The powerful reason I refuse to celebrate Mother’s DAY.


When I was a child, my mother always ate in her room, door closed, while me & my sister ate at the dinner table.

One night, when I was 7, I heard noise in my moms room & when I went in, I saw her laying on the bed, stress tearing out of her eyes, rubbing her stomach. That was the moment I realized, my mother was willing to skip dinners just so my sister & I had food to eat every night.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody

My mother sacrificed buying herself clothes & jewelry just to provide food, clothes, a warm bed & electricity for her family. Through any struggles, she kept a smile on her face at all times, so we wouldn’t know how poor we really were.

From that day on I taught myself how to cook & I made sure my moms ate every day. I cooked breakfast in bed in the weekends, made her cards & wrote her love poems often, because every day is Mother’s Day, when you’re blessed with a selfless one.

I decided to do something with my life, so my mother would never have to starve to pay bills. That’s what motivates me to travel worldwide & speak life into groups at universities, as a 12-year mentor for men.

That is why I work 3 jobs, chef, senior care, motivational speaker. That’s why I don’t complain about life.

I just keep a smile on my face. I may have money now, but I came from not having anything & it’s because of overcoming all my struggles & what my mother did for me I am the man I am today.

Our world treats women with less respect than animals. The same government that coined “Martin Luther King Jr. Day” murdered him & hated him why he was alive. The same government who created, “Mother’s Day” doesn’t give women equal pay, nor maternity pay. #EbrahimAseem Many women get fired after giving birth. Mothers deserve paid time off after having a child, because without mother’s, no man would be alive. Without the Mother Soul Cell Fundamental Principle, which AM the divine creator, YHWH’s true nature, nothing in this universe could exist.

We honor mother’s for ONE day, then fat shame, skinny shame, slut shame, use, neglect, take for granted & judge her the other 364 days of the year. #EbrahimAseem That’s why I don’t celebrate this man-made holiday. Mother’s Day is EVERYDAY.

In my West-African Hebrew Culture, we learn how our ancestors never celebrated on “fixed dates”. They only commemorated ceremonies aligned with the new crescent of our moon, Yerah’s 28-day cycle.

She feels neglected & taken for granted for 364 days out the year. I’m tired of seeing men say mother’s are damaged goods. I’d marry a single mother.

Courting a single mother is hard. She will cancel dates. Short text & not reply. No time to put you first. A woman who puts her child first over me makes me want to make her & her child my first priority. #EbrahimAseem Be patient with her. Take her out. She’s not flaking. Childcare costs more than a date you take her on. It’s not about money to her. Spoil her with your time. Show you appreciate all sacrifices she makes for her child with no help. Be her consistency, she will be your everything. #EbrahimAseem

My book on Courting Single Mothers drops this summer. Want a free pre-release copy of the forward? Follow me on Facebook, click “get notifications”, or “see first” on the follow tab, then message me requesting your free copy.

Now, if you’re a mother, comment a story of your sacrifice! Because I appreciate all sacrifices you make for your child!

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women”
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This is why you should respect women: It was my 4th day teaching summer school. One of the teachers saw a 10th grade girl in his class sitting w/ her head down, arms around her head. The Germen teacher told her, "sit up, or I'll give you an 'F' & kick you out of school." 😳 She wiped her face & sat up. "You know what, come up to the board & solve this problem," he said. She put her hands over her face & shook her head. He said, "solve the problem or get an 'F' & repeat 10th grade." 😯 I walked over to the girl, gave her my coat & my key, & told her to "get up" & walked her out the classroom & to the bathroom. When I came back into class, the teacher said, "Mr. Ebrahim Aseem, did you kick her out?" I pulled him outside & put him on game, saying, "Every 28 days, girls endure the cramps & all the pain of their mentrual cycle. As men, we must pay attention. She was on her period & in pain, so much so, she was in tears. Not only that, I think she may have been bleeding. That's why she didn't stand up in front of the whole class. #EbrahimAseem You can't have your 'no bathroom policy'. You have to let these students go to the bathroom,especially the girls, so they can handle their business." No lie, this teacher told me, "Well, I'm not a woman. That period shit is not my problem" & turned away. I grabbed his shoulder & told him, "your mother went thru it every month just to birth you. It IS your problem. I don't know how you do things, but I don't treat children like animals. Treat them with respect. Remember, you were a child once." #EbrahimAseem This dumb as teacher responded by saying, "look, I'm sorry ok. I didn't know girls that young could get a period." I damn near slapped the stupid out of this dumb idiot. I replied by saying, "To be a grown man & gave no care to understand a woman's cycle is not some badge of manhood, it's pure ignorance. Every man ever born came out of a woman. Your God chose her over you to be the giver, carrier & representative of life. To disrespect a genuine woman is blasphemy, because who do you think chose her to be a life giver?" #EbrahimAseem #12YearMaleMentor No matter where you are, never be afraid to stand up for what's right

