feel they must settle for half ass time, half ass effort from half ass men who’ll accept her. Silly rabbit. It’s not your children that scare men away. The leader, providing men you want, see you taking care of grown ass little boys treating them like a king, letting him live off you. It makes a real man feel you don’t value him enough to date men on HIS level. #EbrahimAseem Value yourself. Only entertain men you want your son to grow to become. A real man will love you & your child as his own. IG: @Fuel4TheBody

#4 Successful women turn men off.

You’re too educated. Too career oriented. Too successful, that’s why men don’t approach you. Bullshit. You’re too independent. You don’t need a man. That’s a turn off to a provider, who wants to spoil you sometimes. Let a man be a man. Don’t always correct him with your highly educated, degree having ass. He loves your degree, success & the fact you got your own, but let him treat you. Cater to you. Massage you. Let a man be a man. #EbrahimAseem

#5 You’re Booty isn’t curvy enough.

I don’t think you women know how gorgeous you really are, because you trip off InstaModels & Video Vixens who make you feel you must be super curvy with massive ass & a flat, size zero waist, or Victoria Secret models who show you to lose weight & have zero cellulite. #EbrahimAseem

If you’re thick, love your curves. If you’re petite, love your frame. There is no mold to beauty. You ARE the mold. A work of art sculpted to be your unique version of beautiful. #EbrahimAseem Look at that beautiful soul staring back at you in the mirror & say, “You are beautiful.”

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women”
Instagram: @Fuel4TheBODY
Twitter: @EbrahimAseem
Website: http://RealNewsPaper.me


About Ebrahim Aseem

I am a chef, writer & motivational speaker. I've been a youth mentor for young Black men for 10 years & I'm currently shopping my first book, "Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women"
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2 Responses to Why men don’t APPROACH you sweet women. Only InstaModels.

  1. Kica says:

    This is a great article. A couple things I have heard before, and all very true. I know that I do put on a mean look purposely to keep away from those wrong approaches males offer throughout the day. And then when I don’t respond to being yelled at etc. I am then called out of my name. It used to be very upsetting, so out came the mean face and there is no more unwanted attention from undesirable guys. The mean face is effective for that purpose, but now no one approaches me. So, (when I just let myself be me again) how do I navigate the unwanted male approaches without the negative interaction that seems to follow?

  2. MzTcamore says:

    I loved your article you made some great point. This was a great read an a conversation piece. Thank you

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