Bae Tour: Man up & COURT her. It’s not a woman’s job to pursue you bruh.


Bae tour: sexual vacation paid for by one of one’s multiple side hoes.

That girl on Instagram taking pics in Bora Bora, Greece, Miami & Belize. No job. Living rent free in her mom’s house. She’s not paying for those trips or flights. She’s inboxing guys in those cities. Flirting & “talking” until he flies her out for a paid baecation, for sex & sight-seeing. Once she hops off the D, she hops on the next flight. Another city the next day. Another bae the next night. How many of your followers have you or your man flown out to have sex this year?

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women”

Ladies, listen. If your man is inconsistent with you, yet consistently pouring affection into girls in his phone, he has hoes. Baes in different area codes. When he’s not texting you back, he’s texting his InstaCrush, or the new girl who messaged him on snap chat. #EbrahimAseem When an inconsistent guy short texts you, starves you of time, he’s lost interest in you & another girl in another area code has his interest, time & effort.

Type in your man’s local airport code in his phone’s Google search. A list of all his most current flights will appear, cataloging his bae tours. Busted. #EbrahimAseem

Girls who bae tour save the guy’s name in their phone under the city he flew her out to. So when her girl asks, “how was Atlanta?” and she says “girl it was a LONG flight that put me right to sleep” she’s talking about the guy’s sex game.#EbrahimAseem

Insecure guys & girls feel they need multiple baes & a main on the side, to evaporate every drop of insecurity & past heartbreak. #EbrahimAseem They know if they make a girl feel she must compete for his time & starve her if effort, she will stay loyal to him longer & fight harder to prove to him & herself she deserves his attention.

This is why they have multiple baes, all loyal to him. Breaking a genuine woman’s heart fills an inadequate male with false confidence. #EbrahimAseem He just got the woman who is too good for him to feel just as broken inside as he feels. What a soul vampire.

Ladies quit “talking” & require a man to court you. It goes, (1) Date: go on a couple dates to get to know th. (2) Court: Exclusive commitment to see compatibility. (3) Relationship: Faithful commitment with one you plan to marry. (4) engagement: life planning with your fiancée. (5) Marriage: building an empire with your soul mate. #EbrahimAseem

Courtship should be a prerequisite to a woman giving a man her loyalty & intimacy. #EbrahimAseem But you can’t “make” him court you. If he doesn’t value you enough to do so without being told, free him & let him be another woman’s problem. Some of y’all women are adopting grown ass men.

Guys don’t court, because women don’t make it a requirement. If you had sex with him before he took you out on a date, you’re the reason men don’t court. #EbrahimAseem If you made him a father before he made you his date, you’re the reason men don’t court.

Man up & COURT her. It’s not a woman’s job to pursue you bruh. #EbrahimAseem

Don’t ask her to chill. Say “I plan to take you out on a date for live music, fresh pasta & conversing. What time can I pick you up?” Court her. #EbrahimAseem

Court her, meaning match her level of giving. Don’t give more. Don’t give less. Don’t be too nice. Don’t be too mean. Be the yang to her yin, completion. #EbrahimAseem

Taking a giving woman out on a date isn’t being a simp. Courtship is a two-way street. She’d love to treat you to a date. Pay to get your hair lined. Pick out clothes to keep you fresh & fitted. She just wants to know you’re willing to reciprocate all she has to offer you. #EbrahimAseem

If she’s selfish & using, delete her number from your phone. Do not court her. But if she’s giving, supportive & respects your manhood, call her right now & say,

“I want to learn you. Be fluent in your thoughts. Understand the enigma you are. Travel galaxies inside your mind. Let me court you. #EbrahimAseem

A moon’s job is to orbit a planet & keep its frequency aligned. That’s why I frequently encircle you with affirmation, so your beautiful mind stays aligned with the most high. #EbrahimAseem

It’s not because you look so fine, lips taste like wine. It’s b/c you are the moon that calms the waves of my spirit. You shine so bright, moon you’re my vision. #EbrahimAseem

Let me be the moon to eclipse your anxiety with my reassurance my dearest. Twin flame, let me be the moon to align you back to your goals, calm your fears, erase your self doubts. #EbrahimAseem

My love, I know you have visions & premonitions no one ever gets told. You’re not weird. You’re a beautiful enigma. I understand the complexity of your soul. #EbrahimAseem

I don’t expect you to abruptly let go of that thing currently brining you pain, take your time. I just want you to see I care for you in a place where there is no space or time. #EbrahimAseem

I want to take you to Broadway shows. Talk astrology with you. Converse about other life forms in our universe. I want to grow to understand the galaxy you are. #EbrahimAseem I want to take you on a library date, buy you a book, then sit on the beach, cuddle up & read to each other.

I love your beautiful vibration. Stars fly across our sky for a reason. To answer prayers. We flew into each other’s life, because we prayed for one another. #EbrahimAseem

I want you to know, you don’t have to deal with all this weight alone anymore. Let me help you with it all. Let me court you. #EbrahimAseem

My future wife & child’s mother isn’t a bad bitch. I’m not attracted to curves & twerk videos. I’m attracted to nurturing women who can be an example of self-worth & integrity. #EbrahimAseem I don’t need a bae tour.

Women being attracted to spiritual men who are abstinent until marriage is coming back in style soon. I can feel it.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women”
Instagram: @Fuel4TheBODY
Twitter: @EbrahimAseem

About Ebrahim Aseem

I am a chef, writer & motivational speaker. I've been a youth mentor for young Black men for 10 years & I'm currently shopping my first book, "Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women"
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1 Response to Bae Tour: Man up & COURT her. It’s not a woman’s job to pursue you bruh.

  1. Cherise Dogan says:

    This was awesome. It hit direct to where things need to be in life. Definitely a call to order when it comes to life and relationships. Although I’ve said it on other post, I respect your mind and actions. I love sharing your post and articles with friends.

    Congratulations on the celibacy walk. I understand the commitment to do it. After 6+ years the focus and clarity I have is amazing. The wealth of knowledge and insight shows strongly in each post you write, as you walk your own journey. Continue to walk as the King you are. Your works inspire. I applaud you.

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