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#FatherhoodGoals #EbrahimAseem I really want a son & daughter. Not right NOW. I want to be extremely financially set before I bring life in this world. But, I have thoughts on manhood I was taught by men in my culture I'd love to share w/ a son, teach him how to be strong & confident, never dependent on, live off or control a female, self sufficient. #EbrahimAseem Shower my daughter with love, so she doesn't look for love in every man she meets. Encourage my children to pursue their dreams, support their choices. Never belittling or making them feel like a failure. #EbrahimAseem I want to raise a son to be ambitious, resilient, not make excuses, teach him not to blame people for his life, play football, hoops & exercising w/ him, be goofy with him, b/c he shares my humor. #EbrahimAseem I will never judge my child & make them feel less of a man for his choices. It is not parents' job to judge their child, only support & build them up. I want to raise a son to respect women. I don't want my son to base how he treats women on how males look at him. I want to teach him showing a woman you love her is NOT being a simp, it's being a strong man. #EbrahimAseem I want to teach my son to be a loyal man, not a hoe male. I don't want him getting multiple women pregnant, leaving the mother to raise the child by herself. I want him to make a woman a wife before he makes her a mother. I want to raise a future husband, not a future baby daddy. #EbrahimAseem More than anything, I want to teach my son to be humble w/o ego, pride & arrogance. I'm just a flawed man who has made mistakes in this dream called life, but REFUSES not to learn from them. I refuse to repeat mistakes. #EbrahimAseem I refuse to be a weak male, who blames women for everything. I refuse to be a player, womanizer or baby daddy. I refuse to put my hands on a woman, use, rape or break a woman like many males. #EbrahimAseem I'm not a profit, I'm an example real men who value women exist & I'm tired of us being seen as dogs. I want to be a living example of the man I want my daughter to marry. Bless me with a woman who can see the leader in me. I don't want a bad bitch. I want a sweet woman.

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About Ebrahim Aseem

I am a chef, writer & motivational speaker. I've been a youth mentor for young Black men for 10 years & I'm currently shopping my first book, "Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women"
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17 Responses to The powerful reason I refuse to celebrate Mother’s DAY.

  1. Shauna Myers says:

    I am a single mother of 3 amazing daughters and I have gone time bed hungry some nights just to make sure there was something first my girls to eat the next day. I at one point worked 2 jobs whole living in a hotel room with my 3 girls. I love my girls and I will do it again for them.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. christie says:

    Understand the struggle….going thru it as we speak….on the verge of eviction bills piling up and hours cut looking for employment but I still hold my head up doin what I can for my kids cuz as I stated to them WE ALL WE GOT AND MOMMA GON ALWAYS BE THERE…I kno He don’t put more on u then u can bear but this is truely a test I’m not goin to give up because of these beautiful faces I wake up to errday…they are my motivation and Mothers day is a everyday thing knowing my kids r healthy and n they rite minds…I am their “SuperWoman”..n my sons vc…

  4. I wish you the very best..This is an empowering read. Thank You !

  5. Diane DelVecchio says:

    It’s a day of recognition. I would hope that the one day set aside is not the only day we celebrate anyone. I think this view is a bit skewed and he made it into everything else and everyone else’s fault.. It’s more about dad’s not being there than it is about what everyone else did or didn’t do..

