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It’s unnatural for men to stay loyal to one woman. He’s as faithful as his options

“Women say ‘once a man gets a real woman he won’t want to sleep with other women.’ Myth!…Being faithful to one woman is unnatural for men. If he knew his woman wouldn’t find out, any man would do it,” Terry … Continue reading

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You invest in his potential. He commits to the girl after you. The reason will shock you…

For years you gave him your all stayed loyal, bringing out his potential, only for him to break up with you & snatch the world from under your feet. So why does he want to keep you around, texting you … Continue reading

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Why men cheat on a beautiful WIFE

When I get my wife, I will kiss, bite & massage every inch of her body. Play in her hair & massage her scalp as I rub all over her curves, just so the whole world knows I’m only hers. … Continue reading

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Bae Tour: Man up & COURT her. It’s not a woman’s job to pursue you bruh.

Bae tour: sexual vacation paid for by one of one’s multiple side hoes. That girl on Instagram taking pics in Bora Bora, Greece, Miami & Belize. No job. Living rent free in her mom’s house. She’s not paying for those … Continue reading

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Do you miss her? The woman you were before he made you lose yourSELF. 10 steps to get HER back…

Women get so wrapped up in a man, when it’s all over she doesn’t even have her SELF love to go back to. By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody Author of the book, “Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women” Facebook.com/AEAseem Don’t … Continue reading

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Why MEN choose BAD Bitches over SWEET, genuine, WIFE material Women

Why men choose BAD Bitches over SWEET girls, every time. A woman asked me this today during my motivational speak to a room full of 130 Women. I told her, “Males like self-proclaimed ‘bad bitches’ (SSBB), because they feel she … Continue reading

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How to HEAL from a BREAK-UP

Giving your all to someone who will never be mentally equip to value all the painful sacrifices you make to trust them will turn your heart cold. Move on. By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody Facebook.com/AEAseem IG: @Fuel4TheBODY Twitter: @EbrahimAseem From … Continue reading

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