  6. I need to come back to this. This had me crying.

  7. Sharmel Wilkes says:

    Gd mrng. I just want to THANK YOU, for being an amazing man. Your words of truth has touched me deeply. Keep up the GREAT WORK. I appreciate you.

  8. Connie Falz says:

    You are right we should celebrate Mother’s day everyday and not only once a year, Mother is the only person who will be there for us no matter what.I was a single mom of 3 boys for about 10 years and I know the hardship of being alone raising your kids.Gudluck to all mother’s out there.

  9. Shirley Clark says:

    AWESOME!!!!! 🙂

  10. Samone says:

    I stayed in a marriage to make sure my kids had their dad. Yes all of my children are by one man, the man I married the man I thought would always be there and love them like I do. See i am a divorced kid n he was too. I knew I never wanted that for my children but he had same of waiting for a dad who never kept dates to see him so I knew he would never do this to his own . Well my children longed for a dad n he was right there n the house. I potty trained my boys, they changed their sisters diapers and dressed her for church. I went to school, work, cooked made school events n got degrees with him sleep on couch after work while I nursed son n did homework. All this aside I showed my children we could have 10 dollars buy a 5 dollar Pizza, a jug juice drive to a park n have the best time. I appreciate your life story lesson n your love for your mom. That’s what had me start following you..much continued success.

  11. SHEILA Jackson 314-853-3788 says:

    I am a 12 year RECOVERING ADDICT, with a lot of FAITH in GOD, that KNOWS the truth when it’s something I have lived or possibly still living with to this DAY.

  12. Caviene Christie says:

    I remember trying to better myself. I love my girls world without end and I am a firm believer in education. while going to classes I asked the institution to permit me to carry my kids to class. I could not afford child care and trusted no one with them. I talked to my girls and explained to them the journey we would be taking together. They were young, but somehow they understood. I prayed as we traveled at nights lived in a less than desirable place. I made the journey fun for us all and we learned many life lessons together. It was hard but it was a lesson I had to learn in endurance. Needless to say I graduated as the valedictorian and was first in the region. I also won an award and gave my girls that trophy as it was theirs. Today I am proud it is experiences like those that keep me going through the rough times. I take comfort in knowing that nothing lasts forever. Thank God and the army of friends He sent to sustain us.

  13. God's Joy says:

    Thank you for recognizing the Queen in the single moms for who they truly are. I’m recently divorced and my ex acknowledged that I should get the mother of the year award for only having liquid intact for mothers day instead of wanting to go out to dinner. I said why should I do that when our daughter just had a freak accident the day before where she now is on a liquid diet and then soft foods because she had to have her permanent teeth put back in place and can not chew solid foods for 10 days. So what kind of mother would I be to eat solid foods in front my child when she can not eat right now. So as long as she has to drink her nutritional intake so will I. All mothers who truly has that maternal instinct has sacrificed many years and tears for their children and I greatly honor every one of them. Thank you all.
    God’s Joy

  14. lovelyt26 says:

    That was an outstanding article and it shows me Mothers need to be appreciated all the time

  15. Sunshine says:

    This is awesome young man,I was happily married,lost my husband to drug addiction,looked up one it was just me and my son and daughter,I realized I had to take care of them all by myself there was no time for a petty party,I prayed God brought me though it all,long story short,I put my life on hold for my kids with God help my son graduate from high school with honor got his bachelor degree and also received his Master Degree at the age of 23 yr now working for the major League baseball and is happily married,my daughter is graduating for UTA college with a Bachelors Degree in Communication
    I am a proud mother who sacrificed for my children,failure was not an option,I think God for his unfailing love,we celebrate mother day every day…thanks young man for the encouraging words to men who don’t have respect for women and they are much older than you,so keep up the good work I know your mother are proud of you…
    Ms Sunshine

  16. Destini Lewis says:

    I’m a 31yr old single mother of three sons(14, 12, 10) full time student and living in a hotel, with a car that has a mind of its own(LOL)I’ve gone countless nights not eating, because I wanted them to be full. Can’t remember the last time I pulled the price tag off of something for myself–I can’t complain because I know my struggle is only going to get GREATER; I cry myself to sleep everynight knowing Society is that much harder on single moms and I do all that I can with every fiber of my Being

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